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VIDEO: Ron Paul wins favorability poll. Chris Matthews leaves him out



Chris Matthews omits Ron Paul from a poll charting the favorability ratings of Republican presidential nomination candidates. Ron Paul had won the poll. In the segment Matthews talked about the race for 7 minutes and 48 seconds without mentioning Ron Paul.
Broadcast Feb 15, 2012

For more information and links to the poll see:

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Maybe we

Should suggest he do a new series on the Daily Show: "What About Ron?" He could run it all the way to Tampa with fresh material every day. The media's a goldmine.

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Chris Matthews is an idiot

He never mentions Ron Paul. He will ramble on and on about Romney and has nothing positive to say about him (Romney). He loves Obama. I no longer watch his show because of his blatant omiission of Ron Paul on a nightly basis. As bad as Fox is, Chris Matthews on MSNBC is ten times worse. Absolutely despise his show!!

Videos like this need to be

Videos like this need to be seen by liberals. If any clear thinking "liberal" (if that's possible) sees this they have to wonder why their representatives (at least in the media) are pushing people they supposedly hate and not someone like Ron Paul.

FB page

add a comment about this travesty of journalism?


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Chris Matthews closed his FB page!

He's directing all attention to the /hardball page, which is just a fan page with no comments.


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We cannot rely on MSM to talk

We cannot rely on MSM to talk about Dr. Paul. We have to get the word out ourself. We have to get SuperPacs going and contribute to Dr. Pauls campaign. We have to use Guerilla marketing tactics. Campaign for Dr. Paul at the Grass roots level, at the local level. Call your local TV News stations, radio programs, College radio stations / Republican groups. Talk him up with friends, family and coworkers. We need a ground swell to overcome this media blackout. Then they cannot ignore him or dismiss him. We have to get it going now prior to Super Tuesday!

couldn't agree more

I sense a hesitation, as if some people are waiting for something. The campaign is only capable of doing so much, and Ron Paul is not going to show up on our doorstep to force us to get out into the world and campaign for him. Time is running out quickly, and the very fact that people are flocking to Santorum shows how desperately they don't want to vote for Romney (which is good for us). With the exception of some of the social issues and the war-mongering, the things Rick talks about are all the things that Ron Paul has actually done. Rick's record doesn't back up his flapping lips.

I tried to make a post to get the ball rolling on some grass roots campaigning


Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

Can one even fabricate a reason for doing this?

I mean, really? How is this even possible? What the f*ck happened to journalism?

Wondered about that for 3 years now, only one thing makes sinse

Its the federal reserve, what would an audit of the fed, which has never been audited in 99 years, reveal? Thats the only puzzle piece that fits this tangeled web deceit.

Establishment propaganda

Cut and dry.

never ceases to amaze me

how easily they dismiss Dr Paul-- soon they will have to recognize him-- although Rachel Maddow is giving our campaign some air time, she/MSNBC have ulterior motives

the RP movement/Revolution is doing nothing short of overturning our corrupt system of politics and media