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Reality Check: GOP Scrambles Under Allegations of Rampant Election Fraud In Maine Caucus

The Latest Reality Check about Maine !!



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The point is...

All I'm saying is that if nothing is done about this, violence will be the natural result. Remember the words of JFK... "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable". So how do we deal with this peacefully yet forcefully? How do we get our point across that messing with us is extremely bad for the people who do it? How can we make it so we're not doing something illegal yet our actions serve as a deterrent?

Americans generally tend to value life, liberty, and property. So maybe we should start looking at ways to deny the latter of the three (property) to those who seek to harm our cause and restrict our right to a fair election. After all, we bombed O'Rielly's books sales on Amazon after he slandered Ron Paul... that hit him in his pocket and he complained about it on TV. Orielly is a multimillionaire... most of the GOP chairpersons don't have that kind of wealth. A similar tactic with them could be much more effective.

I say we find out what Maine GOP Chair Charlie Webster does for a living outside of politics. Find out how he makes his money and impact his life financially. File lawsuits against him. Boycott his business. Bombard his employer with calls. Make his life a living hell... but do it legally. If he loses his job or his house so what? That's happening to millions of Americans everyday as a result of the policies that he's willing to cheat on elections to support. Do whatever you have to do to make Mr. Websters life such a pain in the ass that it deters people in other states from going down a similar path.


do we get our point across that messing with us is extremely bad for the people who do it? How can we make it so we're not doing something illegal yet our actions serve as a deterrent?"

Ever hear of Ghandi? MLK? Dr. Paul has stated numerous times that their actions have inspired him. The tactics we should employ should not be passive, as they were not pacifists. We need non-violent resistance. Wanna go commando? If that is how you feel change is going to happen, good luck with that.
There are numerous ways we can fight back, Everyday I find great new ideas on how to support RP friendly businesses, how to boycott unfriendly ones, and how to make myself heard to the heads of corporations, party leaders...
If you want to spent your time filling magazines, and fearing the end of days, that is your right. Again good luck. If you want to work in a positive direction, you can join and make phone calls, knock on doors, make signs, whatever, have fun.

OK… now I understand

"All I'm saying is that if nothing is done about this, violence will be the natural result."

I agree with that...You are not advocating violence… you’re just letting them know where this will inevitably lead if these criminals don’t change.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

The only way to avoid

The only way to avoid cheating is to have watchers watching the watchers.

Major nasty bootie reporting for duty ...SIR!

just a matter of time before the whole sordid house of cards comes tumbling down.

Why isn't this on drudge


because it hurts Romney?

because it hurts Romney? They'd have it up with sirens in red if Santorum won.

Attacking Charlie Webster~~why not file a class action lawsuit?

I work for Law Enforcement, and if all of you start calling him, you could get picked up for charges of "harassment".

So, be careful. I think before you picket his home or business, check with your local police department and ask what you can do that is within the law. Then, picket if they say that's ok. It seems to me that his business would be the BEST PLACE to picket. Neighbors won't care as much.

Filing a class action lawsuit would be VERY EFFECTIVE against the National or Maine GOP.



Charlie (or whoever runs his facebook page) is actually corresponding with me there.

If you think the cheating and GOP manipulation is done, think


What we saw in Maine is just an example of bad cover-up management on the part of Charlie Webster. Charlie has been exposed for his crimes.

This won't be near the last place this will happen. Expect to see dishonestly and cheating by crony GOPs all the way through the convention.

Don't present your case without facts, but make sure you find them and make them known!

The GOP elites want nothing more than to occupy our resources in "fighting" fraud battles while at the same time making us all out to be loonies for getting loud about a unfair and fraudulent system.

Point is. Get facts, prepare your argument well and present and expose so others can learn what is going on. It's a case against the elitist crony GOPs.

Thank you Maine, for being so obvious....

Today, it really sank in that Dr. Paul not only won Maine, he won Iowa, Nevada, and maybe even Minnesota. It's obvious this is a concerted plan by the GOP establishment to block Paul from the nomination. It's really awesome to realize he actually won at least three states so far and would be the front runner or one of the front runners if we had fair elections.

I hope he really does get those delegates but I wonder what they will do to block that. In Maine, it already was reported by a participant in the Portland caucus that they did not allow them to select delegates based on some bogus issue that the numbers didn't match so now they can select delegates behind closed doors.

I have never been really big on a third party, although I voted for Ross Perot way back when, but I am feeling like maybe that is what the next step should be, after the convention.

Thank you Maine for cheating so blatantly that we now can understand what has been going on throughout the primary season.

