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Reality Check: GOP Scrambles Under Allegations of Rampant Election Fraud In Maine Caucus

The Latest Reality Check about Maine !!



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Webster Blaming "Spam" Folder

For Missing Votes - Al Sharpton Video



That is pathetic!

I think all voters should show ID though, especially after a thousand zombies voting in South Carolina.

what the "conservative" candidates stand for...


This is a great new article on Ron Paul and "conservatives" in general

The hired Romney guns who ran the Iowa and Nevada caucuses

This may be old news but interesting discussion on blackboxvoting.org:


By Bev Harris

You may be hearing lately that the problem with Iowa caucuses (reported the wrong result, "lost" results) and Nevada (more votes than voters, took stupidly long to count a one-race ballot) were due to "amateurs." But have you heard that Nevada and Iowa hired professionals to run the the caucus?

You might just raise one eyebrow with that; you might just say, "Sheesh. Won't hire those guys again." But then comes conflict of interest. It turns out that at least three of the top guns listed below had been involved in the campaign of a single top candidate, and then went on to run the (botched, but beneficially so) caucuses . . .

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race. -H. G. Wells

Always Been This Way?

I'm tempted to complain about how corrupt the process has become, but I suspect that it's always been this way. We-the-people simply lacked the technology needed to confirm past conspiracies.

Today we have all sorts of accounts leaving us wondering just where the truth is, but confident that it doesn't reside with the officials, who now appear as something less-than-neutral regarding outcomes of vote tallies. Makes sense. Politics is control and it starts with controlling elections (emphasis on troll).


because the GOP has already stolen Iowa from him, no doubt, and we can assume he came in a STRONG 2ND place in Nevada, as well, and we know the State GOP's will continue pulling shenanigans for sure and doing everything possible to prevent us from receiving our State delegates.

The GOP has made it VERY CLEAR they literally hate Dr. Paul, the anti-establishment candidate. How? Starting from the Governor of Iowa's vitriolic comments to the Charlie Waters debacle in Maine. There are many, many more examples from other counties, etc., whether of direct election fraud or outright GOP misbehavior.

If Dr. Paul demands a RECOUNT, I don't see how the "truth" can be a negative thing. It's when a candidate is crying and whining and demanding a recount, thinking he won, when he didn't, but that kind of objection has NOTHING TO DO WITH FRAUD. The TRUTH is pervasive throughout the GOP caucus states, and the "truth" is what needs to be brought out and talked about. With the slanderous verbage coming from Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa, this just proves the level of vitriolic hatred which bolsters the credibility of their motives to change rules, not count votes, etc. Matt Strawn, Iowa GOP Chairman, then resigned and other GOP chairman leaders have also resigned. That can be mentioned.

Also, Dr. Paul is not the kind of person (and the Media knows this) that would even bring up a subject like this, UNLESS THERE WAS SOMETHING REALLY UNFAIR & WRONG ABOUT IT!

So, I strongly believe Dr. Paul will come out of this in a positive way to the public. People are not THAT stupid. Rachel Maddow is bringing this up. Now, all Dr.Paul must do is demand either that they recount OR that Maine counts the votes for the counties that reported them that showed ZEROES, plus count the upcoming votes Saturday & reports them, too. I don't know if a recount is necessary, but we surely need to "count" the uncounted votes!

Shades of 2000?

If the Republican Party was hoping to dispel the Democratic Party claim that the GOP stole the 2000 election in Florida, what happened in Maine sure wasn't the way to go about it.

Dr. Paul has a war to win

Of those who pay attention most sensed the corruption, even before Maine. They know that Dr. Paul was probably cheated out of the win. From this, he takes a moral victory, and maybe even some soft sympathy from fair-minded folks who are undecided or currently support other candidates. Such sympathy can lead them to re-examine Dr. Paul as a candidate.

If a righteous-indignation style 'recount demand' saga was to be initiated by Dr. Paul, he is taken as a sore-loser by his enemies (which is spun by the negative press and made into a circus), and he loses sympathy from others; the moral win in their hearts and minds is tarnished or lost.

Dr. Paul is not a media-whore and is not one to grandstand. This is part of his true character. Compare this with Rick Sanatorium who inserted himself into the Terri Schiavo Case for the glory and the spotlight. To many, this came across as transparent, self-serving publicity stunt.

The 'demand for recount' must come from the people. Those who were disenfranchised. Their voices must be the ones crying out for justice and demanding remedy. They have the unassailable moral high-ground and 'righteous indignation' or even 'anger' for not being counted is perfectly acceptable. They are victims whose motives are above question. "I demand my voice be counted" "I demand my vote". If all the votes get counted and a win goes to Paul, it must be portrayed by the media as Americans coming forth to demand justice and the win builds momentum for Dr. Paul.

All those Maine who can, please do attend the Washington County caucus and demand your votes be included.

In the meantime, Dr. Paul's opposition has moved on, they are staking out new ground in upcoming battlefields. Dr. Paul too, must be there to confront them head on in these areas. There is a war to win. There are many battlefields and many fronts in this war. I hope the disenfranchised of Maine will lead the charge to mop this up in their area and demand justice; without the need for Dr. Paul to personally be in the fray. Our general needs to focus on the upcoming contests.

You can email Doug Wead.

You can email Doug Wead. We demand a recount! The Maine GOP underreported some counties and Washington County votes should be counted as their caucus was postponed at no fault of the voters, otherwise, might as well cancel it.

You may contact him here:

Also, whatever happened to the Pennsylvania ballot? Did Ron Paul make it?

Yes, on the Pennsylvania

Yes, on the Pennsylvania ballot! Yea1

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

You can't get mad at him!

