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Why We're NOT Gaining Ground?


Every advertisement that Paul does should center on the following issues.






This works in several ways and will get voters across the spectrum. And yes, Paul does intend to make Social Security Solvent, though idealy he'd like to phase it out one day. The way we save social security is by CUTTING SPENDING ELSEWHERE and to STOP POLICING THE WORLD.

Why is Romney always #1 when it comes to people who's #1 issue is the economy? It's because he talks about it all the time. It's not just his experience in the private sector. He knows how to frame the issues. Now, we all know he's fake. But Paul is not fake at all. Focusing on these 4 issues is a lot better than;





Those are all important, no doubt, but most Americans don't understand them or how they apply to the issues that matter to them. It's my contention that Paul is not struggling to get a win because of his foreign policy. It's in how he does not frame the issues in a way that the majority will understand.

They don't know what ending the Fed means. More to the point, most probably don't care. Why go that far down the chain anyway? Ending the Fed won't happen in his lifetime unless they destroy themselves. I'm not saying he should not mention these things! He should. But his main points of attack should always be the economy, cutting spending, spuring job growth, saving social security and ending our foreign intervention. Those should always be the main points.

The key to this is if he were to get the nomination and he was up against Obama running on a platform of bringing our troops home in order to save SOCIAL SECURITY!!! LMAO I'd pay to see that. We've made promises and stolen people's income for social security so now it's an obligation. Maybe someday I'll work on a libertarian campaign of my own and do these things. I wish the Paul campaign would do this. I firmly believe with just some minor changes he could have won several states. The voters are actually desperate for an alternative and they don't see that in Paul.

WHY IS THAT? It's the message.

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And "Ron Paul was Right"

Your suggestions are great, but I'd love to see an ad on some of Paul's accurate predictions -- the housing bubble, the GSEs, Iraq's supposed WMDs, etc.



PS-I also think the concept of your advice should be applied by the ground troops as well.

I suspect many of our peeps are loading up too much too soon.
Keep it simple-Rice Bowl Stuff-unless you are certain the specific peep you are trying to convert can handle the more detailed and nuanced stuff.

And please fight the urge to go into the known killer areas.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

Yeah ... its frustrating

Its not the message.

Its that he does not adapt the message so that average people are going to understand it and accept it.

He talks over peoples heads. And does not ever change

He doesn't seem to either willing or maybe even capable of it.

I'm hoping the lightbulb will go off with him - or someone in his circles that is trying to get him to see this.

He seriously needs to highlight this too:

He is the only President who will INCREASE your TAKE HOME PAY.


Why is this not being publicized?

If he made an outrageous statement like that ... albeit a true one, people would be knocking down the doors at campaign HQ asking them to explain how. (news machine morons anyhow)

Patent Pending Magnetic Pen Holder!

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BUT I do wish this title were different...

Because I believe we ARE gaining ground.

Susie 4 Liberty

Not the way we should be. It's denial to believe otherwise

I agree. He's right.

Look at why Santorum is

Look at why Santorum is popular according to a NYT~CBS poll:
1) moral character
2) "values"
3) belief his policies will be the most different from Obama

Paul trumps Santorum in all these areas so he needs to "advertise" himself more. How? It's something Paul rarely does but he could talk about himself - at least a little. You always hear Santorum talking about how he's the son of a coal miner, blah blah blah. Paul needs to work his personal narrative into the campaign at least a little bit. We all know he likes to talk about ideas, not personality, but if you've ever seen those sit down breakfast w/ Paul videos you'll see that he's quite capable of doing it. Stress his family values, time in the military, volunteering for the poor at hospitals and at his private practice. This could go a long way.

Things like economics SHOULD be the #1 issue but voters just don't get it. Ron should talk economics but work that other stuff in as well. And unlike the other 3 candidates, Ron doesn't attack Obama. This needs to change, if that poll is any indication, in order to show the clear contrast between Paul and Obama.

Paul's message is too high-level, get more specific

People deal in everyday issues like taxes or regulations or manufacturing, hence they need specifcs to chew on. Focusing so much on the Fed without other things like manufacturing and Obamacare/Romneycare is the issue where voters cannot relate. Explaining his def'n of liberty and acts against it.

Paul speaks at a high-level of 'gov't out of medicine and paying for it via reducing overseas bases', but I think what people want to hear is what they are concerned about today - and that is Obamacare/Romneycare. Santorum is hyping up that he was against indiv mandate, hence people think he is a better contrast to Obama as obamacare is so much in the news and Santorum has made some headways in highlighting specifically why romneycare makes Romney a bad nominee.

Paul at times may appear just to want to have a high-level conversation of just getting gov't out of medicine - that is fda, medicare part d, etc... and paying for it out of bringing all troops home does not seem to be resonating with gop voters. While libertarians can see why Paul's position and argument is best, most other gop voters cannot go beyond their narrow understanding.


