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A Book That I’ve Written for Us

My name's Allan Stevo. I’m a writer from Chicago. I’ve posted on Daily Paul once or twice before, and I’ve been mentioned here several other times. In 2008, I campaigned for Ron Paul in nine states, and in three so far in 2012. I’ve spent most of that non-campaign time these last three months writing a book for Ron Paul’s grassroots supporters - How to Win America for Ron Paul and the Cause of Freedom in 2012 is based on my more than two decades of political participation in Chicago and on my passion for Ron Paul’s views of liberty.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to post excerpts from that book on Daily Paul as well as a few other pro-freedom websites. My motivation for writing this book are twofold:

1. I know that we can win the nomination in August in Tampa; I know that we can win the White House on November 6; and I know that President Ron Paul can walk in the front door of the White House on January 20, 2013. We are perfectly positioned to win and to help correct course in America.

2. Our movement is doing well, but not well enough. I see that we, the grassroots, are failing at being effective enough at scoring this win for Dr. Paul in 2012. For those interested in it, the book is a way to become as effective as possible in securing the nomination for Ron Paul by using effective strategies and discouraging less effective strategies. As Ron Paul gets more successful and more threatening to the establishment it is important for us to step forward even more fervently. In these increasingly difficult times, where victory is so close and our opposition feels so threatened by us that they grows more disagreeable, I find inspiration in the personal motto of Ludwig von Mises “Do not give into evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.” Now is the time to re-examine our efforts and push even harder, even more effectively.

You can buy the book at the website of the Amazon subsidiary that published it. It will go on sale at Amazon.com in about a week.

In the upcoming weeks, when I’m not out campaigning on Ron Paul’s behalf, I’ll be posting articles on the following topics:

- The Great Debate: How Ron Paul’s Candidacy Will Reshape America
- The Brief Version: How To Win America For Ron Paul and the Cause of Freedom in 2012
- Ron Paul Supporters and Democrats Agree That the other GOP Candidates are Toads
- A Formula for Winning = A Formula for Getting a Person Out to Vote
- Recruiting Your Family for Ron Paul
- Forming Freedom Cells: Getting a Win for Ron Paul in a Decentralized Way
- Why We Shouldn’t Go After Cain Voters
- Arguments Don’t Win Elections
- What Do I Do if I Don’t Know Any Ron Paul Supporters in My Social Precinct?
- Some People are a Waste of Time
- Social Precincts: How Our Online Advantage Can Make Us Effective Offline
- Don’t Talk to Strangers Yet – Charity Begins At Home
- Why I Consider Myself in Debt and Grateful to Frank Luntz
- Why We Don’t Need The Old Media and We Shouldn’t Want Their Help
- No Costumes Ever!
- The Mormon Example
- People Will Openly Lie to You
- Moving Our Egos Out of the Way
- Please Don’t Comment on Krugman’s Articles
- NEVER Go On The Defensive
- What to Do About the Neutralizer
- No One Ever “Screws” Us!!
- Eleven Things You Can be Doing Right Now Instead of Sign Waving for Ron Paul
- Can Sign Waving and Marching Be Used for a Campaign?
- Ignore People Who Hate Ron Paul
- Building Alliances – Some People Just Get It
- Like Herding Cats: Why the Campaign has a Hard Time With the Grassroots and How the Grassroots Can Be the Secret Weapon of Ron Paul’s Campaign
- Getting Ron Paul Supporters Activated: How You Can Multiply Your Influence on the 2012 Elections Starting Today
- 7 Ways to Activate Ron Paul Supporters
- Building a Sense of Community – An Important Reason to Reach Out to Fellow Ron Paul Supporters

I believe that we can work harder to make a Ron Paul win happen. Correspondingly I look forward to the weeks and months ahead because of the inspiration and pro-liberty change that we will bring to out neighborhoods, to America’s political dialogue, to the federal government, and ultimately to the world.

- Allan

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On The Front Page of LRC This Weekend

I've posted on the intro to this book appearing on the Front Page of LRC - http://www.dailypaul.com/216822/on-the-front-page-of-lewrock... and here is a link to the LRC post - http://lewrockwell.com/stevo/stevo10.1.html

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Democrats and Paul Supporters Agree

Ron Paul supporters and Democrats agree that the other GOP candidates are toads. Some people even think Ron Paul is a toad and that's okay, because we are looking for the most supporters, not the fewest opponents. More here - http://www.dailypaul.com/216421/how-to-win-america-ron-paul-...

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Why We Shouldn't Go After Cain Voters

I've posted on why it's a waste of time to argue/discuss/debate with Cain voters when the goal is to win an election -


There are much more valuable ways for us to spend our time.

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Democrats Have Nothing to Lose by Voting for Ron Paul

This post on how Democrats have nothing to lose by voting for Ron Paul is part of the "How to Win America" series of posts - http://www.dailypaul.com/216180/how-to-win-america-a-positiv...

Hey graphic designers!

Hey graphic designers! Somebody get this man a decent book cover -stat!

Nice work with the book, Allan. I agree with your points.

Show your support for Ron Paul and inspire others at new grassroots site:
( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

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Thanks for the praise, RedDot. That cover's not too eye-catching.

