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So lemme get this straight ...

Judge Napolitano, among others, has stirred this country and Ron Paul supporters into a liberty frenzy. He's reminded us day after day of our god given rights to free speech and how consumers - which Fox viewers are - regulate inefficient markets and companies that do not produce the product they want will pay the price.

He's extolled the power of those consumers and market forces to bring about change for the better.

And now when these impassioned supporters who are a creation of the Judge's own making, engage that passion, exercise their rights and those market concepts in letting the producer - Fox News - know what they think of the product they are producing he tells them to shut up!

1. What happened to freedom of speech Judge?
2. What happened to market driven consumer regulation Judge?
3. What happened to you Judge?

I fear the "Liberty Movement" is becoming a victim of itself.


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Maybe the Judge is doing this because he believes...

it is not helpful. While I don't buy the "low ratings" argument, I could certainly accept that Rupert Murdoch got tired of the Judge using "Freedom Watch" as a tool to shamelessly promote Ron Paul. After all, unlike Oprah, Judge Napolitano doesn't own his now-cancelled show. Certainly the Judge's frequent absences from "Freedom Watch" (and the insipid guest hosts) didn't help; but, look at the the number of YouTube uploads AND the number of views. Your comment makes you appear to say the Judge is "selling out". I believe the evidence more likely points to the Judge feeling he is a more effective voice for liberty by continuing to appear frequently on Fox Business and Fox News as a legal consultant. HOW FREQUENTLY will be answered over the next few weeks. I'm sure Rupert will keep the Judge busy, if only to ensure he doesn't go elsewhere.

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We cannot know what lies in the future

Which might be to his advantage - and the cause of Freedom and Liberty - which would also be to ours.

So, that said, I, for MYSELF - respecting the Judge - intend to pay attn to his courteous request.

Susie 4 Liberty

Maybe he will need the money

Maybe he will need the money being a guest on fox,after all he is unemployed right now. Maybe if you keep calling he will never be on fox again because they don't want the drama by his supporters. Then maybe people who call the producer will ultimately be the ones who permanently silenced the judge from ever being heard again on the biggest msm station.

The Judge is doing what RP would probably do

"I'll tell them, but it's up to them really."

So don't get bent, it's just entertainment really.

Maybe Kokesh could hook him up with Russia Today and he could do Fox part time. Every other channel is pretty much garbage.

Either that or maybe he could get a reality series engaging the public.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Maybe the Judge doesn't want to be embarrassed?

Do him a favor and let it go.

Support the Constitution of the United States

What about Napalitano's "Free Speech" rights?

Does he not have the same rights to ask people to stop making asses out of themselves?

Does he not have the right to ask folks to stop harming him by treating his employer poorly?

I like your post....

thanks for being honest, and sincere, that is what I like to see here.

You're welcome. Like Ron

You're welcome. Like Ron Paul, sometimes those willing to use reason and be honest even when it's inconvenient stand alone.

I find it amusing how so many on this site believe, really truly believe that they are apostles of Ron Paul but then blatently and openly contradict the things he espouses regularly in the things they say.

I had a friend get kicked off this site because he didn't toe the DP line with his views of Rand Paul. That's isolationism, something Ron Paul vehemently opposes. People engage in ad hominem attacks and juvenile insults rather than diplomacy as Dr. Paul believes. Dr. Paul advocates peace not violence yet the violent nature of the things people write here is evident.

Throughout history, those fighting against something have often themselves become their own worst enemy. This site seems to be evidence of that.

I am no "creature of The

I am no "creature of The Judge's making"..whatever you said. I was one of the few (seems like) people that even watched that network at all--and did it only to watch him. It costs more to watch it than standard, and not as many as you seem to thing, do..
He rarely said much new, that I hadn't found out about here, already. I loved the dhow, sorry to see it go, but felt the same about Star Trek and Scott Bacula's Time one...

You know a lot of people on

You know a lot of people on Facebook complain about the rude, and obnoxious Ron Paul supporters.

I joined this site recently and ANYTHING I post that isn't in line with the DP party line gets rude replies, personal attacks and insults.

It's like you've found your own little cult for you to hide in and anyone with a differing opinion open for discussion is immediately dismissed as weak and stupid.

Does everyone here live in their mother's basement?

I didn't contact Fox at all. My observation was just that. How does one accuse someone they don't know of having a chip on their shoulder? THAT sounds like a chip to me.

