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Guess What? SC Primary Results in Question!

I received an e-mail from our meet-up which I'm editing but for to include this statement:

I have some significant information that I need to share with all of you regarding vote fraud in the SCGOP Primary. I have met with SCGOP Chairman already and am meeting again next Wednesday in Columbia. You will want to hear what I have discovered.

I've have uploaded the SCGOP Primary Vote Analysis to Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B_wWkfsJPShUMWQxMTc2NzgtM2M...

and would like commentary any of you analytical gurus might like to add here or additional insights. This is very important to us in South Carolina! Thanks!

****Analyst Adds Update****

Hey guys. I just want you all to know that I have graphed in detail all of the counties in NH, SC and Fla that have the precinct information available on the Election Commissions' website. I have amassed a couple of hundred graphs probably. The most difficult part of this is getting this information into a form that is brief but easy to understand. Please appreciate this.

There are surely exceptions to the following observations, but here are some generalities:

1. In any county where Ron Paul has more votes than Mitt Romney using the low vote total precincts, you get a ridiculous- looking curve like the one in Anderson County. (Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, and Oconee Counties). Mitt ends up at a vote total that could have been Paul's projected total and Paul crashes to the ground.

2. In the counties where Romney has more votes than Paul in the low vote total precincts, There is no ridiculous anomaly like the one in Anderson County.

3. In any race where Newt is ahead of Romney and Romney is anywhere close to Gingrich in vote total, Newt gets flipped by Romney (Richland, Charleston, and Beaufort Counties in SC) much like the maneuver in Anderson County where Mitt flips Paul. It appears to me that Newt actually won these counties as well as Polk and Duval Counties in Florida.

4. As I have laid out in my brief, fluctuations should occur in honest elections; however, these "flips" look to me like one candidate is suddenly losing his slope (established vote percentage) and another (Romney) is gaining at precisely the same percentage. My personal constitution screams to me "this phenomenon is not a normal occurrence!"

5. In almost all Counties, Mitt Romney gains hundreds- even more than a thousand- in the very largest precinct(s). Many instances this tail end gain appears to serve the purpose of draining Ron Paul just enough to be last place. (example: Charleston County SC). I'm not saying there isn't an honest explanation, but I want to hear one... that makes sense. Maybe in every single county Romney supporters turned out in "droves" at the very largest precinct(s)?

6. Most graphs follow a disturbing trend: Mitt Romney's vote percentage "line" looks more like a parabola curving upward and the other 3 candidates' lines like a parabola curving in the negative. This might could be explained in some honest way, but it looks like algorithms in voting machines to me. I invite intelligent discussion.

7. Yes- demographics can play a part, of course. I am NOT a Demographics expert. I do like math though.

8. I will release a procedure that will show all of you math analysts how to do this on your own. You will see the same anomalies as I see.

****Analyst Adds Greenville County Results****

The 2012 SC GOP Primary- Greenville

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WOW!Paul's projected to


Paul's projected to actual loss of votes MATCHES Romneys gain of votes! Whoever put this together knows what they're doing. My faith in the revolution is always restored when I see that the people with brains are on OUR side. Ironically, it was the brains of Germany who left that country during ww2 that played a major role in the fall of the Nazis.

I think this is very good

I think this is very good (starter) information ... I agree w/below that we would need to see this charted out for each county. In Florida Mitt won the urban areas while Newt won the rural areas. But what a great job, I'd love to see the rest of it.

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If you need to ask

then you do not know what you are doing nor anything about statistics, certainly the person who made this 'analysis' does not.

They've cherry picked one county. And then have made the further mistake of assuming that demographics some how scale. A small town may only have one voting district. Once you hit 10,000 you are likely to have mutliple districts. One district can be very liberal; another very conservative.

As a very simple example. I live in a town of 28,000. We are at best low middle class in aggregate. The two adjoining towns are, in aggregate what most would define as rich to very rich. On is 15,000 population. The other is 63,000. All three have different voting patterns.

gedankenexperiment.dk views on finance, politics and science

I think he noted the limitations in the summary

But the suspicious thing is why didn't the projections for Santorum or Gingrich diverge in similar fashion from the results?

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Good Job Patriot!

You are doing an outstanding job, and are a credit to the Liberty movement,

Superior work...Thank you!!

Superior work...Thank you!!

Computerized voting....

This will be the end of Americans actually choosing a candidate. We all watched Harry Reid's vote get flipped! ALL watched the hanging chad!!

Take these www.3StepsTowardFreedom.com to assist Ron Paul in becoming our next Commander In Chief. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-480OMya3U

Seems like this guy knows what he's talking about.

I wish the campaign would show an interest in combatting voter fraud. I find it ridiculous that they just don't seem to care, much less fight back.

alan laney

Sure they do.

