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New York Times (blog at least) has caught on to the happenings in Maine

Could Ron Paul Still Win Maine?

"Ron Paul’s campaign is claiming that it could still win the presidential preference poll in the Maine caucus because of a county that postponed its vote and will hold its caucus next Saturday, Feb. 18.

On Saturday, the Maine Republican Party declared Mitt Romney the winner of the presidential preference vote, which he led by 194 ballots based on the caucuses that have been held so far.

State Republicans said they considered the results of the straw poll final. However, Washington County, in the easternmost part of the state, postponed its caucus after a snowstorm was forecast there. The Washington County G.O.P. Chair, Chris Gardner, said his county would conduct the straw poll at its caucuses and will report the results to the state."


The whole article is worth reading and it shows that we can get some real attention if we pull a "win" in Maine. So for those who think we should move on and start concentrating on the next state, I agree with you to a certain degree. Though I disagree that we should do nothing about Maine. This is proof their are people watching and there are plenty of liberals who would love to call out the GOP on something like this.

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Pressing the Press

This NY Times article came basically after he was pressed into writing something better than what he wrote the day before concerning Ron Paul's chances (see final sentence). Maybe someone other than me did the pressing, but the timeline last night on twitter and his and my blog post times suggests otherwise.

Feb 11 9:23 PM Original NY Times article:
Feb 12 2:01,2:03,6:52,7:11,7:51 PM My twitter posts

Feb 12 8:29 PM My blog post
Feb 12 8:44 PM New Improved NY Times article

What a Hoot

Maybe exposing the shenanigans in Maine will cause the republican establishment to fight with the democrat establishment and rising above it all is Ron Paul, still proclaiming his message of civil liberties and small constitutional government.

Let the locals fight this one. They can win.

The other candidates have put ME in their past. Their voters will feel disenfranchised. I have confidence that RP supporters in Washington Co. will turn out in large numbers to: 1) grab all the delegate spots, 2) possibly provide a mostly ignored, but important win for RP and 3) send the message that this revolution can not be stopped.

No this is all our fight with the campaign now saying this



November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul


Yeah, this one article might be good, but look just to the right. He's got projections for everybody in the upcoming states. Or should I say....ALMOST everybody.

I know what you are talking about

On the page http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/02/12/could-ro... to the right of the blog are "Republican Primary Projections" for Arizona, Michigan, and Ohio. There are vote projection percentages listed for each of three candidates. A certain unnamed candidate is missing from the list. If they only chose to list the top three, the total for Michigan is 21.2% short of 100% with Santorum getting 14.0%. How does that put him in third place?

What are you talking about?

The right side bar has shown the projections for the top 3 candidates in every state thus far. They've been shown when Ron Paul was 1st and when he has been last. Clicking on the link has always shown Ron Paul's projection no matter where he has been projected to finish.

Quit making something into nothing.

Like it would be tough to

Like it would be tough to list all 4 instead of 3? You gotta be kidding me.

Yes, but

The state GOP has stated that any additional numbers will not be factored in. Same ole, same ole.

Live Free Or Die

Yes, however since it's

Yes, however since it's 'technically a beauty contest' delegate wise, it doesn't matter if they 'count it'. What matters is if we personally count it and get the 'bragging rights' for momentum. It's similar to the "Mittmentum" from Iowa, even though delegate wise it wasn't a 'victory' for him. Hopefully Paul can get this 'beauty contest', because one of the greatest weapons used against us in this time is 'he hasn't won a state yet, he can't win'. I know we know otherwise, but for people who have not yet TRULY heard of Paul and what he stands for, that can keep them from adding to our momentum.

I know we're doing amazing on delegates, but we need a larger base to get some more of the delegates out of the primaries, where we can't use our 'delegate strategy' to any degree. Once the caucuses mostly wrap up, we're going to need to either siphon some off of or get a large enough chunk of the votes to gut Romney.

Nate Silver

Nate Silver knows his stuff, he is very accurate on his predictions. This will be something to watch.

yeah, Nate Silver...hah

Maybe he knows his stuff because he's given the "cheating map" ahead of time!

Nate Silver is legit.

He made his name writing for Baseball Prospectus. He designed the PECOTA system, which is one of the most accurate projection models in baseball. The guy knows his way around statistics, projections and probabilities.


In those remaining Caucus locations. The election Fraud accusations will only help rally the troops in Maine.

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I agree

I sent an e-mail to the state chairman this morning and I hope he got swamped with e-mails. If he does not change his mind and include the missing caucases he will be discredited in his own state. Pour it on him keep the e-mails coming Make him know we will not give up in a day or two.

The important thing they forgot in the article...

...is that the Maine GOP has already said that the votes in the caucuses after Saturday won't count; thus, they have already disenfranchised voters.

What the Maine GOP "says"

What the Maine GOP "says" does not matter. What matters is what the media is willing to report.