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URGENT: Utah Caucus Delegate Information

Please go easy on me, this is one of my first posts!
Here are the rules on your state caucuses:

I went to one of these when I was in High School, and nominated my friend to be a delegate and he won.
The establishment (the guy who won year after year) was upset because he was still in high school. It was awesome!
And we won because we brought enough friends and family along to vote for him. There was only 10-15 people who actually showed up.
No one really goes to these things, even though they are the ones who get to actually vote for the candidate on behalf of the entire town.
Go with all your family, friends and associates that you can find and support the Ron Paul Delegates.
If there isn't one there for Ron Paul, nominate yourself or a friend to be one!! Then win because you have your friends and family there!!

You'll need to get in touch with the local Ron Paul supporters BEFORE March 1, 2012 to make sure your properly prepared.
To find the local Ron Paul people and to get in contact with them, go here:
or here:
Campaign for liberty is the main Ron Paul group.

Also, here is the Utah GOP site about Caucus night:

Thats the way I best understand it.
Please let me know if I need to clarify anything and I'll add it to the post!