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So I was elected a delegate in MN What can I expect next?

I was the only person who showed up in my small Minnesota township to vote. Of course I voted Ron Paul. I was also able to nominate and vote myself as a delegate. What should I prepare for at the next level? And yes I am a newbie to the process...

Suggestions very welcome

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No clue, but common sense

I haven't been a delegate for Paul (or anyone else) before either, but I will this year. I also live in MN. I would just contact the state RP campaign chair and ask her to put you in touch with other delegates in your district. They would know the local situation and would be able to direct you. Strategies may vary depending on the locality, but do not outright lie!


in Minnesota? There are mnay of us in Anoka County

Great way to increase your donation...

See my post about a great way to increase your donation. If you like the idea please bump.


Establishment Polishers

I was elected one of the two delegates to the Central Commitee in Iowa, Grundy Co., P4. The rules also elected 13 Alternates which my wife was elected one. After this we all were given opportunity to talk about planks we wanted added to the platform. I added Audit the Fed and End the Fed and States Rights to choose over any Federal Issue.
I went to the next County meeting which mainly was getting ready for the County Convention to be held @ the High School in Reinbeck,IA March 10th @ 9am. The other delegate was present and over heard them say you need to sign up for the platform committee if you plan to speak at the County Convention. I asked the person in charge when we will meet for this and he said he would e-mail me. I asked what we will be doing and he said that we look at all the planks submitted and polish them in order for them to be ready for the convention. I have yet to be contacted and I told my fellow P4 delegate that I do not want my planks polished out the door and I will remain in this party as long as I am heard otherwise I will wish Ron Paul to go third party.I am new 2.

After going through the comments here

I came to the conclusion that the only safe and sensible course to follow would to be to play completely dumb and seek out a mentor from one of the favored elite. You must be prepared to get down and dirty when you are dealing with individuals whom have proven they will change the rules at any time to achieve their goals. Keep your head down, your mouth shut and supplicate yourself at every chance to these cretins. The end will justify the means in this case.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

In 07 in TEXAS

in RP 14th cong district I was a delegate for RP and proud of it. I spoke loud and clear. Then i got a phone call from the lawyer who is county GOP chariman. I was informed that the county caucus was not a democratic meeting but a top down dictatorship with the county chair being the dictator. I was told that I was not welcome to attent the caucus and shut out. So this time I will be undercover and it will be very hard for them to determin who I support I may even hint that I have a love for warmongering chickenhawk bankgangster puppet candidates but when the time is right I will stand up for RP loud and clear. Its about freedom and liberty. Our generation was handed a raw deal born into false debt slavery from Rothschilds crime bank the federal reserve. Meybe we can pass somthing better to the comming generations. My advice stay undercover as long as possible.


You should watch/listen to this

Don't Identify yourself to party people as a Ron Paul supporter

Down here our system was packed with establishment Republicans. They found a list of people who were Ron Paul supported from the web and donation lists and tried to block people from moving to the state delegate level. Try and find the state Ron Paul support levels and find out who is organizing your district. Then you can work with them at the district convention to get the Ron Paul people including yourself moved up.

2 Time State Ron Paul Delegate!

I'm new to the process also

It's hard in a small town when everyone knows who you support. I plan on going to the next GOP meeting to get a feel of where their mind set is at. To see how they receive me, and observe how they treat each other. I how ever will not back down, and fight the best I can using Robert's rules. I am part of a meetup, and will depend on them for support, or I will support them.

Just letting you know, you are not the only one going at this without previous experience. You and I will both do fine.

First-Thank You Patriot

Second-Was that kinda weird having the whole show to your lonesome?

Third-Would be nice if every precinct in the country would have only one person show-

That was an RP supporter.

PS-Did you take a phone cam pic of your vote?

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in


It was a little strange but it is nice to represent the THUTH uncontested.

Freedom is tolerance

Bravo my patriot friend!

Follow some of the great advice given below here on the DailyPaul.