Pushing the issue only makes him look bad. Besides they could fudge the vote again then who would look like the D.A. If Dr. Paul request a recount they have time to get their wrong numbers straightened out. When Washington county votes they wont be so quick to fudge the vote. Then when we get wind of the numbers from Washington Co. we can tell if Dr. Paul would have won,then we can raise hell.

I think the death threats ( real or not ) had allot to do with this decision also.

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

It's all moot now

Benton says Paul won't ask for recount.


"According to the votes

"According to the votes announced last Saturday, Romney edged out Paul by 194 votes. Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster has said he does believe a recount would change the results."

Is that a typo? Shouldn't it say "Maine GOP Chairman Charlie Webster has said he DOESN'T believe a recount would change the results."

To put it more correctly:
"Maine GOP Fraudster Charlie Webster has said he DOESN'T believe a recount would change the results."

There hasn't been a complete

There hasn't been a complete 1st count yet. Hopefully, the people of Maine will demand it. They are mad.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

What a dumb a$$. Why have I

What a dumb a$$. Why have I donated all this money again?

It's up to us to pressure him.

Especially Maine voters, who need to file complaints.

Remember the Maine Caucus Snow Job!

This really needs to be on Drudge. I know a lot of you are trying. Thanks ... and keep it up.

This could and should be very big, if we don't let go of it.

front page !!

omg omg omg !! my post made front page !
its like winning an Oscar for me !
"I would like to take the opportunity to thank Michael Nystrom for having this forum where i could post informative links.
I would like to thank Ben Swann, for making such an unbiased report of the Maine irregularities.
I would like to thank Dr.Paul for bringing us together with the message of Liberty Peace and Prosperity
I would like to thank the Academy..I mean the DPers who up-voted this post.


Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Thank YOU

It was great of you to post it. Now, many more people have seen it than might have if you hadn't taken the initiative.

Remember the Maine Caucus Snow Job! Thanks to you, I for one won't be letting this go any time soon.

I have transcribed the words off your wonderful post

and am spreading the article all over the world. The article is The Serial Hypocrisy of Charlie Webster, Fraudster Extraordnairre. God bless you.

Nevada was a test case in 2008 for the GOP

Please don't ever forget that when the party's pre-crowned winner gets beat the event gets cancelled, postponed, votes, delegates and convention results get locked away until after the "official" predetermined winner is. For example in the Nevada County Caucus Romney was declared the "Winner" with 13% of the vote counted and the victory speech commenced at approx. 15% of the vote. Frankly in 2008 the GOP picked McCain at the NV State Convention. There was no representation for RP at the time. The rules were completely ignored until the delegation stood up and protested. The votes were placed on blank POST-IT notes (UNNUMBERED ONES).. There was a finite amount of delegates, there should be a finite number of ballots. Folks learn from this and DEMAND NUMBERED BALLOTS are used for DELEGATES at the state conventions coming up.. Make sure you have your EYES and CAMERA'S ON THE VOTE COUNT.. This is how it is.. TPTB are not going to play fair.. They never have, nor will they. They have too much to lose and we have not much more to lose and everything to gain from our success. Operate tactically, be intelligent, professional, don't be rude, be shrewd. If you need to act like you are a Romney fan act that way.. It's what you put on the delegate voting form at your convention that counts and even at the National Convention too! Once you are a known RP person you will be blackballed, shunned in the group. Hopefully the secret service wont remove you at the National Convention for being a known RP supporter.. Happened in 08. in 12 they will be even more organized. It is helpful to make small donation to the other candidates so it looks like you are supporting the party vs. solely the RP campaign. Been a RP supporter for many years and involved. This is how the game is played at the higher levels. learn to play and take the crown or get your vote, time, effort and funds taken from you and not count in the end. The goal is to win.. Play for keeps and keep letting the GOP implode from the inside out. The number one issue to fight for is Number Ballots 1 for each delegate at the county level, state and national level. equal counting all ballots must be accounted for and recorded, signed sealed and triple notarized (three notaries present)

President Paul 2012 (With an accurate vote count)

Protest at GOP Maine Headquarters?

Surprised there aren't thousands of liberty loving Maine residents camped out there

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Eliminate voter FRAUD

Please everyone follow this link to our Facebook group and register to help. We cannot sit back while they rig the elections. http://www.facebook.com/groups/watchthevote2012/


Ben Swann is in my neck of the woods. Especially considering Ohio's importance in the primary.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free

helpful tips for Charlie Webster

Things Charlie will need for his upcoming lengthy jail term:

1. Clean white undies and socks ( boxers are better )
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3. Jail money: how about a Charlie Webster moneybomb for his inmate account? No? Is that taking the "golden rule" concept too far?


Send this to

Charlie, Quatrino and Michelle. They might all needed soon.

Perhaps Dr. Paul should stop

Perhaps Dr. Paul should stop playing by the Marquess of Queensberry rules.


We need the GOP people that

We need the GOP people that conducted the state of Maine Caucasus to resign and not considered for any positions in the party.

Listen to Interview with Charlie for Ammo When You Contact Him


I agree, he needs some encouragement to resign.

Click here for Charlies contact info http://bit.ly/wuw4Fn

Get to it...

It only makes sense.

Why else would Dr. Ron Paul have more delegates than any of the other candidates if it wasn't for the GOP fudging the straw poll numbers? If Romney or the other candidates really had so many voters and supporters and they know the rules then why wouldn't they have stuck around for the delegate selection? The conspiracy theorists are trying to say that Dr. Ron Paul's supporters are trying to take over the GOP. How ridiculous it that?