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11 Year Old Smashes The State

Check out this 5 minute video of 11 year old Birke Baehr giving a TED Talk about the U.S Food Industry. Seeing this extremely articulate and bright young man speak so eloquently about this topic shatters several myths about how the State should be running our lives. Birke was home schooled, and it's clear that yes, somehow it is indeed possible to produce intelligent children without State education. To be quite frank, Birke is more well-spoken and knowledgeable on this issue than most adults my age.

Birke also tears down the way that our food supply is literally killing us due to the state and it's fascist partnerships with GMO producers, CAFO's, and corn subsidies. In just 5 minutes Birke illustrates well the follies of state intervention in our lives, from education to the food supply. I challenge anyone to find me an 11 year old this informed on the truth about our food supply that learned it from a "public" school.


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I'm trying to remember

I'm trying to remember what I was doing when I was 10 years old. I can assure you it was NOT giving speeches about organic farming in front of hundreds. This kid is incredible.

Birke Baehr !!

Ben Swann was home schooled too. Went to college when he was just a kid.

Not a savante just really intelligent and well rounded.

That's my blog!

Ha, thanks for posting this through my blog link - glad to see other DP'ers have been coming across Lions of Liberty.

Birke Baehr for USDA Chief!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I now have a new hero.

I now have a new hero.

They let this happen at a TED

They let this happen at a TED conference?

Wann bet

Birke is now on a no fly list and added to Terror watch list along with his parents?

This is exactly why the Government is coming after Home schoolers.

Bet the kid was never vaccinated either.