I agree,

Ron Paul does need to keep it simple for the simple. But, let's look at this from a historical perspective. Before the age of Neoconservatism, the bulk of Ron Paul's ideology was prevalent among most socially Conservative Republicans and Conservative, Southern Democrats. If we can tap into Conservatives' memory, Ron Paul will take off.

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The GOP is no longer the "Party" it once was...apparently

And it's virtually impossible to distinguish between the Two Parties in D.C. And IF, for some reason, the claim is made that I LEFT the GOP? I would be entirely honest were I to say, "No, the GOP left ME!"

Susie 4 Liberty

I think that, when possible,

I think that, when possible, the point needs to be made that Romney can not create private sector jobs, unless he is in the private sector.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home


All the more reason to keep him in the private sector eh?

Gotta disagree with the "More Jobs" selling point

Namely, it's one that RP himself does not make. He does not promise more jobs. He promises to improve the job-creating environment so that the public sector could create jobs. Basically, it's our job to get jobs once he makes it easier to create jobs.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine


"There will be more jobs during my Presidency" doesn't sound as good to the average American as "I will create jobs". The average American reads at an 8th grade level, so that's got to be the format of the message if they're going to understand it.

i only agree with the drug issue

even though many arent educated on gold and silver i always preach hayek vs. keynes and youtube "hayek vs keynes rap" its a good way to educate - i dont find ending wars bad either as paul needs to breach both parties and PEACE is popular - but the drug issue i agree with - because were not legalizing drugs - in all actuality - drugs wouldn't be legalized in most states still... lol - its a fallacy for both sides the pro drug people don't get their state probably wouldn't legalize it anyways... and the anti drug people the same. its a fallacy and a horrible issue but i believe the other 3 are needed!!!!!!! dont tell me not to spread peace!!! :)


go watch tv

for a couple of hours and you will see that there is simply no exposure unless it is negative. If we could get the info out through that medium, we might get somewhere. They don't even mention him anymore, but they say Santorum surge about five or six times an hour. We need the Ron Paul channel! Seriously what would it take to start our own network?

We are gaining ground!

Dr Paul is gaining ground. We have to do our part. Know his stuff. I had a disabled veteran tell me he would never vote for Ron Paul because he was going to eliminate the VA hospitals. He did not know he wanted Veterans to be able to go to any doctor and the DOD just pay the bills. The VA is half the care at twice the cost. He is now a big time supporter!

Dr Paul wanting to use Thomas Jefferson's pirate laws and letters of Marque and reprisal has done it for people that think he does not care about terrorism.

Numbers USA gives him the worst marks! Tell people the truth and have them look it up. One person at a time. If we each could reach ten people per day we can win.

There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want because you think it would be good for him. – Robert Heinlein



specially in his post caucus/primary speeches he needs to add a few repeatable talking points, in addition to the usual explaining that he does. something people can recollect easily.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

I absolutely agree!

I don't want to call the average person dumb, but they tend to be grossly misinformed, and not very inquisitive(thank you very much public education). So, yes, the arguments should be framed in a more easily digestible way, but he can't stop talking about the things he's talking about all together, because the only reason they have become part of the larger debate is because he's insisted on bringing them up. So, he needs to find a happy medium between talking about what he has to do to get this accomplished, and just exclaiming "everyone will have jobs!!!"

Yes, I agree with you

I tell people that they can keep more of the money they make, while sliding my hand as if in my back pocket for a visual and it always gets there attention. See this post: it's very powerful. I send it to everyone. http://www.fateor.com/taxes.htm

Dr. Paul: "With my economic plan there will be such a stimulus in the economy that there will be a massive influx in jobs--and the WSJ agrees. Money will come into this country like never before. It will be totally rejuvenated. We will become powerful again and be the real economic engine of the world, like it was before, before 1913--before the unconstitutional income tax. With MY plan you won't believe how prosperous we'll be." I tell people all this, and they're sold. Honestly, and some major players, too.

With this plus "get the fed out of our lives" the following happened today:

* big Indiana health food chain, four guys running stores, are on board, now passing out SB--planing on having a meeting/dinner in Indiana for RP; were previously leaning towards Santorum
* dead-end Connersville, Indiana,used to be Ford Capital of the world now "poor capital." A very respected man there is on board today, all fired up, said "Paul really knows the inside of the government"; two boxes of SB he will be distributing plus signs
* former talk show host in Oregon bought the fed meddling thing and the FDA interference with health freedom: "How can we get them out of interfering with us?" Great opening, "Let's get Dr. Paul elected." Wants to pass out SB and arrange media

Let's work on a strategy based on what works and what coverts people IMMEDIATELY.



RP is the only one who would not support EVER raising the debt ceiling.

This is something which enrages conservatives. Romney & Santorum would NEVER pledge to do that.

Why not tap into that anger?

Don't expect any new good ads.

