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Jeb Bush Could Emerge as Presidential GOP Nominee at a Brokered Convention, says Top Republican

'Al Cardenas, head of the American Conservative Union, has said that Republican turmoil might lead to a brokered convention in which Jeb Bush, former Florida governor, would emerge as a 'possible alternative' party nominee.'


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I don't think he is stupid enough to do it this year.

He knows he can't get enough votes with out the Paul supporters for the general election. Even if there is major voting fraud, you have to remember that the Obama machine is just as powerful when it comes to deception. They both would be rigging machines! I think ol' Jeb will come around in 2016.

Yeah Right like another Bush will ever get elected to the WH

His only chance is to win the Anybody but Paul vote in the GOP. LOL

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

I guess some Republicans are

I guess some Republicans are just determined to give Obama a second term. Another Bush candidacy would be a gift to the Democrats.

I recommend this article

I recommend this article about the history of neoconservatism and the Bush family's role in the neoconservatism takeover of the Republican party. http://www.thenewamerican.com/index.php/usnews/politics/6462...

The term conservative no longer applies in this day and age. The Republican party was co-opted and most of the American people looked the other way.

I really don't see much hope now. At one time I was counting on the very young. But by the time they reach middle age I wonder if they will have been brainwashed as has most every previous generation.

It is said that the people get the government that they deserve. I'm guessing a whole lot of people will object to that statement. But the only thing the American people seemed to have gotten riled up about was SOPA. They didn't seem to care one bit about NDAA or the Patriot Act.

Maybe I'll take up the fight again in the morning. But on this day after yet another suspicious caucus, I have serious doubts.

Thanks for sharing.

Booked-marked for a later read.


The fact that this dude

really believes that a "Bush" could get elected to anything right now tells me how out of touch the party loyalist really are. Effin cluless.


I was going to say that he would be immediately opposed as soon as he took the presidency for just having the Bush name.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Follow Dr. Ron Paul's lead and go out and have fun.

Romney/Bush or visa versa has no chance of winning the presidency. The GOP knows they have no chance without Dr. Ron Paul. They are scared and that is why Dr. Ron Paul is getting more attention these days. If it comes down to a brokered convention it will end up either Paul/Romney or Romney/Paul.

That will never happen

The message of freedom and the message of dictatorship do not fit well.

Follow Dr. Ron Paul's lead and go out and have fun.

Never say never. Dr. Ron Paul may have no other choice but to use his delegates for getting the V.P. Of course the messages are different, but so were Ronald Reagan's and George Bush's. George Bush got the vice presidency because of a brokered convention. He was not Ronald Reagan's choice. Per the Constitution, originally the president and vice president were elected separately by the congress. Of course today they run together through parties. Ron Paul in any capacity will make a great spokesman for the movement. Look at how much he has done in the as a congressman from a small Texas community. As vice he could make changes and would have authority. Of course not as much as president, but a building isn't built from the top down. Dr. Ron Paul has built a fine foundation over the years as a congressmen. With the help of the R3volution a great framework has been laid. It may take many years to complete the job, but I for one want Dr. Ron Paul there to make sure that it is built properly regardless of whether or not he has the top job or will at least be there to see that the top man is kept in line.

No way it's gonna end up

No way it's gonna end up Paul/Romney or Romney/Paul. Dr. Paul wouldn't do it, either way.

Jeb Bush....another Mr. Dullsville

with nothing to say..


Maybe the GOP should change the name of the Party

to the "Bush League".

What a group of intellectually bankrupt and morally corrupt droolers!
It's grotesque!

I would enjoy opposing his nomination at the Convention, and if he got the nomination, I'd vote against him.

Why not include the democrats as well

This country is run by the Bush/Clintons.

You know,

if you look into it, you can find that there is a reasonable suspicion that Bill Clinton is actually a Rockefeller.

They are all the same

The 0.0000000001%

Good One BigT....LMFAO.....Ha!

The Busher!!


...HECK NO!!!

I'd vote Obama before I'd vote another Bush!

I'll take my happy little GOP registration with me and send it to campaign HQ with "Oh HHHEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL NO!" written on it.

(I won't actually vote for Obama; I'd write in or vote 3rd party.)

That's my plan:

If you are really pissed at the Republican Party, why not send them a strong messaege?

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Not with 500 RP Delegates saying "Hell No"

Indeed, it is THOSE PUKES who love compromise, let them bend over and flip flop their way to "compromising" with us, all the way to endorsing Ron Paul.

Furthermore, I want Judge Andrew Napolitano to Speak and to get a VP nomination. We need to make his name a house hold name. Getting the Judge on the VP ticket would electrify the base across all levels. And it would make him very very popular come 2016. Republicans FEAR chatting with the Judge. They FEAR him as a better debater. We need to PUSH the Judge like they will be pushing Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio and other suck-ups.

I want Rand Paul to Speak too.


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... not "pragmatism".

America has had it's fill of "bi-partisan compromise", "workable solutions", flip-floppers, revolving corporate.gov merry-go-rounds, blackmailed pedophiles, compromised crooks, shiny hairdos, artificially whitened teeth, and other species of liars bent on power. And We are totally and completely DONE with the Bushes.

—««« Paul & Ventura 2012 »»»—

I share your vision!

Let's make it happen!