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San Diego Newspaper Poll HUGELY IMPORTANT

The San Diego Union-Tribune (San Diego County's one and ONLY daily newspaper) is holding a telephone poll asking who will win the Republican nomination.

This is an important poll. IF they publish the results when Ron Paul wins the poll, it will be one of the few times they've printed Ron Paul's name in their rag.

In order to vote in the California Republican primary, you have to be a registered Republican. The filing date for registering (or changing your party affiliation) is January 21st. There are not many people in San Diego who have heard of Dr. Paul, and by the time they have heard of him, it will be too late to register Republican. That's why this is HUGE.

To vote, call 800-244-6397
When it asks for your party's extension, enter 2506
Listen to the recorded question. Dr. Paul is "4"

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I'll be darned...

San Diego Union (Copley Press) runs an article about Ron Paul:




easy enough

do it

One vote per person is best because...

when you dial an 800 number, even if you block your number from being revealed, they still know your number on the other end because the SD Union is paying for the incoming call.




Ha ha ha. I called them up. It was all automated.


Actually, thanks for the reminder. I'm registered as an Independent and forgot I had to re-register.

GREAT! Thanks,I'm in San Diego and....

I'm there...I've already registered republican,and will forward your post to others,along with the poll info.


I hope he wins!

Ron Paul is my HERO!


you can vote as many times as you like...not a good poll.


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"




That was easy =)

There is hope for America.

There is hope for America.


Just voted

My vote has been counted

Ron Paul for President

Why we get dissed as spamming the polls...

individualibery said:

"Keep voting and block your phone ID. Dial *67 then the number and vote again. We need to win this poll."

Nuff said.

Too easy. Took less than 30 seconds!

One more for the gipper.

done, bump.

Ron Paul 2008, Join or Die!




Who's gonna win? RON PAUL!!

Who's gonna win? RON PAUL!!


Voted it is simple!!!!!

Poll still going on. Anyone

... who hasn't already voted, please vote. To all those who have voted, Thank You!

Does this surprise anyone?

I'm a fourth generation San Diegan and it's not a surprise to me that the UT is shutting out RP; that is one of the most biased rags in the country. It's also no secret about SD's financial mess, which is a microcosm of the country as a whole. Add in the fact that our Registrar of Voters, Deborah Seiler, is a former Diebold employee (!?!), and we've got a lot of work to do here in America's Finest City. The good news is that we have over 800 in our main meetup group now, and many smaller groups all over the county. Both of my vehicles are rolling RP advertisements, and I get TONS of positive response when I'm out and about. In fact, I drive to LA a lot, and I have NEVER ONCE gotten any such response on the roads up there. Weird. I know there are LOTS of RP supporters up there, but it's just a different mentality on the roads I suppose.

Oh yeah, and we also had the mini blimp right by the busiest freeway in the state (I-5):




Keep voting and block your

Keep voting and block your phone ID. Dial *67 then the number and vote again. We need to win this poll.

We need to win this poll.

We need to win this poll. Just ask the operator to be connected to the poll.






san diego tele-pole

for what it is worth, the paper didn't even offer Duncan Hunter as a choice, and he is the local congressman...

Well, okay, I did it, but as

Well, okay, I did it, but as someone who lives in San Diego, I would expect to see the following headline after Ron Paul's victory over Obama for President: "OBAMA TAKE SECOND IN PRESIDENTIAL RACE!" I have never seen a blackout so total as the Tribune's.

BUMP did it

Very quick and easy folks.

Oh, and I voted. Bump;)

Oh, and I voted.