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My Call to Cancel TV Yesterday

Turn off the TV and Think!Just thought I would let you guys know what transpired with a phone call I had cancelling my television with the cable company today.

The customer service rep asked me if it was simply the money that was causing me to dump my TV. I explained that it wasn't...it was explicity a protest. He laughed and completely agreed with me. He said "I shouldn't say this, but I have done the same." He then said "I don't even need to know the reasons why."

I told him, "I suppose you realize why I am doing this," and he said "absolutely." He then canceled my contract and cut my internet bill in half. I then told him my savings were going to a special fund raiser today and thanks for the extra bucks! He then said he will be donating later also! Freaking awesome...at least in my world.

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It is amazing itsn't it?

I am getting rid of cable this evening when I get home. I had thought about it, purely form a financial cost stand point but this thread got me to look at my own records. One year ago, I was paying an un-Godly $98/month for cable, internet and phone. Same month, this year, that rate is now $152. Like so many, the price point has finaly gotten to the point to acknowledge that 99% of what is put on the idiot box is crap and lies.

Cutting the cord to help fund the moneybomb?

Comment below states more and more folks are getting rid of their TV;a phenomenon known as 'cutting the cord'. Seems that folks are almost reborn into a new life, devoting former TV watching time to personal growth, earning new skills, bonding more closely with friends and family, etc.

Is this in any way analogious to Dr. Paul? Having delivered 4,000+ babies, Dr. Paul is well familiar with cutting the cord as new lives emerges in the world.

Okay, if I'm stretching for an analogy, I have a good reason.
Does anyone who is cutting down or off their paid cable/satelite service want to pledge 1 or 2 months of the savings to the moneybomb? Now that you are not feeding the elite media money corporations, what are you going to do with all that cash burning a hole in your pocket? :)

Any takers? What would you call such a mini-moneybomb?
1) The "Cord cutting for the Constitution" moneybomb?
2) "Unplugging from the sham, 'cause Paul is our man!" moneybomb?
3) The "I can't stand anymore annoying animated show promos that the networks pop up on screen in the middle of the movie, so they can shove it!" moneybomb?

I cancelled cable tv last

I cancelled cable tv last week. I have barely watched tv for the last 5 yrs anyway. Last year I was watching Fox because I thought they were honest until they started bashing Ron Paul. I was so sickened and felt betrayed. I never turned it on again.



we are everywhere !!

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Jefferson Would Approve

Newsprint =TV of the time...

"I do not take a single newspaper, nor read one a month, and I feel myself infinitely the happier for it.

Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.

The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers."

Thomas Jefferson

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When TV went digital

I went without broadcast TV, No TV entertainment bill. I also save by going to prepaid cell and internet service.

Canceling after this weekend.

Tired of the propaganda.

We're CANCELLING after this weekend, too.

We just wanted to watch the last Masterpiece Theatre movie, then, we're DONE!


and done! 3 weeks ago. Soooo many books...my vocabulary hasn't been this robust in years! Thank you Fox News for driving me away....I couldn't have done it without you!

Cancelling Your Cable = Terrorist Indicator...

Big Bro says so. Just kidding, but only sort of. In Great Britain, every Limey pays a huge license fee to the Queen's government for the "right" to receive the BBC, whether or not he or she even cares to watch the telly. Coming to an idiot box near you Citizen.

Give up my TV? No way!

How would I live without: South Park, Burn Notice, White Collar, Nikita, The Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels, Futurama, Sanctuary, In Plain Sight, Suits, Fairly Legal, House, Lost Girl, Ringer, Merlin, Ben 10, American Horror Story, Eureka, Alphas, Warehouse 13, Wilfred, Ugly Americans, Covert Affairs, Psych, Grimm, Secret Circle (Yes, I watch all of these, and more, when they are in season -- though that last one has its annoying aspects so I might drop it.)

