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Do we have time?

I am just wondering what others think. After a few years of research and more than a decade of watching I find myself wondering if we can turn this country around under the current government. But then it is not only the government we must worry about but also the corporate media. Both are dishonest and have spent a long time doing a lot of damage to us and to others around the world. They both appear to be pursuing a policy that undermines our individual rights and the security of the world. Whomever is pulling the strings is not savvy on being stopped, at least not through political means. Do we have time to wait to reclaim our government through old means that have been subverted? Though I will follow the path of becoming a delegate and supporting Dr. Paul can we afford to wait until the establishment ignores his campaign into oblivion while it spends its time making the world burn?

Please forgive my sense of urgency but I fear that our organization's efforts might be also directed at bringing down the establishment. I cannot help but to ask whether any of this effort will make any difference at all since the wheels of the NWO seem to grind on through our once peaceful lives. Will participation in our government at any level really change the course of this sinking ship or is something greater required of us?

This thought burns hotter in my mind than most others. It is a question that, sadly, I have to ask in light of the evidence. Every time I think we might be making progress we find more evidence that this thing is rigged. Often you hear people say "they won't let Dr. Paul be president." This troubles me and begs the question: What is our critical mass of awakened individuals that will be required to regain control of our government and our future?

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