It hasn't happened, so it won't happen. Maybe when it is too late.

fatlibertarian has posted other posts with similar advise as have others, so this post is not going to change anything. things will chug along as is.


lol.. fair enough. What got

lol.. fair enough. What got me thinking about it was the "ONLY RON PAUL" bomb. I don't understand this? Why would you create that as an advertisement for a money bomb?? It should HIGHLIGHT KEY ISSUES IN ORDER TO SECURE NEW SUPPORTERS AND DONORS.


And each ad would be different depending on where it's being shown in Google Adwords. But you're probably right - it won't change. Sigh.

Moneybombs should only

Be on the 1st & the 15th. People spend money on payday..

Truth is treason in an empire of lies

Real good points.

Wouldn't it be awesome if you had tens of millions of dollars from a money bomb so that you could implement your ideas in a RevPac? With your ideas, a lot of good ground would be gained.


Hit the positives of a RP presidency

Nothing wrong with pointing out the dire problems we face if we don't change course but only BARELY do I hear how fricken GREAT the economy would do under his policies. Imagine where we would be if Ron Paul had been elected in 2008? I woulld't mind owning some of those dollars. So would the rest of the world. And jobs?

Anyone who thinks that a

Anyone who thinks that a president can turn things around that much apparently doesn't know anything about how government works. He is running for president. Not dictator, even if that is what Obama thinks he is.

Sorry...but implying that if Ron Paul got elected that we'd have 3% unemployment with the national debt paid off within a few years will not make you look sane. It makes you look like a dreamer with his head in the clouds. Someone that people (rightfully) consider to be a joke not worth their time.

Just simple optimism that we

Just simple optimism that we are on a sounder footing financially would be a huge boost. What about savings on "defense"? The troops spending their wages at home? What would happen to our credit rating? How would businesses react to falling taxes and a president that would not pass any more budget increases? He couldn't pass every law he wanted out of the box, but think of the bad law he could stop. The simple power of the veto would give investors confidence that they weren't about to be hit with nutty laws like Obamacare. A lot of good could happen pretty much overnight.

You are right

in that most people do not understand the "end the fed", people do not know what that is, I was one of them. Actually I knew of it, I hated Greenspan, but the fact that I know his name is far more than most. But knowing that I still did not know what the fed was exactly, much less that it wasn't federal government. So when people hear "end the fed" they don't understand and when you don't understand it scares you. Trust me, some people think he is talking about ending the federal government more or less! On the flip side thought people are learning, like myself as a result. But we want him elected so I get it. He does say all those things it just sometimes gets lost in delivery and he has admitted to that as well. So here is a portion of a letter I wrote and sent to my family and friends to help to point them in his direction:

Every time there is an election, how many conversations have you had where you talk about the corruption in our government? How sick and tired we are of the candidates lies? How many times have you been disgusted by the healthcare and retirement plan, they voted for themselves that we pay for, that most of us don’t get? How about those raises?

What if there was a candidate out there that was truthful! What if there was a candidate who never voted for a congressional pay raise; who declined to take part in the federal health care plan and does not participate in the retirement plan and who felt the President should take a salary the same as the average working man ($40,000 and would do so as president).

What if there was a congressman who returned unspent district budget funds back to the treasury, never voted for unbalanced budget and never voted to increase the debt.

What if there was a congressman whose answer to funding Medicaid and Medicare was not to cut benefits and whose answer to social security was not to increase the retirement age and cut cost of living increases, but ensure these programs are fully funded by not funding other countries?

What if there was a candidate that said you don’t close military bases here and cut soldiers wages, you close bases in other countries and bring them home and build up our bases here?

What if there was a candidate who agreed the problems are generated by both parties and who doesn’t say you are wrong for being a democrat, a republican or an independent?

What if there was a candidate who treated all Americans the same, no matter their heritage, their religious beliefs, or who they loved and didn’t change their speech from one state to another to reach a certain “group” because his message is the same for all?

What if there was a candidate whose record shows he votes the same way he talks.

Certainly the media would be yelling from the roof tops…finally a candidate with principles!!! It is what we have been waiting for!!! A person in our government who is not bought and paid for!!!! Who does not bow down to the lobbyist!!! Of course they would help spread the news…wouldn’t they? Sadly…not so much. But I will.

There is such a person…..Ron Paul. I have to be honest, once I started learning who he is and his philosophy and voting record I was mad that I had not paid attention to him before. I was sad that someone who knows what he stands for didn’t slap me in the face and wake me up! I always believed there was a liberty eroding machine out there that controlled most everything and now I have gone from believing it, to knowing it, and finally acknowledging it. So as a result, I feel compelled to try to spread the message to others.

I agree

this definitely needs to be the focus of all campaign marketing, press releases and overall message. Clearly it is what people (especially those most likely to vote)are interested in. If Paul's message was more consistent with that of the 45+ voting demographic, his honesty and consistency would bring them over.

Also, The Campaign and Paul himself could also be a bit more inviting. Dr. Paul at best is "cautiously optimistic" when he should step up his belief in himself and perhaps promise something he cant reasonably guarantee, a better world for everyone and a stronger America for our children.

I hope they are reading this post.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb