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Great way to increase your donation

So I had an idea to help this money bomb move a little higher (this could help with donations in general as well). Anyone who is still considering donating a relatively larger sum ($50+) should make a new post (before they donate) with their donation intention, asking people to post their smaller donations ($5-$10) with amount, date/time, and confirmation number. When the smaller donations in the comments to the original add up to reach the original posters intended donation amount, that original poster will make the larger donation and post with date/time, amount, and confirmation number. I dont't want to generalize, so if you cannot give anymore the following explanation will not apply to you: I feel that there may be some people who have already donated some money and could donate another $5-$10, but they dont because they are not sure how much of a difference it will make on aggregate. Under the idea I highlighted these smaller donors could be sure that their donation is a part of a much larger donation, and it greatly increases the power of these smaller donations. Also it would help encourage the larger donors to go big knowing they will be able to double their donation.
If you think this is a good idea, please upvote/bump this post (and if you are a potential larger donor, use this plan by making a post, and then post the link to that post in the comment sections of other higher ranked posts). If someone already had this idea I apologize I had not seen it yet.

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