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Set your yard sign free! Pledge to go Mobile.

Bumper stickers are for cautious RINO'S only!...or should we say LOBO (Libertarians On Bumpers Only!). Mobile yard signs are for bold American Patriots! Maybe I'll See YOU on the roads of Atlanta and North GA!


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Got one planted in my front

Got one planted in my front lawn!

I'm driving the

MIAC Terror Beetle 2000.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift


In 2008 I had Ron Paul signs on my tailgate and both doors of truck.With Google Ron Paul spray painted on one side,and who is Ron Paul on other.Drew lots of attention.

Got one on the front and back of my Ford F-250.

RON PAUL REVOLUTION magnets on each side.


large RON PAUL sign in back window of my F250 also!

and 2 Ron Paul bumper stickers-- i live in Tucson - hoping to awake the laid back people of my city

Make a Splash!


Mike West

I've got my RP 2008 magnet on one side

My RP 2012 on the other and a bumper magnet on the back!

I'm no LEO but I did stay at a few Holiday Inn Expresses

and I would think "obstructing" the view of the rear window may get you stopped and a citation. Especially by a LEO that supports another candidate. Otherwise it's great. Drive safely my RP supporter, drive safely.


Life in the fast lane!

Thanks for the concern, however, I'm thinking we all need to live a little closer to the edge for our great cause. Maybe they will just give me a warning...that is if they can catch me!!! Give me Liberty or give me death...eh I mean a ticket!

Mike West