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Maddow Dissects Maine Fraud - Caucus Continues This Saturday


All eyes on Washington County this Saturday.

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'Most Blatant Case of Election Fraud I Have Ever Witnessed'

I just found this: First attempt I've seen at a county-by-county breakdown of the problems and anomalies in Maine.


"I'm afraid what I found was what looks like the most blatant case of election fraud I have ever witnessed," this guy says. Good on him for working on this!

Remember the Maine Caucus Snow Job!

More ...

Here's a good (long!) article from The Brad Blog: http://www.bradblog.com/?p=9123

I wasn't impressed.

Maddow seemed more outraged at incompetance, rather than to focus on how this was a deliberate move against Ron Paul.

She very much went out of her way to declare she was against any of this benefitting the real injured party - Ron Paul.

That's not what i got out of the Maddow piece...

That's not what I got out of the Maddow piece. But, regardless of her agenda, do you think it would be better that she not cover the fiasco in Maine? Again, regardless of her agenda, I think it is great that she is covering it...whether or not she supports Paul.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

Mr. Maddow, I mean Miss Maddow doesn't want to alienate her far

left viewing audience. Heaven forbid she comes off more conservative than Bill O'Rally and Sean Shammity.....Ha!


Whatever her motivations, Maddow is the one national figure, right now, who is keeping this issue alive. No matter what happens now in Maine, the state GOP's bosses are going down and the party there may even collapse. They will have only themselves to blame, but we will have Maddow to thank.

Strange days we're living in!

Remember the Maine Caucus Snow Job!

The corrupt practices of the

The corrupt practices of the establishment GOP is completely destroying the electoral process -- they must be held accountable for making a mockery of the very system that guarantees our Constitutional Republic. IMO that is treason.

Rachel Maddow has, I think,

Rachel Maddow has, I think, the highest ratings of any political show not on Fox News. I don't care what happens to the party.. we will burn it to the ground if these are the rules they want to play by. No one messes with Ron Paul!

Damn, son. That's quotable.

"I don't care what happens to the party.. we will burn it to the ground if these are the rules they want to play by. No one messes with Ron Paul!"

Apparent Voter Fraud

This is a complete disgrace for Mitt RobMe, people need to go to jail over this and I'm sure it's why Rachel is more than glad to report on such news. I have no use for MSNBC but for issues as this, they make a good tool for retribution.

While I appreciate...

her being somewhat objective in reporting this, I am not a fan of hers. I find her to be a snake in the grass, honestly. She has absolutely no respect for Dr Paul or the Revolution, which is fine of course. It is her right, and as a fighter for liberty and freedom, I will not be hypocritical and say otherwise.
But as I said, I am not a fan. Her snide remarks in this come from her morbid pleasure at watching the GOP fall in on itself.
Ah well... I will take comfort in that perhaps some of her viewers will be interested in learning more about what is really happening and discover the awesomeness of Dr Paul and the liberty movement. :)

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I will never forget her effort to derail and impune the reputation of Rand Paul and insinuate he was racist, and what a crushing blow that was for us all.

Although I am thrilled she is putting a spotlight on this delegate issue, it is ultimately about destroying the GOP, not helping the Liberty movement, because this is also implied:

"Whatever you think about the Ron Paul campaign, and its tactics, and its prospects, its goals … [ i.e. scary, sneaky cheaters who would ultimately hurt the socialist's agenda ] … the Ron Paul campaign has resources and they have taken Maine very seriously and the prospect that Mitt Romney might lose Maine to Ron Paul would be a devastating next chapter in what was the bad Romney narrative heading into Maine … the bad Romney narrative that he wasn't winning in places he ought have been winning. Mitt Romney really had to win Maine. And the Republican party in Maine this weekend said that he did. I don't think he did."

Rhodes Scholarship

She's a Rhodes Scholar, it that means anything to you.

I agree....

and I don't think Wead should go back on her show because she is trying to spin the delegate issue as a sneaky underhanded trick being used by the Paul campaign. So, what's the point of going on her show if she is going to sniper attack you not only during it, but before and after.

Hopefully Maddow

will get to the truth through her analysis at some point. And the truth is that GOP's only goal is to prevent Ron Paul from becoming a presidential candidate, not to make Mitt Romney a candidate. But, at that point she will lose her show... Maybe she is just a great pretender, she understands, but pretends that she does not?

Anyways, it is nice that she is broadcasting about this scandal.

Excellent analysis and "teaching moment"

for those who haven't a clue that any of this is going on. She starts from point "A", moves on to point "B", etc. in a slow logical fashion and then analyses the significance of each stage in the larger picture. Sure wish Rachel leaned more to OUR philosophy as she is an excellent "teacher".

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

I keep wondering

Isn't there one whistle blower that will expose this? Then I realized there is more than one whistle blower and they are just ignoring it.

Holly cow

I did not know that when the Minister from Belfast called in this total he was told they already had it. That is a huge issue since he was the one who ad to call them in. If this does not prove fraud what does.

Where did those numbers come from, certainly not from Belfast.

