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Maine GOP Recounting Votes ( ! )

The Maine Republican Party, under fire from Ron Paul supporters for its mishandling of the state’s recent caucuses, is now re-canvassing counties and municipalities to recount vote totals.

POLITICO obtained an email from the State Republican Party asking local chairmen to send them the vote totals from their local straw polls.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0212/72989.html#ixzz1mZ...

Also: Washington County is voting, and the votes will count!



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Just want to let all of you

Just want to let all of you know that I have documented the original count and am now going through the newly released data. I will put out all of the differences and the spreadsheet as soon as I am finished.

Can't wait to see how many new Romney votes are "discovered"

This whole thing stinks. I'm glad that some people are trying to find the truth.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

I have just posted the

Remember how important it is to document this blatant fraud.

I don't want to undermine the current moneybomb here (and if you haven't maxed out, by all means head on over to RP2012), but if you want to keep the heat on in Maine now that this fraud is out in the open, consider this email I just got from the Revolution PAC:

Dear Truth Addict,

Today you can help us bring clarity and transparency to the final caucuses being held in Maine this Saturday.

As you may have heard, under pressure from Ron Paul supporters, the GOP in Maine has reversed their decision not to count the Washington County votes in the final tally. With your financial support we will provide video documentation of this caucus to ensure that all is fair and transparent. But we need to raise $5000 right now at this link: https://RevolutionPAC.com/donate.

But that's not the only thing. Keep reading.

In addition, RevPAC has been contacted by a GOP chairman in Maine who is offering to give us exclusive access to his experiences of GOP corruption following the initial voting. Before he raised the alarm, several towns (known to be Ron Paul strongholds) were listed with "0" votes on the official state GOP website.

The information we record from this Maine GOP chairman in Maine is crucial to give us the evidence we need to keep fighting for Paul.

Additionally, by traveling to the East Coast, we can also be in position by Monday to bring you exclusive coverage of the "Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops" (March on the Whitehouse) featuring Veterans for Ron Paul founders, Nathan Cox and Adam Kokesh, as well as Aimee Allen, Michael Graves of the MisFits, Golden State, Jordan Page, Rebel Inc, and more.

Interviewing patriotic American soldiers - who know the true cost of unconstitutional war - is one of the greatest honors of my role with RevPAC. I also believe their voices deserve to be heard and that documenting their statements may be one of the actions that prevents our stumbling into another war with Iran.

I can only do this work with your generous support. Please make a donation right now at https://RevolutionPAC.com/donate to make this work possible. We need to raise $5,000 today to make these next two projects a reality. With your help, I know we can make this happen.

In Liberty,

Aaron R. Jones

We caught them cheating red handed now! I had a feeling their hubris would give us an edge. They have overreached, their pride is a huge advantage to us. These fossils only know 20th century tricks, and we're on to them now. Lets make them pay, lets show the world just how high the corruption goes. Oh and the troops marching on the white house on the 20th is going to be AWESOME!

The REVOLUTION continues! Peace my fellow Patriots, 2012 is looking to be an exciting year =)

2 good things possible

One, may be a large turnout in Hancock and Washington Counties that will be Ron Paul strong. And the other, is maybe the scrutiny now put on the vote counting will be front page material going forward. All it took was the real facts of the Belfast caucus leader. LOL - He called in his numbers and the GOP staff said they already had them!!!!!!!!!You can't make this up.

alan laney

The Maine GOP has buckled under pressure.

This is all good news.

They probably reluctantly went along with National GOP demands to boost Romney to a win, only now they have to decide whether to keep up the charade and possibly be exposed, or just cut their losses and count the votes.

I think they've chosen the latter. They want the heat off. They want the international media attention to go away. They just want this to stop.

Let the chips fall where they may.

I think we have to keep the heat on...Look at what they did to

our campaign. Who knows how much damage has been done..

Screw them GOP gangsters!

They should reap what they sow...The Wirlwind!

Folks, we need to make sure we take this

to each of our OWN precincts and county GOP heads. Let them know that we are watching them and we will fight against any shenanigans they may try to pull like this.