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You're doing nothing for the cause except giving it a bad name. And the juvenile discourse is just boring.

You mean rude like this one?

'Live your good life off the hard work of productive people and let the grown ups talk.'

That's what you said to Ratgirl...


You also told her that she was part of the problem.

You remind me of the Occupy kid that was on here awhile back trying his best to promote their agenda while trashing Ron Paul supporters.

That person never listened to second one of a logical argument or the slightest hint of his own hypocrisy. :)

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Maybe you're unaware of your charming personality's

effect on people around you.

See, I know I'm a dick.. I make no apologies for that but I am aware how I may rub people a rough way.. You seem to say things and put the blame on others.

Another thing you might want to consider is what exactly you are saying and how even though we encourage new people coming here.. they are met with skepticism for good reasons.

Whether you like it or not, that's life.

You made a statement about Karen K. on another thread towards her credibility as a Constitutional Conservative.. you attacked her.. but have yet to provide any proof.

People who do that fit into certain groups, none of which are good. so don't come here complaining about how OTHERS aren't measuring up.

Well you're welcome too but everything in life has consequences. Put the big boy pants on and deal with it.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

You are responsible for

You are responsible for vetting Karen K. yourself, not me. Everything I mentioned in that discussion was dismissed, so you put the big boy pants on cheif and do your own homework. But it's irresponsible to support her in gov't if you haven't. That's exactly the sort of thing Ron Paul is fighting against: uninformed voters.

Your treatment of new people is nothing but isolationism, and exceptionalism, more things that Ron Paul is fighting against.

We do agree on one thing: you are a dick.

Well if you're saying she isn't what others think then the

responsibility is back in your court.

I have vetted her, so unless you have something to add to the contrary then close that pie hole.

Ohhh and trying to use Dr.Paul's own ideas against his supporters.. like that hasn't been tried before, Professor Qaoss. :)


My treatment of douches like you? Welcome to free speech, bozo.

Yes I am a dick and proud of it.. not everyone that supports Liberty is a free loving hippie.. some of us have no problem smacking tards when it's needed.

You want peaceful discussion.. try carrying one out, if not, stop crying when you get what you get.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

More proof you're not a real

More proof you're not a real Ron Paul supporter. Dr. Paul does not support threatening rhetoric like yours.

You are one of those people who is a Ron Paul supporter in name only and if you ever get your freedom from the gov't you'll be the next one to try and tell everyone what to do. It's the dicks that end up in high positions in gov't.

You vetted her? You've spoken

You vetted her? You've spoken to her and asked her why if she is so vehemently opposed to big gov't and militarism that she voluntarily spent a career - 27 years - in the big gov't engaged in militarism? Much of at the epicenter: the Pentagon.

It's completely illogical for someone who's very livlihood every day of her life depends on that big gov't military entitlement system to want to do away with it.

Furthermore, it's completely illogical for someone to say they are against big gov't and spending and - while she is already receiving taxpayer dollars - then run for gov't office.

She knows this and so validates her actions by saying: "I'm trying to bankrupt the gov't as quick as possible by taking as much money as possible from them".

That's just bullshit, and if you can't see that then I'm sorry. Your vetting is not done.

You're an idiot lol

'It's completely illogical for someone who's very livlihood every day of her life depends on that big gov't military entitlement system to want to do away with it.'

Really? How about all of those in the military and defense field that donate to Dr.Paul?

How about all of the Veterans that support him and Liberty candidates?

How about all of those on the government payment plan in some of the very fields that are going to be closed out that support him.

You're a complete neocon buffoon. I have proof of that truth. (see posting history)

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Prove it douche and site something instead of

sidestepping it.

Oh and you don't get to make a call on who is and who isn't a Paul supporter.. Everyone that supports him doesn't have to be a clone of him to do so.

That's all you've done so far is dance around giving proof. You're making statements now as if she's said something and I wouldn't put it past you to lie your ass off.

Anyone can make up charges.

My "vetting" has amounted to hearing her speak. Did you sit down with her? I'm comfortable with saying NO because so far it looks like you've just made shit up on a message board and tried to pass it off as truth.

Now run back to your handlers or handler maybe in this case you little (no) goodlette bitch.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

He is ASKING people to pipe it because they don't know what

they are talking about.