Expose It Or Lose It

Hopefully, if the Maine fraud is fully documented and exposed, it will have a chilling effect on other local Republican chairs to not conduct any funny stuff, so Paul can have a fair chance of being announced the winner the day of the caucus. If the state party tries to pull that "we're a private organization" canard, party members who have been defrauded should be able to file a group lawsuit against the identified parties most responsible for election irregularities. If we do nothing, the fraud will go on, and Paul loses.

Thumbs up!

Get Facts Get evidence bring cameras dont let them push you out, demand transparency!

wow this sucks, and this isn't even with the computer votes

they'll learn from their mistakes and by super tuesday have their election fixing down pat

sad to say but we can't win against cheaters unless we're better cheaters. the only way they'll get rid of computerized, easily manipulable votes is if there is a Ron Paul landslide on a computer voting system. is there a "Hackers for Paul" Super PAC?

The Romney Camp

may not only be using fuzzy math vote counting, but also gutter level ethics in their campaign advertising. Notice that the super PAC that runs all of Romney's negative attack ads is "Restore Our Future", which is oh so similar to "Restore America Now", the Paul campaign's slogan. Nice, huh?

The big difference is that

The big difference is that the Romney camp wants to restore our future back to the good old days of 5 years ago when everyone was asleep while the crooks were raiding the hen house.

Here's a "reality check", Charlie Webster must Go!

Matt Strawn resigned from being Iowa's GOP chairman for very trivial reasons. I have yet to see even circumstantial evidence linking him (or the Iowa Central Committee) with any voting irregularities.
HE resigned because he DID try to count all the votes and when the numbers changed the winner he announced it.

On the other hand, Charlie Webster has been accused of telling the precinct chairs or county chairs that their votes will count and then turning around and telling them that they will NOT count.
He has to be responsible for the instructions to the precinct chairs NOT to count the votes publicly.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Worse still, is their

Worse still, is their inability to correctly tabulate the reported numbers and precincts. No way were those errors; rather they were willful vote changes. Someone is directly responsible and it seems to me that both this Charlie and the woman who answered the phone are inescapably responsible. There is no way that I can be convinced that it is difficult to accurately tabulate a spreadsheet from phoned in numbers and if it was so difficult there should have been a faxed copy for backup. How on earth do bank tellers and cashiers manage to have consistently accurate drawers? How do accountants have accurate ledgers. This is not rocket science.

I don't doubt for a minute that these good old boys will screw with the delegates either.

Excellent points, all.

At the precinct level we are all amateurs and we may screw up SOME things. But getting the votes counted and reporting those numbers accurately is one of the easiest things we did.

Incompetence cannot be the reason and should not be an excuse for the kinds of "mistakes" made in Maine.

If Charlie gets away with this, the Maine GOP should forever hang its head in shame.

The Virtual Conspiracy



Why does it say 95% reporting at the bottom of the screen.

Also noting, Charlie Webster is a complete tool...

Charlie Webster he is a traitor

How do you feel being a TRAITOR to the USA.

Our whole Constitutional system is based on honesty, who the hell are you to think you can cheat Americans of there God given rights, I even bet God Almighty may have something to say about this, if curses begin to fall on your family look in the mirror, you will find no forgiveness till you come clean.

We are to be the example to the world.

When you can not get an honest election in the USA what hope it there for the rest of the world.

I do believe you should get a trial though.

But I have no problem with them putting you in JAIL for a very long time if you are found guilty.


to e-mail the Maine Secretary of State as the GOP is a private corporation not subject to state election laws.

NOW, what are you going to do?

I have been one who thought 3rd party was not the way to go.

But I have changed my mind.

Enough is enough.

So Maine is 3 for certain that they have cheated on.


If RP will not go 3rd party, I will vote for Gary Johnson.

I am no longer a Republican if they can not and will not keep my freedom to vote honestly intact. I really dont have a problem loosing if is an honest election.

There is no honor in CHEATING.

Delegates, delegates, delegates

It's all about the delegates! Forget about the beauty contests. Ron Paul will win the GOP nomination DESPITE all that they are doing to stop him.

There is no honor in cheating

If there is one thing Americans stood up for its fair play, I hope thats still the case, if not, American has sunk to the level of a third world country.

I want to upload this video

I want to upload this video to my (Ron Paul) youtube channel. Anybody know if Ben would mind?

E-mail Ben and ask

I doubt anyone can answer your question except Ben. Here's his address from the WXIX site:

Thank you...

Message sent. Hoping to hear from Ben.

Someone should write a play called...

..."The Devil and Charlie Webster". Oops, make that "The Devil IS Charlie Webster". ;-)

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Blatant Fraud

Problem is, if you seek revenge against the GOP and vote for Obama you still lose. RP needs to run a third party.

dave anderson