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Missouri is saying NO to Obamacare

the next level - please weigh in. Just a click or two and Jefferson City will hear from you!

ObamaCare: Sen. Cunningham's SJR 39 has a hearing Tuesday 2/14/12 at 3:00 in SCR 1.

This is essentially Prop C as a constitutional amendment, which is what was originally intended. Like Kurt Bahr's HJR 72, this amendment provides an important foundation for a full formal nullification of Obamacare.

If you can, please go to the hearing. If you can't, please fill out an online witness form and Missouri First will make sure it gets hand delivered to the committee. You can voice your support Missourians for Prop C by clicking
http://www.libertytools.org/LibertyTools/witness/witness2.ph... . Only areas in red are required and the participation of all friends and family is appreciated!

The hearing for the Health Care Freedom Act (constitutional amendment) is tomorrow at 3:00 pm in Jefferson City at the State Capitol
Confirm the hearing before traveling

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