No one is infringing on anyone's rights. Asking someone to shut up isn't a violation of freedom of speech or of press.

Put on your big boy pants and grow a pair.

Try learning to be discerning and maybe you'll see what the Judge is asking of you.

You either didn't read or

You either didn't read or understand my post or you don't understand economics and the movement at all. Just another Ron Paul supporter wannabe.

I read your post, I understand it, and economics (as well as

anyone who's bothered to study it, save those who've written what I read to study from) and I understand this movement.

It is YOU from your post who have demonstrated, that perhaps you are a bit confused as to what this is all about.

#1 - it is NOT about YOU.

#2 - Read #1 again.

I've been supporting Dr. Paul since I first learned of him in 1988. That hardly qualifies as "wannabe." You sure have a habit of mouthing off about things you know nothing about.

"Put on your big boy pants

"Put on your big boy pants and grow a pair"?

How old are you? And I ask that in all seriousness. Is that the kind of thing that makes your friends laugh?

And for the record: that kind of "machismo" talk sounds more like a neo-con, warmonger than a Ron Paul suppporter.

If you are any indication of the kind of people we have to depend on in this fight for liberty, I'm afraid we're doomed.

You and others here haven't learned and don't practice the very things your hero Ron Paul talks about every day: diplomacy, talking to others, getting along with others, the golden rule.

Yet you sling insults and ad hominem attacks at will to people you do not know. And, unlike Dr. Paul, you haven't learned that when you do that, nobody remembers anything else you said except the inuslts. Your argument - if it had any validity in the first place - falls on deaf ears.

Maybe instead of throwing around juvenile, schoolboy insults like "grow a pair" you should just grow up.

Honestly, "grow up" was the first thing I thought of while

reading your initial rant.

You were whining and crying about "free speech" when no one was violating your rights at all.

You were mouthing off (with froth and all) about how horrid it is for the Judge to dare ask people who are NOT privy to what happened with his show, to "please" stop pestering his bosses.

If you were in his shoes, I doubt seriously you'd like people who had only a smidgen of the story to harass your boss and jeopardize your job.

Have some respect for the man and abide his wishes.

He knows more about the situation than we do.

It's his job on the line, not yours or mine.

So please, take your own admonition to "grow up" and follow it.

And for the record, that wasn't an ad hominem. I wasn't attacking you. I laid out my case and then put your position into perspective. If you don't like the perspective I put it into, then don't behave that way.

Here's your broken, hypocritical logic

So out of respect for the person (employee) no one should complain if they have valid complaints because the employee knows more about the situation than we do? His job is on the line, not ours?

Ok, then put your money where your mouth is and out of respect for every TSA employee, never complain again about the TSA. TSA employees know more about the situation than you do. It's their job you're jeopardizing not yours.

You've just disavowed the entire notion of citizens using their voices for redress of grievances, regulating the markets and bringing about change, which I might add, is the foundation of all that Dr. Paul and supposedly the judge stand for.

One philosophy for those that agree with us, and another for those that don't. Is that it? That shit ain't taking the liberty movement nowhere friend.

You're a piece of work; funny, but a piece of work.

Piss poor analogy. What the Judge did was not a violation

of anyone's rights.

What TSA agents do, is.

Your right to redress is between you and the government, not you and some entity someone ELSE has a business relationship with.

You're all over the map and have no concept of private contract, property, etc.

Do you see Dr. Paul calling on us to barrage Fox News Corp with emails on behalf of the Judge?


So pipe it. (or don't and continue to make an ass of yourself, I could care not)

If you have any respect for Judge Nepolitano, you'll chill out.

it's a request, not an order

He's free to ask. You're free to disregard the request if you think his assessment is wrong, or heed it if you think it is right.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Agreed. And why would he

Agreed. And why would he request it given all he espouses about free speech and free markets?

He can request it if it is harming his ability to do his job, or

keep his job.

Why would you want to see to it that he doesn't have a mouthpiece at all?

He has an audience with the neo-cons. Why do you want to jeopardize that?

Are your incensed attitude and your desire to voice it to FOX more important than the masses the Judge can reach in other ways?

They didn't fire him, they cancelled THAT particular show. He is telling you that mouthing off like a lunatic isn't helping HIM in his efforts to stay with the network and still have a voice speaking to their audience, an audience we need to reach.

Get a clue. (and take the chip off your shoulder for a spell)