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CPAC: Retired police officer explains how big money lobbyists keep pot illegal

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We knew that all along

Rothschilds and Illuminati have nothing to do with our corporatism. They may take advantage of its existence, but the government is a mere reflection of people we have become.

This man is a representative for LEAP

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

They have an 11 minunite promo video on youtube that has been THE most effective tool I have ever used in offering up pragmatic alternatives to the erronious WAR ON DRUGS and helping to get through to those that cant understand Ron Pauls position (and think hes alone in that position).

For the love of Ron Paul see this video and show it to EVERYONE you can...

Get involved with this group, spread the word about them and call them and get a speaker for your local GOP, college, church, whathaveyou...


You can buy copies of the promo on DVD

I have personally screened this video in my living room for ON-DUTY law enforcement to rave reviews!

Daniel Chase Powell
Washington State Ron Paul
Presidential Campaign Intern (Thurston Co.)

Excellent video from law

Excellent video from law enforcement perspective, and they're available for speaking. Great heroes!

Video reiterates everything Ron Paul has said all along including how it is a racist war.

¶~~*~~Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~Ludwig Börne~~*~~¶

Pharma make addicts. The War on Drugs makes prisoners for profit

Anyone who believes there is moral or legal justification for preventing people from using an herb their Creator gave them may die of their ignorance. Marijuana CURES and PREVENTS many illnesses, notably cancer.
This is perhaps the most heartbreaking issue for me. I devoted a career to healthcare, only to learn (too late) that I was a tool, peddling drugs for the most evil dealers on earth - Pharma. I learned about the miracle of marijuana, but had 2 friends unable to access it and so they took chemo and died. The older people in the RP movement need shown the light, and Dr. Paul seems to know, but can't touch that hot potato. It has the potential to rally young and old alike, to explain the true medical benefits of marijuana would be a triumph of truth, but none dare call it "medicine."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

That's why I tell my girl

That's why I tell my girl that I can never be a cop, she keeps telling me to do it because I was in the marines, but I'm sorry I just can't man

juan maldonado

I want(ed) to be a cop

I went to college for criminal justice & criminology and graduated with a B.S. and full intentions to become a police officer. I really love the idea of the job and potentially how much I would like it.

Each day, I keep telling myself more and more that there is no way I can do the job. No department will want me despite my outstanding credentials. I would go strictly by the constitution and never infringe anyone's rights, always tell them their options, never go fishing for information, have MAJOR problems arresting people on certain issues such as smoking weed, among many, many other things. If there is a department out there that believes in that kind of stuff, get in touch with me.

Both of you can still do all

Both of you can still do all these things and get the real bad guys at the end of the day. I would say do it. Worst case scenario, you quit. I have met and still know some cops out there who don't engage in nazi garbage.

But did you hear that cop? He

But did you hear that cop? He said you have no freedom of speech! I can't! What if your riding around with your partner and you pull somebody over with 2 bricks of cocaine? What are you gonna do? Your partner Is gonna freak out! But I see no big deal with that. There's a big problem with that, because I know the truth. Idk it's just so hard for me to push my morals aside u know?

juan maldonado

Read this:


Quid pro quo.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

One of the most frustrating things in California

is that one of the biggest opponents to marijuana decriminalization is the medical marijuana lobby. The proposition a couple of years ago to completely decriminalize marijuana was leading in the polls originally, but failed, in part, from opposition from the medical marijuana sellers.

It doesn't take long for crony capitalism to consume an issue. People love their government-enforced oligopolies.

Disclaimer: I don't use marijuana or any illicit drug, but I'm 100% against the war on drugs.

Actually, the big revolt on

Actually, the big revolt on California's recent MJ bill was due in part to the fact that it made consumption a FELONY when a user consumed in the presence of a minor. Currently, consumption is a misdemeanor.

The reason the bill failed is because most people got wind of the change in law and thus fought to prevent consumption from becoming a felony.

the ring of truth

Listen to this man. Look in his face. This is what it's like when someone is telling you the plain truth about something they know and care about.

Remember what this feels like.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.




Lobby's to keep Marijuana illegal:

1. Cops
2. Pharma
3. Private Prisons

"Is it good policy??? They don't care, what lobbyists care about is the people that pay there salary."

#4 don't forget

State employee unions (like prison guards) who want to keep state prisons as full as possible.


I should have said Prison Industrial Complex

Good find!

Makes all the sense in the world!

GREED is what it's all about for the neocons!

What a shame.

I know people in chronic pain and they are forced to spend hundreds of dollars on prescription drugs that make them complete zombies and they have no insurance.

Pain or eat. What a choice to have to make.

So true