Maybe I could go without a small number of those near the end of that list and still eek out a bleak and meaningless existence, but the rest? (/jk)

Plus, as Ron Paul supporters, you should be encouraging people to watch Hell on Wheels. Crony capitalism is layed bare by that show. (There's a great scene where a designer shows the railroad tycoon the plans for the railroad route. The tycoon says "no, I want it to go like this" as he drags his finger out in big arcs on the map. The designer says "but that would mean hundreds of miles of extra track; the planned route is more efficient". The tycoon grabs his head and smashes his face against the table, and explains how the government is paying $X per mile of track laid.)

And what about all of the classics I would have missed?: Star Trek, Star Trek TNG, Firefly, Samurai Jack, Battlestar Galactica (new series), Power Puff Girls, ... (this list would be rather long if I actually tried to include even a decent fraction of them)

Of course, all of the stuff I watch is fiction and doesn't pretend to be anything other than fiction. All of the stuff you guys are complaining about is at least part fiction/propaganda but pretends to be non-fiction. I just don't watch that stuff (except when I want to know what the sheeple are being fed).

Though there is much fiction I also won't watch, including stuff that presents (tries to sell) a "moral" subtext that is in fact anything but moral (e.g., the promotion of collectivist ideals).

Those can all be watched online

As well as everything else you can possibly imagine. The signal can then be sent to your Monitor (EX TV) for your viewing pleasure and at your leisure.

No, they can't "all" be watched online.

At least not legally. I think most of them can now. Availability has been getting better fast. Like I said in an earlier post below, I may eventually completely switch from cable to other mediums once it looks like it's ready and I get set up for that.

And "As well as everything else you can possibly imagine"? That's also wrong. I can imagine all kinds of stuff that doen't exist, and you can't watch something that doesn't exist.

If you couldn't live without it, then

you need to live without it. Something else must be seriously missing from your life.

Maybe you should look up what "/jk" means

Plus I can tell you exactly how I would live without them -- instead of getting some down-time by vegging-out in front of the TV I would get it by vegging-out with computer games. Both my day job and my primary non-work persuit (as well as multiple secondary activities) are highly taxing on my brain, so a bit of low-mental-activity entertainment serves a practical use. I have been drifting away from computer games for this purpose though for multiple reasons, including moral ones such as not wanting to support DRM (which almost all new games have, check out gog.com if you want legal DRM-free games) and not wanting to support closed systems (so I have never owned a game console even though I've been an avid gamer in the past with plenty of $).

And yes, all kinds of crap is missing from my life. You know, things like liberty, a government that will leave me alone, a monetary system that isn't trying to impoverish me, and a society of humans generally capable of intelligent thought who can be trusted and won't just stab me in the back the instant it suits them.

Most of that

Can be watched on Netflix..which costs 8 dollars a month and I can watch whatever TNG episode I want without commercials...

I want it all.

The money isn't much of an issue for me. For entertainment I would gladly pay much more for better quality. (I would SO drop $1K on a truly kick-ass living-world programmatic-consequences computer RPG. But no one is making such RPGs -- instead we get a bunch of lame dumbed-down crap or stuff that is too adventure-game-style for my tastes.)

Eventually I may end up dropping cable and just watching the shows off the web straight from the producing network's website. I'll need a bit more of the shows to be available that way first. And I'll have to hook up my TV to my computer (or get a 2nd comp and large monitor) so I can lie back and relax while watching.

It looks like Netflix has no commercials even for new shows? I guess I'll have to sign up and try them out. Even if I can't get all of my shows that way, the fewer commercials I have to wait through, the better.


Hello. My name is Smithfriend and I have been without satellite TV for a year and a half now. I just wanted to say that this is not a new trend. "Cutting the Cord", as it is now called, is slowly becoming more popular in the U.S.

When I first decided to disconnect my dish, I was somewhat nervous. I wondered to myself, "what will others think?" "How will I talk to friends, family, and co-workers about TV programs now?", and "what will I do with myself?" However, I have found that my quality of life has actually improved with no TV. Additionally, not only am I saving $70 a month on a satellite bill, but my electric bill went down $40 per month also because the idiot box is not running in the background.

