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Overlooked and Undetected Infections - From Fungus!

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Tue, 01 Dec 2009 17:00 CST
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Say the words "fungal infection" and most people think of athlete's foot. But fungal infections are actually the root cause of many illnesses - from sinusitis to kidney disease. Fungi invade through our lungs, skin and digestive tract. Food, especially grains and peanuts, is rampant with fungi. Once inside our bodies, fungi can survive indefinitely. Fungal infections have been documented in every body part except teeth. What's more, they are an area of medicine that is largely ignored by conventional physicians. Here's what you need to know to protect yourself...

How Fungi Can Affect Health

Fungi harms us by triggering allergic reactions...causing either localized or systemic infections...and exposing us to poisonous waste products called mycotoxins, which have been shown to depress immune function (and have been linked to certain types of cancers) and promote inflammation (associated with heart disease). Lifelong exposure to fungi leaves the body vulnerable to disease. There's growing evidence based on research in the US (at the Mayo Clinic) and around the world linking fungi to many ailments, including...

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Another interesting side effect of Garlic

When you feed your dog Garlic on a regular basis it also prevents ticks. Somehow the Garlic gets into their blood and the ticks don't like the taste or something and will not attach to the dog for more than a few minutes.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Ever hang around

with someone that has had a meal with lots of garlic? Most think the smell is coming from their breath. Its not. Its excreted through the skin. That's why the tics stay away. Garlic is also a very powerful anti biotic.

My dog got a nasty case of neuro Lyme. he was on three courses of doxycycline and it almost killed him. I did some research and found an herb called Samento. It cured his Lyme. He takes a few drops every day cause we have tics here year round. Samento can also kill the cyst form of Lyme.

They are suing these herbs in Europe with much success.

Forgot to mention it can kill fungus too. Another very powerful herb is Cumanda. These too together are nicknamed KEEP. Kills Everything Except People.

I might be able to save you some $

Master herbalist Stephen Buhner wrote an excellent book called Healing Lyme, and in this book he argues very persuasively that Samento is no better than regular Cat's Claw.

Three of my children had Lyme before 13; consequently they couldn't take Doxycycline. Amoxicillan doesn't always totally eradicate Lyme.

So I was giving my children Samento each day to keep Lyme at bay. When I stopped giving it for two weeks, my daughter had a bad relapse. She went on another month of abx and then we started again with Samento. I switched to cat's claw tincture with no noticeable changes.

If we forget to give the cat's claw, my children predictably get stomach trouble the next day. This herb is *crucial* for my family! Some children with Lyme are really sick, wheelchair-bound with brain trouble. So far we've avoided going down that path and I trust with herbs we can stay off it entirely.

How did 3 of your children contract Lyme disease?

Do you live in a dense forest type of environment?

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My county

has the highest incidence of Lyme disease in the nation.

We have a lot of trees, but we are not in a forest. We have our property sprayed for ticks every year; still, in the spring, ticks are everywhere until that takes effect.

So when our children go beyond our property, they always have to be wearing tick repellent...sometimes they forget. They come home from the playground or friends' houses with ticks.

Fleas too are repelled by the garlic

I used to give my cat smell-less garlic capsules to repel the sand fleas - terrible here in FL. While her breath didn't smell, her farts did. So I put borax in the doorway and window sills.


lol I don't know how it works on cats but I use peppermint oil on my dog. No fleas. (also Dr Mercola)

I guess it worked for ear mites too because when I put the oil on my dog's neck, the ear mites disappeared.

Just a couple of drops around the neck and rear end.

I also use a lot of garlic and give a couple of left over bites to my dog.

I live in the country and don't like to use meds too much so I was glad to hear garlic added in keeping ticks away.


The peppermint oil kept away

The peppermint oil kept away Dr. Mercola too?

Sorry, couldn't help myself. ;-)

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.


no, silly, not Dr Mercola too.




Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

pau d'arco

Best anti fungal herb.


I have been learning about the AMAZING things that are healed by alkalizing, wonder if it would kill of fungus, too?

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Yes. Fungus can't live in an

Yes. Fungus can't live in an alkaline environment. Things like sugar, grain products and alcohol make your body acidic.

Fungus prefers an anaerobic environment as well. So doing what you can to get more oxygen to your cells is good too. Take a liquid oxygen supplement, use an ozonator, breath properly etc.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

A lot of times, people take anti-fungal drugs

or natural remedies and the fungi become resistant, and the people are left feeling hopeless and endlessly rotating which drugs/herbs they take.

A lesson I learned when I had a systemic candida issue, and I will pass this on even if I am talking to the air- you have to clean your body out before you treat it. That's step one. Otherwise, the die-off is intense, toxic, and ultimately not healing you. Bernard Jensen's book on Tissue Cleansing is a good place to start learning about cleaning your body.

One more thing- sometimes fungal infections are misdiagnosed as leukemia. I read a story of a doctor who treated the fungal infections of his leukemia patients and the leukemia went away...

Here's an article about how the two are confused:

My brother-in-law was diagnosed with leukemia after undergoing a round of antibiotics. I learned that this is not a rare occurence: antibiotics can set the stage for a fungal infection which is diagnosed as leukemia.

While I'm at it, the increasingly common tick-borne illness Bartonella is often misdiagnosed as lymphoma (which is usually fatal.) If you take the chemo for lymphoma when you only have Bartonella, you could just die anyway.

Use Caprolic Acid, Betonite and Metamucil for Candida

I have chronic yeast infections in my sinuses. If I eat too much carbohydrates, I have an immediate outbreak. However, I can avoid those horrible effects by killing the yeast with Caprolic Acid, and use the Betonite and Metamucil to flush the toxins out of my body before they can do their damage, consisting of horrific mood swings and severe fatigue.

I think that's caprylic acid or maybe caproic acid

Both are liquid (short chain) fatty acids.

Flushing the toxins is important. However, Metamucil (Psyllium see husks) binds to the 60 essential minerals which can cripple the bodies immune system over time if enough trace minerals are removed and not replaced.

I've been taking caprylic acid for about a month. My fungus (as I lovingly call it) started disappearing more quickly when I added Great Salt Lake concentrate with 72 trace minerals about 5 month ago.

I use coconut oil (lauric and myristic acid as food and a skin cream. I added caprylic acid a month ago. Your report suggest that the caprylic acid was a correct choice. Thanks.

When people asked me what my problem was I sent out Mushroom man video that had a picture of an ant with a mushroom sprouting out of it's head.

Free includes debt-free!

Yes, but if you used wild oregano/saline sinus spray

You'ld really purge it out. Georgetown University: oil of oregano taken internally saves the lives of test animals infected with Candida albicans. Mayo Clinic: 190/200 chronic sinus infections are fungal, up to 8 fungi amongi in each case. Georgetown also showed that a combo of essential oils (Nail-IT) killed toenail and athlete's foot fungi in petri dishes, now going over to a human trial.

You can also do edible oil of oregano under the tongue (Mediterranean, handpicked, wild in EVOO): hold it there for as long as you can. It's very effective.

Bentonite is also very good. Stay well.