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Maine GOP adds missing caucus votes, but won’t release updated vote count

"People can whine and complain and plead, but I’m not going to make [the updated results] public," says state GOP chair Charlie Webster.

Read more: http://thedc.com/xgdp8Y

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That Charlie Webster still make his own rules!

Keep the pressure... I believe that I wrote earlier in a post that a lot of what they are doing will surface shortly, and here you go..those politicians did sell there souls a long time ago and they did not care thinking that they can get away with it, but if you keep the pressure then they may even bring bigger politicians down with them.

EMAIL & FAX TO Charlie Webster & Michael Quatrano (Executive D

We need to blast them until they get the message!

EMAIL: Webster@MaineGOP.com

Fax. 207-623-5322
Dear Mr. Webster:

The mishandling of the Maine caucus is the worst of all of the states to date manifested by two GOP chairmen in Iowa and Nevada having resigned their posts for their state’s reckless accounting of the votes.

I sent the following links to all of my friends and family alerting them to the fraud that has taken place in Maine under your leadership. Any effort to dispute fraud charges is overwhelmed by the evidence building that there was a deliberate attempt to sway the vote away from a Ron Paul win. When you have towns in Waldo County that presented their votes yet show “0” votes and an outright reversal of votes in Portland in favor of Romney instead of Dr. Paul (when the tally actually favored Dr. Paul) AND you deliberately excluded Washington County which in 2008 was Ron Paul’s best won county, all signs point to collusion with the Romney campaign to exclude a win for Ron Paul.

I am personally outraged by this blatant manipulation and distortion. There has been a total lack of integrity, honesty and fairness in the way you have conducted the Maine caucus vote. The way you have set up the conditions, it appears you, Chris Gardner and Kevin Raye cooperated with each other to get the voting results you wanted as Romney supporters. Now the issue is what are you prepared to do to rectify the egregious and irresponsible folly.

Anything short of an accurate count including those left out as well as Washington County will be a sham and disgrace to the GOP election procedure to date. I urge you to include ALL the votes so as to present an accurate record of the actual winner. Not doing this will help put a coffin in the GOP’s election chances in 2012 as voters, especially supporters of Ron Paul, become completely disgusted with the Romney-GOP establishment-insider control and destruction of what should be an inclusive and transparent accounting of all the votes, not just a "pick and choose" Romney favored sham vote.


I. Hoffman

cc: Michael Quatrano

Maine Caucus Fraud? - Ben Swann Breaks it Down
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgMQmfOGhQs (video)
Rachel Maddow interviews Doug Wead on Maine MSNBC
http://youtu.be/wHLXsgn4_B0 (video)

Watch the Vote 2012

is worth keeping handy. The Maine GOP under Webster is a joke, only it's not laughable because the stakes are high. This is good reason that Ron Paul's team should have been prepared for possible manipulation. This should not have come as a surprise. What's so hard about counting votes at each caucus and writing down the total for later verification with State report? I believe a 3rd grade class could do this. This ain't even trying.

alan laney

Ben Swanns says they WILL release #'s on Fri....FB posting:

Breaking: after telling the Daily Caller that he wouldn't release until March, turns out GOP WILL release corrected Maine numbers tomorrow

Which numbers? The Ron Paul or Romney double down?...

The douche bag hinted in the story that Romney's numbers went up with the new count. Yet we know the reason they deliberately hide them was because they cannot give Paul a WIN. It will destroy the Media & the GOP's credibility, undermine Romney to the core that Paul actually beat him in a state.

So get ready for more distortion, more lies & a real uphill battle. Mark my words don;t be surprised if they switch the votes from PAUL to ROMNEY to give him a greater lead, in the lead up to Saturday's Washington County's vote. Mark my WORDS!!!

double down

on the pressure. Stalin came into power because people gave in

Carry on like this America,

Carry on like this America, and some superpower is gonna have to invade you to establish democracy (and steal your oil, of course).

This space available

Didn't any of our people

get proof of results at their caucus?When I go to
my caucus next month,I'm going to write down the results
and have the guy running the caucus sign it!

Photo the official tally sheet

Make sure Romney's people do not take the ballots to a back room or some other secret location to count the votes. They did in MN. Count the votes in public view right there and announce the results publicly.


A friend at the Philly Inq. told me that Charlie webster spoke to them and said that updated tallys will be released tomorrow and it will show that Romney gained even more on RP. Also stated that Santorum gained % now that missing Waldo county #'s have been added in. Still no decision on Wash. county.

Watch the Vote 2012 website

Watch the Vote 2012 website put the final tallies of the Maine caucus (including all towns Feb. 11 and before). By their totals, Paul won with 41%. Romney came in 2nd with 34%. If Chucky says Romney still won, I'd love to see how they came up with their totals. He just keeps digging the hole deeper for himself.

There were 5,525 Total votes in the original first round...

If other precincts weren't included, then there should be more than that to count. Watch the Vote has a total of 2018 Votes tabulated. That's less than half the original. What I don't understand is that there are Ron Paul supporters at every precinct caucusing for Ron Paul.

Just use your cell Phone and Record the results from your caucus when it is done. If you can't photograph it write them down & have another person sign it, doesn't have to be an official. Then send the results into watch the vote & they will tally everything for future reference.