I read an article a couple of weeks ago that detailed a recently conducted study. In the study, scientists found that "alpha" brain waves (brain waves associated with critical thinking and reason) shut off after about thirty seconds of TV watching, and "beta" brain waves (those associated with passive acceptance of information) became more prominent. This means that when you are watching TV, you are much more susceptible to the influences of advertisement and politically manipulative opinions than when you are not. You accept information passively and uncritically when you watch TV.

Cut the cord.


Hello, my name is UASTUDY, and I've been television free for one year now. I refuse to allow the mindless drivel influence negatively what I know to be the truth.

Ron Paul 2012

Cool but eerie! Does thread sound like an AA or NA meeting?

Hello, my name is ______ and I've been TV sober for ____ years. I watched TV to help numb myself from......

Don't get me wrong, as a former "TV addict", I can relate! My family unplugged many years ago. Now when coworkers excitedly talk about "Dancing with the Stars" or "Idol"; I just cannot imagine what they find so interesting.

1 Year without a TV.

It is amazing how free it feels to not have a TV, so much crap on there these days. I will say though that I miss watching football but I can get that online, or at the bar, so its all good. I seek my news other places, as most of us do.

Kill your TV!

Six years ago I decided to give up TV. I immediately re-arranged all the furniture so that the focal point was now the middle of the room instead of the TV making the living room much more conducive for conversation and interaction between family members and guests.

I've never regretted giving up the tube. Even my kids loved having our full attention now instead of having everyone focused on the television.

When I hear others talk about the latest reality show or the other mindless programming that they watch, I'm happy to say "Sorry, I don't watch TV."

I love when a TV addict

ask me about stupid shows and I say. "I have no clue what is that" Then they usually say you don't know that show? and I usually reply; " I have no time to watch garbage. I have no TV". It feels great.

5 Year Unplugged Veteran

5 Happy Years.

I have kept the box though, for DVD Movies and Gaming ;~) I have recently subscribed to Netflix which runs through my "Wii Wii" - lol

I am extremely pleased with Netflix BTW.

I love to hear of people unplugging, what an awesome thread this is!

Hey Archons', we are taking our planet back and there's nothing you can do about it!

In NC Charter Cable

charges more for just internet without cable. That's right, it's cheaper to get internet with cable than just internet by itself. They would rather have you watching TV.

"The world is a dynamic mess of jiggling things, if you look at it right." - Richard Feynman

That seems

Almost diabolical. They are trying to persuade you to be brainwashed..hahaha. Scary!

Why have a LIAR BOX in your home

If you need somone to lie to you email me at TellYouaLie@GOP.org

My liar box lies dorment collecting dust like some giant elephant that is asleep in the corner, unplugged and quiet after so many years. Its like the death of an old freind who has betrayed me after so many years of freindship. I simply must muster up the ambition to take the dead liar box out to the garage sale I am sure some sucker will wonder along and want a six foot tall box that does nothing but propagandize and lie every time you turn it on. Good bye and good riddance betrayer. Enlightened disengagement was their primary weapon, a critical mass of sovereign humans exited the Rothschild false debt slave system soon after the rest of humanity followed. Welcome to the age of Aquarius.


Excellent decision

I remember one time back in 2006 I had the cable TV and Internet package as well. Like many I got most of my world related news from CNN. Then one day during my holidays in 2006 I was bored and I decided to try this new free web based service called “Stumble Upon Video.”

I sat there bored as hell clicking the stumble button which would randomly select videos from all over the web that were in accordance with my inputted preferences. Then after a few minutes of rejecting randomly displayed vids a video documentary popped up called “Loose Change.” So I started to view it and just over an hour later when the doc came to an end… my jaw felt like it was literally hanging down to the floor. I was in complete shock.

If I remember correctly…that very same day, only an hour or so after watching that vid… that I called up my cable company and cancelled the cable TV portion of the package. I never went back to paying for TV since.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

Canceled mine last week

The day I dropped off my cable box, they called me and offered me a 45% discount over what I had been paying and threw in a DVR for free. At that point I was just angry that I'd wasted so much money over the past 2 years and just said no. Cable companies have a lousy product and treat their customers like brainwashed slaves.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis