Steve Dore Rocks Out: Critical to Get Political!

Steve Dore is such a fabulous musician, and he really shows his musical versatility with this song. If you like good old fashioned rock & roll, you're going to love this song! I think it is his best yet. Thanks and keep it up, Steve!

Click here to play: Critical to Get Political. Lyrics below:

Critical to Get Political
by Steve Dore
Dismissed by those that think they are right,
That Ron Paul could never win in this fight,
Against big government and money, it’s true,
But don’t underestimate the power of youth

Youtube subscribers, bloggers and myspace agree,
Internet discussion beats all on TV,
There we can talk about hope for us all,
Peace, Liberty and Freedom,
Follow Ron Paul

It’s critical, to get political,
It’s critical, to get political,
When loss of your freedom, is just one vote away,
It’s critical, to get political today

Think about what you do every day,
Where you go, and what you might say,
The time has come, when we just can’t be sure,
Our basic rights will be there anymore

Against the wall, standing strong for us all, like a,
Founding father, who’s still on call,
Take a moment and believe that it’s true,
A vote for Ron Paul, is a vote for you

Lyrics and music copyright (c) Steve Dore

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You're Welcome Steve

...And can't wait to hear the next one. Wonder if on this site or another there could be a button providing readers with the option to listen to RP-original music or even
RP speach of the day while reading. The music lyrics are not only inspiring, but also motivational.

Some of us are having strange new awakenings. I, for one, did not like being cynical ...felt I was alone in my political thoughts...Hope is what we have all been waiting for and now that I feel it...I won't be cynical again. I'll be political. It is critical that we all get involved. another chance like this may not come again.

And, Ron Paul fans...I know you join me in thanking the wonderful Ron Paul musicians like Steve as well as the Web-mavens who are all using their talents and time in such a significant way. Let's all find our "gift" to this campaign and then offer it...selflessly. It has been said that a mature society cares about its great-great grandchildren. ... Ron Paul is assured already of a huge legacy in history regardless. Only We The People can enable him to change history starting now.


These are great words...

I have to think what might be the case if Ron doesn't make it through some necessary hurdles to keep this going. I'm comforted knowing that it will keep going because of us. Dr Ron is giving us a much needed shove and backbone of support. We will have the revolution right here! No fighting this time. Well maybe a little token bomb here or there by the warriors that don't want to think too much. They know they can't really drop the big one this time. We will have an intellectual surge with the kinds of ideas we've got going on here. It's just a start. We have had enough! Ravi Batra makes more sense every day on this subject in his book, The New Golden Age". Also reading the great book by Joe Trippi, "The revolution will not be televised." Can't wait to read more and I'm only at - 25 pages! :-) Democracy, the internet and the overthrow of everything. I think I got the notice about this book on Michael Nystrom's great site, His site is absolutely daily fare for me now.

I could blab on forever. Great words Fonta and thanks again. We're all surely in this together. This is a very good thing!


the stranger's picture

Hey, that’s cool - thanks

I followed the link and listened to some others too. Really like ‘Hope for America’ - nice sound. I’ll have to check out the Inflation Nation CD later. And the Steve Dwight Band looks like fun (playin’ all around me too; I gata drop in for a listen). Thanks for posting that Michael; I’m making it a point to check in more…

Shane Dwight Band...

Please come see the band. It's really a great group. I'm just the piano player, but I'm haviing fun. Be sure and say hello. I'd love to meet a Ron Paul fan anytime and anywhere. Thanks for the listen. I'll hope to see you soon. —Steve


Ron Paul Musicians

I see that Steve is online and just want to add my thanks to him. My husband is a musician and I know the time involved. The creative people coming out for Ron Paul is amazing. Many many dollars would be required to put together the kind of
music videos we are seeing on Ron Paul sites. Songs and videos that hit the real issues...with a message of hope.

I'm so proud to be invovled with this movement and RonPaul. Once we have ads on TV...they will be untouchable...not put together by the expensive ad agencies that spend tons of taxpayer dollars to light the Statute of Liberty...engage in low well-timed blows to opponents. Just the truth from those who passionately care
about the issues. People like Ron Paul and his fans. Thank you Steve!


Thank you very much...

I surely appreciate you taking the time to add those words. You are so right on about them. This is a phenomenon. It's almost an, I have to pinch myself to see if it's real kind of thing. :-) I can't wait to see what kind of tune comes out next. You are most welcome and I am glad you are enjoying and listening. All the best.