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Maddow Dissects Maine Fraud - Caucus Continues This Saturday


All eyes on Washington County this Saturday.

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Wow! This Charlie Fraudster is quite a pompous A-hole.

Webster did clarify one question that's fueled speculation.

"Absolutely no recount," the chairman said. "There's no way to recount. These were just slips of paper that were thrown away after."

"There's nothing to recount. There's no ballots left," he added.

Meanwhile, after canceling its caucuses last weekend due to inclement weather, Maine's Washington County is scheduled to hold caucuses this Saturday. There have been questions about whether or not the county's results would affect the outcome.

"We'll see what the numbers are. It would be unlikely that one candidate would get significantly more," Webster said.

The chairman said there will be a recommendation by a Maine GOP committee to the group's larger Executive Committee to include Washington County's vote results in a March 10 accounting.

At one point on Friday, Webster told CNN his group contemplated holding the updated numbers until after Washington County voted to avoid any suggestion of a tainted vote. However, the chairman decided to release the updated numbers Friday after personally contacting the Romney and Paul campaigns to explain the situation.

No matter

Because what Ron has dome and continues to do is much bigger than winning an election.

I love how she says that Iowa is 'irrelevant' and Missouri is 'screwed up.' I can't stand her but I appreciate her covering this story.

Why the heck did Doug Wead go

Why the heck did Doug Wead go on her show and claim that Paul carried Washington County in '08 when it was actually McCain who won it in '08? Stuff like this is quite damaging and discrediting.

I think he was referring to

I think he was referring to the fact that Paul won against Romney in that county (not McCain). So my assumption is that Paul was 2nd place.

2008 results

McCain 51
Romney 40
Ron Paul 8
Huckabee 8
Undecided 5
Write-in 1

He's human

and we all make mistakes.I think one thing we can count on,is that it probably won't get any attention from the media.

Too late

Maddow subsequently called him out on it.

It saves time to have people who you can trust have done their research... so you don't have to go verify everything they say. I cannot quote Doug Wead anymore unless I take the time to verify his info. I've also heard several people regurgitate Doug's 2008 claim (incl. Peter Schiff), all of whom probably heard it from Doug... these things can definitely reflect negatively on us, especially since we pride ourselves on research and truth.

You're right...

it is too late,and the damage is done.I'm sure that he's under a tremendous amount of pressure,but if he can't do better than this,I think he should let someone else be the campaign media spokesperson.

Ben Swann - NEW UPDATE!!!

This is the 2nd time Ben has done some excellent investigative journalism on the Maine Caucus. From 2/16/12


We need to make sure people are recording their caucus and vote, and make sure they count the votes in front of everyone.

So did they push zero'd out county votes into other counties

where Romney would win...or just zero'd them out so Ron Paul would not get those votes???

Also, with Maine saying the Washington vote won't count, how will Washington's vote change things?

Notice the gratuitous swipe against the Iowa caucus.

Rachel says that Iowa deserves to lose its first in the nation status. Oh really?

1) The Iowa caucus "screw up" was NOT that bad. There is no evidence that a significant number of votes were miscounted or left uncounted.

2) The MSM overemphasizes the importance of "victory" in caucus straw polls which are treated as "winner-take-all" elections rather than the winnowing processes that they are. Especially in early caucus states, razor thin vote margins are irrelevant and should be treated as such.

3) The "Huckabee Problem" that she attributes to Iowa is as much a result of MSM prejudice and voter manipulation as it is the fault of brain dead Iowa evangelicals. In the weeks leading up to the 2008 Iowa caucus, the MSM pushed Huckabee as if he were the reincarnation of Abe Lincoln mixed in with a healthy dose of Will Rogers and Billy Graham. They were only slightly less shameless in promoting Santorum. But you will never hear Maddow acknowledge this.

As I predicted...


the insiders ARE going to be campaigning to end Iowa's first in the nation caucus status.

And it doesn't have anything to do with problems counting votes.

It has EVERYTHING to do with the reasons why a Ron Paul supporter was just elected as the new Chairman of the Iowa GOP.

The Virtual Conspiracy

We need public counting of

We need public counting of paper ballots at each polling place. The public should be invited to watch it, and hear the announcement directly after voting ends before the totals are reported to a central location. No electronics, no missing boxes. That's the only way the vote won't be monkeyed with, and the only way I'll have faith in the voting system. Basically we need a "paper ballots" initiative that encompasses all this.

js7sun, I realize that there

js7sun, I realize that there may be a lot of people who think that would be a ridiculous suggestion, but I agree with you. It seems to be the only way that would filter out vote tampering/lying. It really is sad that we cannot trust the mechanical or electrical voting machines. But those are too easily tampered with and rigged. I would think that the only places where there would be a lot of complaining about your suggestion would be the areas where there are very high numbers of people voting, but in areas such as Maine, I don't see any downsides at all. And we also need to end the practice of illegal aliens and the deceased voting.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

Could someone send Rachel a copy of End the Fed?

She said she isn't against the Fed (yet).

Anyone who ties to tell you

Anyone who ties to tell you they are not for ending the Fed doesn't understand what the Fed is or does.

Charlie Fraudster should take a pie on the face!

If we can't pour tar and throw feathers on him someone should smash a pie on his face!

Where can we hire these guys?

Someone may already have done this to his car


Love That Name..."FRAUDSTER"


Good one esquire415

northstar's picture

Thanks Rachel

Parties aside, you're presenting a good story that deserves much needed airtime.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

She's pandering

She'd would spit on all of us if she could get away with it.

Yes, She deserves credit for exposing this injustice , but....

What's her real motivation here?

I don't care if her favorite

I don't care if her favorite hobby is throwing kittens through electric fans, I am very grateful to her for airing this story on the MSM. Hopefully she will shame her colleagues on MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and other news reporting business in this country into reporting this horrible act as well, including radio and newspaper. This story needs to be brought to the attention of every individual in this nation. And everyone of those people need to be discussing this travesty of justice at their dinner tables, their water coolers, lunch tables, coffee houses, outhouses, cat houses, churches and anywhere else where people gather and discuss things with their friends and co-workers. And every GOP big-wig who has had ANY role in this whatsoever needs to have a five-gallon bucket full of manure manually shoved down their throats over this one. They are like cockroaches and they need the light of truth to be shined on them and they need to be stomped to death before they can scurry their way back into the dark again. And that "stomped to death" thing…that's metaphorically speaking of course :-) And when I say GOP big wigs, that includes Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, Dick Morris, Karl Rove and anyone else that I will remember after I post this.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

Nice !!

I'm grateful for the coverage also.

Nice !!

I'm grateful for the coverage also.

Ratings...her job

Ratings...her job

If there was ever a time...

That Dr. Paul needed support it will be Saturday for all you people in Maine. Vote, get everyone you can to vote! Dr. Paul needs a win! Official or not, as long as the people know that Mittens lost and RP won that's all that matters. LETS DO IT ON SATURDAY!!!

In a normal America

FBI would be already on the case, since it is as a clear violation (or conspiracy to violate) election laws. But in today's America the law enforcement agencies may have helped to devised the plan.

good new RP article

This is a good new article in response to a Tom Woods article: http://thevoiceofmoderation.wordpress.com/2012/02/16/26-thin...

Will ROmney DROP OUT

The following are Romney's change in votes from 2008 to 2012 as a percentage.

Iowa -0.64% *
New Hampshire +7.25%
South Carolina +12.7%
Florida +15%
Nevada -1.1%
Minnesota -24.36%
Colorado -25%
Maine -12.66% *

* Denotes proven election fraud in Romney's favor, not adjusted for in these numbers.