I think that is the "elephant

I think that is the "elephant in the room" here. If the Belfast numbers were made up, then it kind of implies that all the numbers were made up. In other words, was the election really even close?

Seems like the campaign needs to tread carefully here, cause if only 70 people caucus in Washington county on Saturday it is going to make the Paul campaign look small. The point needs to be emphasized that the entire Maine numbers are all in doubt because people who commit fraud do not just commit fraud with one small precinct!

Who Called In The Numbers For the Other Precincts? Someone

or a lot of different people in on the fraud calling in pretending to be the person in charge to report the results or was it Webster's secretary or aides entering false totals for precincts until they reached the desired number to make Romney the winner. Maybe if enough pressure is put on everyone including his secretary and aides about possible prosecution for election fraud that someone will talk and expose Webster and anyone else that told them to report incorrect numbers. Let's keep up the pressure and hope someone cracks this wide open for us. I am also curious as to what is the procedure for each precinct when they have counted the ballots, were they all suppose to call in the results or were they given a choice how they could communicate such as twitter, email, fax or call?


I just watched this ..

..and just realized that most likely Dr. Paul won those 17 counties and the pachyderm chairman along with his cohorts deliberately omitted them to skew the results in favor of Romney. Washington County will prove to be a tipping point as to who actually won Maine. We all expect a heavy turnout in the caucuses this Saturday and whether the GOP likes the results or not they will have to announce the actual winner. If not, the Maine citizenry and news media MUST collaborate to declare the true winner in the State of Maine.

election fraud

It is more like the towns who's votes were not counted but left at 0 were probably the towns which publicly counted their votes and could prove their counts were not the same as recorded. So instead of recording vote counts that could be proven incorrect they chose to just not post any vote counts and claim a clerical error. The defrauders must have made a mistake somewhere and left a town recorded incorrectly that did record their vote publicly.

That there were numbers recorded prior to the vote being called in proves there was fraud though.

I think Maddow is doing a great job..

on this story! I sent her a big thankyou email!!!

You really should at least give her credit for this story.


Don't think for 1 minute that Madcow is doing this...

for any reason other than to tear down the GOP. She'd do the same to Ron Paul in a heartbeat, and has in the past.

Still, it's good that she is reporting this story. Though, why the heck can't she just say that Ron Paul won it rather than just "Mitt didn't"?

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

False Witness

Charlie Webster (Chairman), Michelle Dale (Administrative Assistant), Michael Quatrano (Executive Director), of the GOP in Maine,

9 Huggins Street
Augusta, ME 04330
Ph. 207-622-6247
Fax. 207-623-5322

By being dishonest and using your position to undermine the integrity of such a valued and last remaining voice pulpits that we as Americans have, you have damaged not only your own reputation but the reputation of the very one you are trying to promote. If you and the GOP have to cheat to win you will never be a true winner…. you will ALWAYS be a cheater!
What you have basically done is bare false witness against another human being.
If you can still look at yourself in the mirror, I pity you. I pity you for stealing what belonged to the Last and Most Honest Man in political America.

Gary Jones
Nashville, TN

This was the opposition to RON PAUL in 2008 and why the Media tried so hard to ignore him then. They are the same organizations that own the Media and the Banks that are responsible this election season for trying so blatantly to suppress his momentum now

Don't They Realize

That if they steal the vote from Ron, Obama can steal it from Romney. Must money and power always subvert the will of the people, or does it happen that now and then in history the bankers get put in their place?

When the desire to bring about a change in you is not there,
the demand to change the world is not there either. —U.G.Krishnamurti

Anyone but Paul

While our motto as Paul supporters is 'No one but Paul' their motto is 'Anyone but Paul'. The powers that be would rather see a retarded chimpanzee that eats paint chips all day as president over a Ron Paul president.

Well said, Gary.

Very powerful words.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

She does this justice

Maddow actually did this subject justice. The major priority of this segment was to prove definitively that Maine's straw poll is not complete.

She also makes sure to point out all the possible reasons that this could have happened.

Was it incompetence or a poorly prepared State GOP?

Was it a coordinated effort by the party to deny Ron Paul a win?

Did the Romney camp use their influence to affect the outcome of the race by letting the State GOP know which precincts/counties they would not like reported or counted?

Based on her assessment, I think she feels that Romney's camp had something to do with it.

Personally, I think everything we've seen is less attributable to Romney and that it's more likely the State GOP in Maine wants to deny Ron Paul a win as it may discredit their caucuses and jeopardize their positions in the Party.

In any case, I think the evidence is clear that this will not be cleared up ever.

However, if the real results are released and certified after March 10, with Charlie Webster stepping down as the chair of Maine GOP, that will evidence that Romney's camp messed this Caucus up on purpose as damage control.

You can bet the Justice Department won't touch any of this.

Anyone who believes Obama's administration will intervene in any of this is mistaken. Obama's only competition in this race is Dr. Paul and he knows it. He will slice and dice any of the other "chosen ones" in a debate or an election.

If not us than who?