Make Maine the "poster-child" for what happens when your vote is tampered with. Make the burning resentment (and hopeful firing) of Charlie Webster a talking point among your fellow GOP precinct leadership so they know what to expect if this goes down in your state.

What if,,,

the establishment GOP thinks they can keep up these shenanigans? What if they keep doing them? What if Ron Paul supporters were smarter than that? What if they circumvented the GOP by proclaiming their support for one of the other 3 candidates? What if Ron Paul supporters got elected delegates under this ruse? What if those delegates got to convention and voted in Ron Paul in a major upset? What if Ron Paul supporters read this and think "That's a hell of an idea." Finally - what if the GOP PTB read this? We all wonder what they would do then.

The Judge's show was cancelled last Monday. I wrote this in the spirit of his "What if?" segments on Freedom Watch.


"What if they circumvented the GOP by proclaiming their support for one of the other 3 candidates?"

No, I don't want to stoop to their level. You could say positive things, like "I'm very impressed with Romney's business experience" if you mean them, and try to keep the fact that you support Paul on the down low, but let's not get into the lying/cheating business, because then we're as bad as they are.

If we know the rules, and are willing to challenge any shenanigans the GOP establishment pulls at the conventions, we will not need to lie or cheat in order to win.

I agree with dabooda

I think our passion for liberty will keep our conscience clear by not coming off as Paul supporters even though we are. There are no rules against lying. Delagates are allowed to change their minds before they vote. We're not breaking any rules, we're just using the rules to our advantage, in the same way that we work hard to secure delegates despite what the popular votes might say. Was the Boston Tea Party stooping to the level of the British? Let's face it. We're confronting a tipping point to where we may soon no longer have any peaceful means to restore our liberty. We must do all that we can. We don't have to break the rules, we don't have to be violent. But we don't have to cater to the game the rinos are playing either.


It's an interesting ethical question.

We can all probably agree on certain ethical principles:
Murdering innocent people is bad.
Stealing is bad.
Enslaving people is bad.
Obstructing people from peaceful, harmless actions and limiting their peaceful choices is bad.

But when you say "lying is bad," it becomes pertinent to ask what one is lying about. Is it bad to lie to a holdup man when he demands all your money and you fail to mention that hundred dollar bill in your shoe? Is that "cheating?" Is that "stooping to his level"? Clearly not.

Now tell me: Is it bad to lie to someone who is doing or promoting any of the evil things I listed above, if the lie would prevent their continuation?

Would you lie to regain or preserve your freedom?

It is certainly not good to get a reputation as a liar -- but that is a question of practicality, not ethics.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose


What would Ron Paul Do? I don't think he would lie.

It would depend

on the circumstances. Being who he is, running for President, a reputation for absolute honesty is a huge asset, not to be lightly sacrificed. Therefore, Dr. Paul will never TELL his supporters to feign support for some other candidate, in order to become a delegate. No doubt he would express outrage over the very suggestion. But if he were elected, and it later came to light what some supporters had done, do you think he would resign because someone had lied on behalf of his candidacy (actually: on behalf of liberty and peace)? Don't bet on it.

Anyone will lie, when one is threatened with losing something which one values more than a reputation for truthfulness, combined with a high probability that the lie will do more good than harm.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Why all the negativity - This is Great!

This is terrible for Charlie Webster and can only be good for us.

1) This is going to explode the amount of attention being paid to this.
2) Cheating a 2nd time is going to be very difficult. Any major increases for anyone in an individual caucus are going to be scrutinized completely.
3) Charlie is desperate not be proven wrong. Desperate men do desperate things and that's when they get caught.

Worst outcome, RP still falls short so nothing changes.

Best outcome, RP wins the re-count after Saturday's caucuses

Wild Card, Charlie gets caught cheating and election fraud against RP becomes the story of this campaign propelling him to victory.

Delay tactics?

How long, would you think, they shall recount those votes?
I am somehow sure that they won't be finished until after super tuesday.

Optimistic about the Maine recount.

