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This would make a good poster to put up outside the polls

Especially where there are older voters.


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Ok. here is the problem you

Ok. here is the problem you guys have with the over 60 demographic. The ones who were not Hippies were really against hippies, so any time they see people talking LOVE and PEACE they are totally turned off--not to mention REVOLUTION. It has just stayed in their mind. Ron is no peace activist. He is for STRONG NATIONAL defense and anti-unconstitutional war! He is for personal liberty and responsibility. He is not FOR drugs, by ANY means--he is anti-federal drug war.
If you guys do not see that the words peace and love, drugs and revolution turn off the anti-hippies of old, you do not get the demographic at all..

PS I am one but I was a hippie and probably still am.

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I like the poster and will like it even more

when it is down to two men: O. & RP. Not sure it works for the older Repubs though.

The poster, maybe not,

but their ears sure do perk up when you tell them Ron Paul is the only candidate that is a veteran.