And soldier on.

We need you.


"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

search for "Robert's

search for "Robert's Rules"

they will help!

There needs some clarification

Roberts Rules are confusing as hell. If there is a roberts Rules for dummies that would surely help.

For liberty!

Why yes there is!

Here you go!




Also, keep in mind, you can attend OTHER BPOU conventions going on in your state. Different ones are held on different dates state wide. You can attend as an observer and get a first hand look on how they operate.

So proud of you! Thank you

So proud of you! Thank you for this heartwarming inspiration you've shared. It is stories like this that keep us moving forward.

Here's what you do...

First: contact the campaign and identify yourself. Their number is 952.807.0001.

Second: Ask who your BPOU (Basic Political Operating Unit--the next level up) coordinator (from the campaign, NOT the GOP--you can get the GOP person's info at pf.mngop.com) is and get in touch with them. Since the caucus was only a week ago, the delegates are still being tallied, but keep in touch with them and they will let you know who is fighting the good fight.

Third: Show up at your BPOU convention and vote for the RP supporters that have been identified by your BPOU coordinator (from the CAMPAIGN, not the GOP!!!).

Fourth: Watch Ron Paul win the vast super-majority of MN delegates and propel him into the presidency at the national convention, because we all know he will dominate Obama among Reps, Dems, and Indies.

For though you think you know the thing, you have no certainty, until you try. -Sophocles

This is a fantastic topic and

This is a fantastic post in a fantastic topic.

You Are A Real American Hero.

To go it alone as a newbie like this all by yourself.


I can't give you any advice ..

... but I love the situation!

'I showed up. I was the only one.

So I voted for Ron Paul.

Then .. I made myself a delegate


.... and then??"

lol. Classic.

Love you man.

It's just the begining--you or a more hardcore supporter needs

To go on to other conventions.

You need to identify other pro Paul delegates without letting them know you're pro-Paul (ideally) and work together with them to elect higher level delegates.

But really you should be going to your local GOP meetings. Staking out the territory--finding out who all the corrupters and lackeys are.

It's really plain as day. You're taking your first steps into the real world of politics.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

You need to network with the other delegates in your area

You have to coordinate with the delegates in your county that are pro paul so you can organize and work together at the conventions to get pro-paul delegates selected to the state convention. Check out meetup, get in touch with the people who commented below, contact the campaign and let them know you are a delegate ask them to put you in touch with other known pro-paul delegates encourage the other pro-paul delegates you know of to do the same.

Just wanted to say bravo to

Just wanted to say bravo to you. You are a true patriot.

Truth before all else.....it is what will allow us to emerge with dignity and honor.

Trust no one unless they are

Trust no one unless they are paid staff from the campaign. Only listen to campaign staff from official campaign emails. Don't let the elites boss you around at the convention or anywhere else. Anyone could easily act friendly and give you the wrong dates, times, or locations just to stop you from helping elect RP.

Stay low and alert and goodluck!

Good Topic!

Both my wife and I are first time delegates in Minnesota. We are excited to be able to step up to the plate for Ron Paul at the county level! This a great thread, as we were not really certain what to expect next either.

Hi there

I just tried to PM/email you with some information but it's not going through Daily Paul for some reason. I'll try again later to see if it can get through, or if you want, you can PM me or email me (click my name) and I will reply directly by email instead of going through here.


I'll get you hooked up

Star - I'm in MN and am a delegate and can get you hooked up where you need to be. I'll PM you now with the details.

HI Jodi, Can you hook me up

HI Jodi, Can you hook me up too? I will be attending the county convention on the 25th. I also heard that Ron Paul delegates were disqualified in 2008 in MN for lying about who
they support.


Just sent you a PM/email!

I'll look in to this for you.

We talked about this at our Dallas RP HQ meeting tonight, we are going to have delegate training seminars. There was also talk about "other" nationl RP groups helping with the RP delegate training. I'll get with our committee leader and let you know.