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[Video] Augusta, Maine WCSH NBC 6 on Caucus Controversy

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Voters don't like to be cheated, even if it is just a straw vote.

At least in Maine the taxpayer wasn't paying for it.

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EXCELLENT~~It was the GOP that cancelled it, and the

citizens agreed to it, ON ONE CONDITION, and that was that their votes WOULD count the following weekend when they come back to vote.

In the meantime, the a--hole Chairman says, "no go" schmoe's!

Too frickin' bad, persecute

Too frickin' bad, persecute with a lawsuit

¶~~*~~Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. ~Ludwig Börne~~*~~¶

Feb. 11...."according to the rules"

So, in other words, Ron Paul lost as the scoundrels didn't let the Washington County (or wherever it was) vote.

Like the results announcer said, in effect, this is just a beauty contest.

Now, let us see how the delegates vote!

What is the Truth?

The Maine Chairman said that only 119 voted in Washington County in 2008. Of course, even if Ron Paul got 100% of those, that would not give him a win - he needs a 197 vote plurality to win the straw vote.

So, what is the truth?

Gene Louis
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A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

there are 33,000 people in

there are 33,000 people in that county. with a high turnout he could pick up a big chunk there to help catch up but even if it wasnt enough to win there are several other counties where vote totals do not match and votes were not counted. It's not JUST the delegates from washington county. We're talking 16% of the entire Maine vote and then some.

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