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“Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” – Ron Paul

"It was a bad week for freedom loving people, but I believe there are enough patriots left in this country to change our course. We are being buried under a blizzard of lies on a daily basis. We have a choice. We can support the existing corrupt crony capitalist establishment (Obama & Romney) or we can declare war on lies, deceit and misinformation by rallying behind the only person who would truly attempt to reverse decades of corruption, sleaze, incompetence, bloat, debt accumulation, and a warped version of free market capitalism – Ron Paul. He is the only public figure willing to level with the American people and tell them the truth. Will we let the concept of truth fade out of the world? The choice is ours."


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In all the commotion eyes are always kept off the counterfeiters

Everything's covered but the counterfeiters, which happen to be the core problem.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Which is why the war drums

Are getting louder & louder as the onset of financial collapse gets closer and closer.

He's the man.

"In rush to fund war on terrorism, war on waste forgotten"


Except this time, it will have to be much more than $2.3 trillion missing.

...unless we can elect Ron Paul.