I've seen a lot of skepticism and pessimism here due to suspicions that the Maine GOP will find a way to twist a recount to Romney's advantage.

I have my doubts we need to worry.

As long as the caucus-by-caucus totals are made public, any shenanigans would be revealed immediately. Also, worries that Paul delegates might be lost are exaggerated, since those delegates can't be affected by a recount. Only the COMMITTED delegates, including Paul supporters, who must vote according to their caucus results could be affected, while delegates supporting Paul can't be "unelected." Given how unlikely it is that the national convention will produce a nominee on the first ballot, Ron is practically golden given the huge number of delegates who support him and will vote that way on subsequent ballots.

The main thing is that public results need to be available soon, as has now been promised. Ron would then benefit not only from his vindication as winner of the caucuses, but also by the way fraud was exposed. That calls into question the methods whereby future caucuses and primaries are planned to be handled. Party apparatchiks will be quite aware that they are under unprecedented scrutiny.

The FOx killed some chickens in the henhouse

so lets sent the same fox back in to the hen house to save the rest of the chickens. What an idiot farmer.


This is the WORST thing that could have happened

What - they got stern lectures from the priest at Sunday mass and are now all repented scum bags. I doubt it - more likely they learned from their mistakes and will make a much more believable lie this time - and the sheeple will buy it. Then being the new self righteous people they are - they will now call on the campaign to make sure the delegates vote according to the "true" winner.

I just do not see how they let RP come out with a win - not only would it be a huge blow to the power of the GOP - it would show criminal intent. Frankly, if i was a Democrat lawyer and this came out - I would try to file RICO charges against the Maine GOP and then the National GOP - that pretty much would end this whole game. I am sorry - but my experience with power hungry, morally bankrupt people tells me that they usually fight to the end - they don't just come out and say - ahh shucks, I guess I was wrong.
A lot of people on this board are very well intentioned - but they are incredibly naive to reality. Be careful what you wish for. These bastards are expert chess players - always a move or two or ten ahead.

LOOK...We in the r3OVLution May Have Been Born in the Night....

but we weren't all born last night.

There isn't a rock these slimy bastids can crawl under that a vigilant RP guy someplace is going to find and out them!!!

Look what just happened in Maine!! Once it hits the Daily Paul they are toast.

Panama expats support Ron Paul

Well, apparent they are not.

But way to keep up the positive attitude, bro.


....and in reading the actual statement, he said he would "RECONFIRM" the votes....never said recount. And they won't release any new numbers until after Super Tue. So I don't hold a lot of hope in this "just get them off my back" kind of statement from Charlie.

This is actually the time to be putting MORE pressure on them!! Don't let them placate you with empty words. Maine residents need to keep on them!

Are We Organized in Maine?

We have done a lot of complaining about them not counting our votes, but how many RP supporters are going to turn out in Washington County now? Do we have enough to win? If not, this is all for nothing. Does anyone have contact with the Paul supporters or the official campaign in the state? I have not seen a single thread on here regarding how we're actually going to get people out to vote. It will be crucial to bring every able-bodied adult who can vote out to the caucuses. It's zero hour people. Can we call the voters in the county? What can we do right now?

Ok, I trust them now

They just had a case of temporary fraud, they are all better now.

Who cares if they're going to commit fraud again?

Let 'em. We'll catch them doing it again, and even MORE people will cry out against the injustice. This will continue until the GOP establishment backs down.

maine GOP has something up their sleeve

the maine GOP is up to no good, i can guarantee it. either they have been getting people together in washington county to vote for romney, or they have found a way to take over the delegates that paul won. either way, they wouldn't do a recount out of the goodness of their heart. they have a plan. pay close attention, you people in maine. they're going to pull the rug out from under you somehow.

This is absurd, you put the

This is absurd, you put the people who clearly committed fraud to count again? Is like Einstein said, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

I don't expect anything different then Romney to be declared winner again.

They will probably improve

They will probably improve Romney's margin so it will be "humanly impossible" for Washington county to change the results, and Webster will be right.

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.