Charlie Webster needs to lose his job!! Step down you are as

crooked as the rest.

Why, why will these people stoop to these levels. They did not get picked on the team when they were a kid growing up. At my caucus meeting this is the feeling I got from all of them. They had no control in their life, but this is something they could control, they could cheat, but they could still be "picked" and they did not care if they cheated and lied to make it happen. This Charlie W. guy seems exactly the same. How do they do it? How do they sleep at night, knowing they are lying and cheating just to get the attention they missed out on as kids?

Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U

Would you trust a re-count?

How many of the caucuses had their tallies recorded on-site? We know from the testimony of the Belfast caucus chairman that the state GOP ordered the results not be read publicly but only called in to state headquarters, and that the numbers for Belfast recorded by the state GOP were not the numbers that had been called in.

Now Mr. Webster, who is unconvincingly playing the victim, says the updated tally (which is apparently top secret) has Romney with an even bigger lead. Does anyone trust Webster and his cohorts to do an honest re-count, using accurate numbers? Is that even possible at this point, after so much chaos?

In my opinion, the best outcome now would be if Ron Paul closes the officially announced 194-vote-gap and overtakes Romney this Saturday. That would make a fool of Webster, who said such an outcome is impossible, and would be a major PR victory for the Paul campaign. It would also cement the growing consensus that dirty tricks were afoot in Maine last Saturday. A lesson in blowback for the GOP crooks!

absolutely not

No, I do not trust that any of the numbers are valid at this point. So, there is no real point in doing a recount. The only way for these (future) votes to be validated is for the counting to be done aloud in front of everyone.

194 votes doesn't sound like much, but it is a lot to make up when considering the number of voters and assuming we can't change the already fixed counts.

Wait a second though, if 194 were the results before Belfast

and the other 17 towns that voted in Waldo County. they erased those votes and they said Ron Paul was winning. So, we do not even know if he is under 194....cheating, these people are those that were not picked as kids to play and this is the way they make up their hurt and pain, by cheating now!!

Plus there is another county voting on March 3rd in Maine. Charlie Webster needs to be out of a job!!

Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U

What is there to recount?

Comments below say we should ask for a recount. Of what?

I've read that precincts take a vote, and call in the results to the GOP.

Does the precinct record the votes on any kind of official document?

Do witnesses sign the document to attest to its accuracy?

Where are those documents kept?

Are copies made so voters can later compare to GOP numbers?


He doesn't want to give the Paulies a target total needed to win in Washington County.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

This guy is a real piece of

This guy is a real piece of work. He's pretty darn proud that he could deliver the votes to Romney and not get caught (completely). I'll bet he's joking about it to his buddies in private.

Gee, I wonder what Charlie would be doing right now if some votes did not get counted, yet his favorite candidate lost by 200 votes? This man is a slimeball and his name should go down in infamy as an enemy of good and decent people.

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Webster's arrogance and haughtiness is palpable...

Webster's arrogance and haughtiness is palpable...

It seems that his belief that he and his GOP ilk are untouchable/unstoppable enboldens him.

The guy has gotta go. Justice will win-out.

Let them know how we feel....

The SOB's in the Republican Party have got to feel our wrath. We must let them know that they will not get away with this. It is criminal. I will never vote fro a Republican again. In Maine we must force them to release their numbers. I am ready to get a plane ticket. It is time to draw a line in the sand. Is anyone ready to go with me?


Score! This is a huge win for the campaign.

Look, we all knew that this sort of trickery and deception was going on, and now we have concrete proof.

This imo is one of the strongest pillars of the movement.

That either we all agree that we should live in a society that recognizes the rule of law, or we are living in a despotic regime that governs with the selective enforcement of "regulations".

Regulations are not laws. And they can be changed at a whim.

This is great news. It brings the issues out into the open and now people have no option but to have an ongoing dialogue about it.

Because so long as there was a doubt, most people are more than willing to dismiss the idea of deception because what they really fear most is the idea that they do not live in a free society.

Once you pull back that veil, and YOU all have, then they are forced to face reality.

And that's when you succeed. This is a philosophical struggle. And you guys are cleaning house. Congratulations to you all!

If you're not first...you're last! ~ Reese Bobby

The caucus process

The caucus process is under attack. From the USA Today article:

"Still, there is lots of angst about caucuses. Chris Gardner, chairman of the Washington County Republican Party, says he now thinks a primary system would be better for Maine.

"'There's got to be a better way to pick a presidential nominee,' John Avlon writes in The Daily Beast."


Maine demonstrates the superiority of the caucus process over primary voting, but transparency and verification are not desirable to those manipulating the elections.

Rachel Maddow's shining the light on Maine seems, as well, to be a veiled attack on the caucus process. She doesn't have a problem so much with GOP antics in Maine as she does with the "arcane" delegate process and Ron Paul's "gaming the system," as she puts it.

Debbie's picture

Okay, they're going for the delegates!

God speed!


Even after

all tha has been brought to light. We need a WIN! This would help boost the whole campaign. Well they can't stop the people from Maine from wanting clarity. We should keep pressing even though they don't care.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Maybe we need to email the

Maybe we need to email the campaign and say this is BULLSHIT and not what we raised millions for.

I agree.

The campaign is dropping the ball here... beauty contest or no - an outright win AND a recount would raise more awareness about Ron Paul.