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We need Missouri Ron Paul supporters to check in with their Counties NOW. T minus 1 day.

We need Missouri Ron Paul supporters to check in with their Counties NOW. March 17th will be here quickly. Check in now with your meetup group, facebook group, or the national campaign. We are organizing and need you to come in from the woods so that we are together on the 17th.

Here's a great site that the whole state can use. The owner will forward information to the correct County Coordinator.

The like below gives the caucus times/locations.

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Chariton County Date & Time:

Chariton County
Date & Time: 3/15/12; 7:30pm
Location: Railyard Restaurant, 606 E Broadway St, Brunswick, MO 65236 (Map)

Barry County's caucus is today

7:30 PM

Crowder College
Community Center
4020 N Main St
Cassville, MO


Any word yet of what

Any word yet of what happened?

What happened in Barry

What happened in Barry County?

That is correct. A few

That is correct. A few counties are caucusing at different times. Let us know what happens in Barry County.

The like below gives the caucus times/locations.

Remember the pain in 2008

Remember the pain in 2008 when we turn out in 2012. Last time they were scared of us. They lied. They cheated. They bluffed us. They were openly hostile. I wonder how they are going to feel this year when we come back with more RP supporters than they could have ever imagined.

Missouri For Ron Paul

Check in for Ron Paul, we've been getting delegates, we can do this!!!!

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."~Mahatma Gandhi
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Please don't contact me

unless you can attend the Republican Caucus in Stone County, MO.

Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

Bring with you the RON PAUL

Bring with you the RON PAUL PROMOTIONAL FLYERs. They compares Ron Paul to the other candidates on the issues that matter most to voters.

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I always have about 10 folded up in my coat pocket just in case. I've yet to meet a person I've shown one of those to that doesn't say "wow, I didn't know that."

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We got a couple

of new names at the Ron Paul Town Hall in Springfield tonight. They both want to be delegates!

Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

your funny only

a couple. -)



Stone County

is like Florida. Lot's of retirees. It's a completely different scene than Greene County.

Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

That's good because we'll be

That's good because we'll be able to run faster than them to the entrances.

That's the way it's done.

That's the way it's done.

Get all the flyers and super brochures with you!

Lets win the delegates and some of the beauty contest voters!
Lets gain critical mass :D

Inform the masses - flyers free to print: http://www.mediafire.com/?s4snpbpsts5b3
from: http://www.dailypaul.com/218640/ron-paul-promotional-flyer-f...

Just saw Ron Paul in

Just saw Ron Paul in Springfield.

Freedom, Prosperity and Peace

Bump for Help in Missouri!


We've got 8 days.

We've got 8 days.

Do not go alone!

The easiest way to increase caucus turn out is for everyone to bring 2 or more people with them. Everyone here knows at least two people they can get to come with them.


That's the ticket.

That's the ticket.

Rock the house

Missouri!!!!! Thanks for this post, keep up the great work!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!


!!! Take over!

3 weeks to go.

3 weeks to go.

Can anyone verify this site?

Has anyone VERIFIED rootsforpaul.com is legit?

There is post after post on the DP about RP county delegates being IDed and disenfranchised.

I would not register with this site until there is 100% verification that it is legit.

I checked the whois on the domain name and the site is privately registered so there's no way to verify who registered it.

Does the MO state coordinator say it's legit?

I would call the MO official campaign state coordinator to verify before entering my delegate data in a website.

economics31, no offense, but you legitimizing your own post doesn't count as verification to me. Need to hear from others and from the state coordinator.


Good point don't just go by

Good point don't just go by the person who posts the post. You can also use http://stlouis4ronpaul.com/get-involved/

it's legit

the people running this came out and voted Paul in MO caucus in 08