My shipment of 900 Super Brochures...

just arrived five minutes ago. I can hardly wait to start passing them out.

Minnesota Mary

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That's great Mary!

That's great Mary. Make sure you're getting the contact info of people who are sold on Ron Paul and calling them in the days before the election to make sure they turn out. Also, don't forget that you're going to be most effective with the people who know you personally. You're gonna do great with those 900 brochures.
- Allan

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Please start talking to everyone you know about liberty

This is an excerpt that I have posted to Daily Paul from the book mentioned in this post. It deals with the necessity of talking to people you know first instead of spending time in long arguments with strangers who you won't convince to vote for Ron Paul - http://www.dailypaul.com/216094/how-to-win-america-please-ta...

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Approaching Your Democratic Friends - You Can Do Something Ron P

I've added an article under this topic on how you can be more effective with your own friends than Ron Paul could ever dream of being with them - http://www.dailypaul.com/216077/how-to-win-america-approachi...


The first time I worked with Allan was in '08 when we both went down to Lake Jackson to help with RP's congressional race, (everyone was so focused on the presidential race the locals were a bit shorthanded and asked us to come down...)

Both a good writer and an experienced liberty campaigner, I expect this book will be quite valuable for this race, and beyond...

I ordered 2 :D


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Thank you mKauai

Thanks for the praise MKauai, and thanks for ordering.
- Allan


I've read this guy at LRC. I like what he has to say. Look forward to his posts here!


"Our movement is doing well, but not well enough. I see that we, the grassroots, are failing at being effective enough at scoring this win for Dr. Paul in 2012."

We have a presence in every state, we become delegates, we learn the rules, we run cmapaigns according to their rules...they change the rules, don't count votes and cheat.....tell me again how WE are not doing our best to BE effective within the system we have to work in??

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I Understand Your Frustration

Full Armor of Christ,
I understand your frustration with the process we are in, but until we see more success, we can be assured that we simply aren't doing enough. From the many supporters that I have campaigned alongside these past 5 years, some of whom have requested my counsel, I know that there are lots of ineffective members of the movement out there who are asking themselves "Why isn't this working for me?" If any of us isn't convincing at least 10 other people to vote the day of our primaries, then that person is being ineffective. Each of us bringing 10 people with us wins the race for Ron Paul. Blaming the system is a cop out. The system's not perfect, but honestly, if Ron Paul loses, it's the fault of his supporters. We have the numbers. We can win this election. Blaming the system leads us to failure, because the system is not something we can change. Blaming ourselves, improving ourselves, figuring out how we can be the best possible will bring us success. We can do this.


There's no way I can blame Ron Paul's grassroots supporters for not winning states when there's rampant election fraud going on. That tells me we are actually doing quite well, so well that they have to cheat in order to stop us.

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You're Blaming a Bogeyman

You're blaming a bogeyman, brother. If more of us were turning out to vote instead of just turning out to support Ron Paul like a rock star when he speaks, or if more of us were getting our neighbors out instead of worrying about things like online polls, we'd be doing better. It's so much easier to blame others than to blame ourselves. To who's benefit do you blame the other guys and pretend that we are flawless? Not ours. This is politics, of course there are going to be dirty tricks, so should that be enough for us to throw up our hands and give in? If we step it up, we can win this. We can't stop their dirty tricks, you're right, but we can be so well prepared that their dirty tricks mean little to the outcome of the race.

Allan, I agree with


I agree with everything you're saying here... and I support your suggestions. But to claim the election fraud stuff is a "bogeyman" is a bit weak....


With all due respect, election fraud is very real. I would say by a very conservative estimate that RP has already won many states, depending on who's tallying the votes. I would like to see something in your list that also addresses this issue as well.

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Thanks, looking forward to your posts.
The internet can be a tool for spreading the message, but we are not winning here alone, actions need to be taken in our daily life.

Allan Stevo's picture

Thank you

I agree with you entirely. I will work hard not to disappoint. Your statement of "Brilliant!" is encouraging.


like you've put a great deal of work into this.

Thank you for sharing your optimism. I'm not sure if it is a case of working "harder," smarter, or both.
I know it is going to be an uphill battle EVERY step of the way, because we are going up against some very corrupt and entrenched entities. They are not just going to go waltzing off into the sunset.
We have to reevaluate what is working and what is not. If your book is a step in that direction then I welcome it.

Allan Stevo's picture

A Step

It has taken a lot of work. It's kind of you to point that out. I agree with you that this will be very difficult, but victory is obtainable. We are so close. The book is meant to start encouraging exactly the kind of discussion that you mention: "We have to reevaluate what is working and what is not." We cannot wait for them to go waltzing off into the sunset, because, as you state, it will not happen, but with hard work we can force our government to correct course. A premise of my book is that finding 10 people is enough. Each one of us have at least 10 people around us who can be convinced to vote for Ron Paul. If we increase our effectiveness, we can win this for Ron Paul.

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Great work sir!!!

Great work sir!!!

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

Allan Stevo's picture

Thank you, Metalhed

Thank you, Metalhed.