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RP Supporter Chairman of Belfast Maine Caucus Calls State GOP to Confirm Vote Tally, result "not even close" to the actual vote!

Saw these comments in another thread, they deserve their own post...

Possible eyewitness confirmation of vote fraud:


I just called the Maine GOP
Submitted by MattMcDonald on Mon, 02/13/2012 - 12:05.

I served as the Chairman of my Caucus in Belfast and I just called the State office to make sure they had the numbers from Belfast and the number they had wasn't not even close to the actually vote [sic]. They said that Romney won, when in fact Ron Paul won.

This is happening all over Maine.


what I did
Submitted by MattMcDonald on Mon, 02/13/2012 - 16:37.

What I did was give her the right numbers, and then called the Vice-Chairperson of my caucus to let her know what happened. The person at the Maine GOP office didn't sound really interested in what I had to say until I told her that we publicly counted the ballots in our caucus, then her ears perked up.

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You have to keep your eye on them

I am from GA and have been going through Delegate training for a couple of months now. We will be armed with video cameras and the crooked GOP best not even break wind while we are there. Will be watching them like a Hawk.

To email or not to email

Should we be inundating the GOP chair with emails to get things right, or is that not productive? Sorry, I'm new to this.

This is becoming ridiculous.

This is becoming ridiculous. I just watched a report on voting in Belfast, Waldo Co Maine. They clearly voted and announced the results. But when I downloaded the official voting of the counties in Maine, Belfast has 0's across the board. How is that possible? Our government GOP and Democrats a like are making a mockery of our freedom to vote for who we want. We are not a third world country, or oppressive government where votes are tampered with. And yet, it happens in America, the "example" of human liberty.

America needs a detox, get rid of all current politicians, Republicans and Democrats. I am a Democrat, but would vote for Ron Paul, because its not about what party affiliation you have, its about what is best for America, sometimes it might be a R and sometimes a D, but right now it is RP.

I don't care who you support,

I don't care who you support, Maine residents should be very upset. Campaign supporters worked hard in many areas to support their candidate, and to just throw that out the window(even in a straw poll) is BS to me. Starting to reconsider my GOP affiliation status after this election cycle.

perhaps but ...........

the Sec of State and AG of Maine are not investigating...Why not?????????? Ron Paul is a winner for the ages ..just not the winner of polls..what would you rather your legacy be ..

Maine straw poll is tainted.

Seems the GOP is not trustworthy at representing us, the people. Smoke and mirrors, uncounted votes, questionable results.......?? I'm all for Ron Paul, but this GOP idea is rubbish, lies, and fat guys in ties. Wish he was an independent or libertarian. I was at our caucus and am a delegate but this straw poll is ugly, deceptive, and the reported results are wrong!!

every precinct in America

... let's catch a rapid learning curve and quickly master the crucial skillz of election-watching. Photos and videos ... photos and videos ... photos and videos ...

Know the schedule ... know the process in advance... be at the key locations at the right times. Stay alert, move quickly, be ready to snap that crucial photo or just video the whole damn thing.

Funny yet devastating idea : wear a really unique hat with a GoPro or similar video camera mounted on top of your head !!!! Imagine a caucus in which tens or hundreds of Ron Paul supporters ( ultimate example of "the golden rule" : RP supporters hold a "Remember Maine" moneybomb to raise money for ...Bev Harris blackboxvoting.org ) ... all moving around and looking hilarious ... yet watching the crooks at all times ... as if to say "don't even think about cheating Dr. Ron Paul again"



1. Post it in multiple locations around the internets
2. Create a download if possible
3. Cache hard copies in various locations, both digital and print
4. Verify the crooks' numbers against our own precinct-by-precinct documentation

Wow, Maine is in shambles

It seems like if you don't support Romney, or if it snows in your area, then your vote doesn't count.

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I stopped by the Waterville caucus just to check out the crowd. There were an overwhelming number of Paul supporters there. I read where the poll votes were not counted by the state gop because the results were called in too late. The caucus occurred on February 4th. An oversight I guess by the caucus chair.
I am mad as hell!

For those who don't know, Waterville is home to Colby and Thomas college. It is also where Dr. Paul gave a wonderful stump speech a couple of weeks ago.

will these be counted ??


Other towns in Kennebec County

Other towns in Kennebec county that are zero counts are:


Are these caucusing this weekend or missing counts?

Anyone know?

Population in Waterville is over 15K

Can this be confirmed somewhere, anybody...?

I see the 0's on the mainegop website. Stuff like this should be blowing this whole issue open. Not counting these college towns seems to be the strategy in Maine.