Sure they care, but it looks better if it is the supporters, not the candidate calling it into question. That's also where SuperPACs come in handy, since they aren't a decision making part of the campaign.



Very compelling!

The kicker is that, if the vote swapping theory was incorrect, "unswapping" shouldn't have produced the straight-line projections originally made for Paul and Romney. This sure looks like a smoking gun.

Those graphs are brilliant

A picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks!

One Question

My only 'analysis' of SC consists of one question:

How did the Voters of SOUTH Carolina not vote for the 'Southern Baptist'!?!

THAT boggles my mind!

Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.

Amen and


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I'll just bump

but I'm not good with statistical analysis so we need some peer review of this.

Could someone at blackboxvoting.org look at it?

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race. -H. G. Wells

Very interesting.

The only assumption I would question is that RP voters would not have voted at all if he wasn't in the primary so the theory that votes RP didn't get, went to someone else. But maybe I missed something.

It is very compelling especially to see the graph. Wow! Very well written and put together. Rachel maddow would like to see it i'm sure.


send it to her!

send it to her!



If I'm reading this correctly...

You're claiming that because Paul did worse than expected in larger precincts and Romney conversely did better that it implies election fraud? I can think of a lot of reasons why Paul would do worse in larger precincts; for instance, they correlate with different demographics like being primarily in fast-growing suburban areas where Paul does poorly (speculating here). If you're looking to show an expected Paul vote by precinct size you need to factor out other factors using multiple regression analysis.

But assuming your expected trend line is correct, what is the calculated vote gap? Paul got 13% to Romney's 28%. How much does your model show that gap shrinking?

It appears

that they have covered all of the bases on this one.

except for FL, looks like Dr.Paul came in FIRST or SECOND,


They're not gonna be able to keep this under wraps for too long, after ME GOP imbecility come unglued!

Good job R3VOL!

Keep the pressure on!

Hell, TAKE OVER ALL YOUR GOP from local levels!!!

They can steal but they can only do it by controlling a few apparatchiks at upper echelon GOP administrators, but NEVER can they takeover precinct by precinct, from ground up. For them to do that, it'd be a multi-Trillion dollar proposition to buy off everyone in the country.

How lucky for us, R3VOLution is practically the ONLY real grassroots political movement in America today!

Thanks SC Butterfly!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

You're welcome

and grassroots takeover yes hmmmm, it is interesting that my precinct took 2nd for RP as did my sister precinct across town. I wasn't "allowed" to be a pollworker for my own precinct (even as exec comm of the precinct and the county was begging for help), I sort of worried over the exclusion but figure, what could I really do/see with electronic voting machines anyway. I did get photos of the zero'd out tape and the tape with the final results though. SO who knows, maybe my precinct really took 1st for Paul!

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
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It makes sense! Ron Paul won

It makes sense! Ron Paul won Iowa, new Hampshire and sc!! But the establishment won't allow it!!! Gingrich numbers in sc are Ron Paul's! In my mind! But this does prove that Paul's votes were flipped with romneys!

Romney paid off the media and the GOP party establishment to do this!!

The analysis sounds very

The analysis sounds very plausible and straight forward but I have no doubt it will fly above the heads of those who can correct the situation.

Big bump


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tamtamfreedom's picture

Another bump!

As the plot thickens....

Good stuff SC Papillion

See, the Patriots of SC did good work; no need to dwell under rocks.

Stand tall and Kick establishment A**!

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

LOL gmason, just noticed

It does look like two Papillions kissing doesn't it? Hee hee

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

I'm still coming and going out from under the rock of shame

This morning I asked my husband "SC is the only state Gingrich has taken right?" to which I placed my 40-11th facepalm, knowing the answer. I'm still befuddled and our GOP (down to the "small people") has been strangely silent lately...I mean not one word, not even pom poms for Newt or nothin'. It's as if we were all emasculated or "newtered". Someone, something has taken the wind out of our sails, put the kibosh on us.

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

Not to worry-the further they go in generating "reality" out of

thin air the more obvious what they are doing becomes to even the most casually engaged.

07/08 required them to amass a considerable trail of evidence to get their dirty work done.

This cycle the trail is even more stark.

For us-all we each must do is recognize how important this opportunity-this brief window of time-is to the cause of LIBERTY and make every second of the clock work to the utmost of humanly possible in our favor.

The curtain is being pulled back.

Make better use of that rock-pick it up and use it to tap lightly upon the heads of the SC slumberers-when done-use it to crown the crap out of the biggest establishment criminal in SC. Thus consecrated w/ patriotic honor-make it the cornerstone of a nice rock garden.


"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in