We heard the call to prevent selection of delegates of people over 40.

The youth need to stand up!

I feel like if this is true it needs its own thread.

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Those got to count. What were the totals that weren't counted?

Guys I didn't do anything

Guys I didn't do anything "super", I just wanted to make sure every one in my City of Belfast had their votes counted, that includes those who didn't vote for Ron Paul.

This is a integrity issue for me.

Just saw you and your interview on Reality Check...

...and wanted to add something, that I opted not to put in my previous reply...

The butterfly in chaotic world I was referring to? It could as well be your decision to call them, and then report the discrepancy, or not, that is an event that is deciding between bloodless rEVOLution and bloody uprising here... I do sincerely hope for the former!

Thank you, (Father? Reverend? Priest? I am not a religious person, let me refer to you as just An Honest Human Being!) Matt!


Paul B.

P. S. God moves in mysterious ways,

And I do mean that!

Yes, you just did the right thing...

But it could be the proverbial last straw breaking GOP camel's back!

Or, like that butterfly flapping her wings, and eventually changing weather half the way across the world... ;)

This is why people here are proud of and thankful to you!

By the way, did you read that other post here about Ben Swann wanting to talk to you?

In Liberty,

Paul B.

super no! brave yes

you did what we all should be doing, but people are proud of you now, you lead by example. Thank you patriot!

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Numbers DO LIE

take your totals to the Election Division of the Secretary of State's office or whatever it is called in your state. They are responsible for investigating and prosecuting voter fraud and election fraud. Then go to the newspaper and present your numbers. Perhaps some young reporter would love to get some traction with this story. but whatever you do - don't just talk about it in this forum. Go to the authorities and the press. The Secretary of state is appointed by the Governor or elected and in either case they do not want this kind of publicity. Unfortunately this is happening all over the US and has been for decades.

Texas Liberty Lady

The gop is among the lowest

The gop is among the lowest of the low. And there are people who would still send there sons and daughters to defend this regime by being offensive to others?

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine Godfather of the American Revolution)

Please go to my thread.

"Urgent - Maine Gop Caucus Results Here - Update"

Matt is writing about the TOWN OF Belfast. We are both in Belfast.

Belfast is only ONE of the towns in Waldo County. The Belfast Super Caucus includes
22 towns.

I cannot post the spreadsheet here but I was sent the spreadsheet with the tallies
of ALL the towns that were OMITTED from the MAINE GOP spreadsheet from the Chairman of Waldo County. These were the numbers used to determine the win.

Ron WON the county. The spreadsheet shows the "71" votes.

Ron Paul is My President

Why is it so difficult to get thing right?

Why can't each precinct do a public count, then fill out a form with the results, and have ten people sign as witnesses? Then whoever wants one gets a copy on the spot.

Then scan and post the document on a public website, which will also have a spreadsheet adding up the results.

Why all the backroom action where there can be "addition errors" or "we didn't get the right results", or whatever?

Because that would be honest

I'm afraid these things are run by corrupt bastards who can't tell the truth. Honesty and integrity are not in their vocabularies.

Ben Swann

Is there anyway I can watch reality Check on my computer tonight, or do I have to wait for someone to post you tube video.

I'm sure it will be posted

I'm sure it will be posted pretty much immediately after it airs. So many people anticipating the airing.

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Thank you OP and MattMcdonald.

Guess THEY didn't expect people to be watching. Makes one wonder just how long these shenanigans have been going on.

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Mr. McDonald Interview for Reality Check =)

Looks like Ben Swann is trying to get ahold of Matt McDonald for his big story tonight:

Ben Swann @Fox19BenSwann: @matt_McDonald_ trying to reach you for a story I am working on... please email me @ bswann@fox19.com

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Many votes cast were not included in totals

according to the official Maine GOP:


Now, what is the truth: 1) That they never received the votes from the precincts, or 2) That they conveniently did not add them to the vote totals??? That is the question, and the caucus goers in Maine should hold their party officials accountable to make sure all of the votes cast were included in the totals.

What a joke of an excuse the Maine GOP is giving

Ha ha ha ha ha.....when states don't receive all the votes from all the counties in question and the vote is as close as it is in Maine, They DON'T CALL the election.

It's a simple as that.

In Florida they had the

In Florida they had the hanging chads.
In Maine they'll have a hanging Charlie Webster.

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If I didn't

like or trust the GOP before this I certainly don't now.
If they can't even hold fair elections among themselves... I just can't believe any of this is happening! Where's the Sheriffs? Any cop worth his mustache could paint these lying creeps into a corner in two minutes!