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Maine GOP Recounting Votes ( ! )

The Maine Republican Party, under fire from Ron Paul supporters for its mishandling of the state’s recent caucuses, is now re-canvassing counties and municipalities to recount vote totals.

POLITICO obtained an email from the State Republican Party asking local chairmen to send them the vote totals from their local straw polls.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0212/72989.html#ixzz1mZ...

Also: Washington County is voting, and the votes will count!



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recount in main

Of course they will cheat again ..otherwise they would expose their cheating from the first vote...a re-vote would be the only way to repair the blatant cheating with a public counting process.

Ron Paul or none at all

Hate to throw a wet blanket...

Hey all, I hate to throw a wet blanket on this party. But don't get too excited. The GOP might very well rig the recount then use it to backup their initial claims... just sayin'


A lot of the comments are pretty negative about this and yes they may cheat again, but lets try to stay positive.

Now the media spot light is on them. If they screw up again we will catch them and heads will roll.

I'm still hoping for the truth to come out and another turnover like in Iowa. If we get cheated again, then we can all complain.

Have someone else count' em

Webster has to go, as long as he's there we'll never get a straight count. It'd be like getting change from a hooker!


Please don't insult the

Please don't insult the hookers.

Bring back public hangings

The only way to save the republic is to bring back some good old fashion public hangings. That Charlie Webster guy needs to be strung from the highest tree branch in the public square after the vote is tallied this Saturday.
It's not going to help Mr. Webster, but it might prevent this kind of corruption in the future.
It worked very well for centuries and it was good for Saddam Hussein, So what's wrong with applying it here in the good old U.S.A?
It seems he's not the only one in the party they call the GOP, looks like most of the longtime Republicans (party bosses) have the scruples of a female dog in heat.

Actually it was tar and feathers

Actually it was tar and feathers, followed by riding out of town on a rail. Sometimes they even survived it.

I've often thought that the current situation still hasn't escalated to anywhere near the level of the revolution of 1776 - exactly because nobody has been tarred and feathered yet.

Not advocating it, you understand. Part of the POINT was that we shouldn't have to go that far again. Just observing its absence.

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That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

I can see the Maine GOP strategy here

They would like to show credibility by re-canvassing the total votes. Then they will manipulate the count to still end up with Romney winning. In this case, all Paul supporters should be present to take pictures and video the whole proceedings. This way we will be able to have a record of the GOP cheating and rigging. We will then see the firing of Charlie Fraudster and the destruction of the GOP. But this is only possible if everyone remains dedicated, united, organized and vigilant. We should make sure that if they continue to do their illegal vote manipulation, it will be exposed to the public. Otherwise, we can make sure that all towns and counties whose votes were not counted before should be added to the total.

It's very interesting that they are re-counting the votes and announce the results prior to Washington County voting. There is something fishy. Are they pre-empting the fact that Paul won Washington county and that they need to pad Romney's votes so Paul can't make up the difference?


1. Recount will "prove" Romney won the vote

2. Discrepancies and irregularities will REMAIN and drum up even MORE controversy and allegations of fraud

3. None of it will matter cuz the GOP will ignore it, as will the State Controlled media, and therefore, the public at large won't even hear about it.

4. Ron Paul will be ignored for the remainder of the election season

5. America burns


Re-counting is just a ploy to close this out for them so the heat comes off.

No need to recount.. Just count what you have and add Washington as the person below states.

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What the h-ll does that mean? All they need to do is to add the votes up, period, end of discussion, plus add Washington County on Saturday.

How hard is that? Unless they are massaging a county to show MORE than what it had before for Romney...


it isn't a recount

They are not recounting the ballots. They are just having the head of each caucus call/email in the vote totals again. Then they will compare to what they have in the state spreadsheet and make corrections if necessary. At least one was way off- not even a transposition. Those heads that were in on it will still be in on it! This would only catch places that didn't do their own double check with state results on the state GOP website. It seems unlikely that much will change. So, don't get your hopes up. Should be a big turnout in Washington County now- from all sides.

Will this recount...

include the votes they ignored?

I don't play, I commission the league.

win or lose

Win or lose, it will be Romney winning it, even with a recount. that's how they work, that's how they roll.

Winning for Romney with a recount will cause serious upheaval on the RP side from media spins everywhere..


I'd say I can't imagine...

they'd be stupid enough to rig the recount, but sadly, this is the GOP.

I don't play, I commission the league.

They don't have to skew results, they already got what they want

What they want is the perception that Romney won. Most people will assume he did, even if they recount and change the official story, the point was the election day announcement for a Romney boost and a Paul morale dis. It won't work, just got us pissed.

They are having their feet put to the fire, they'll have to report the actual results and add the new caucuses this Saturday. They'll report that they were wrong, make up some excuses, and give it to Paul.

In their minds they probably see it as they already won...we will see this as huge bump (and hopefully a deterrent for further fraud in other states). It's all perception. We are WINNING!

Jack Wagner

I don't see how they will be

I don't see how they will be able to further skew the results in romney's favor.. now that everyone is paying attention. In order to get more votes wouldn't they need a lot of corrupt people all over the state looking the other way? Seems unlikely to me. If they try to rig it more its going to shed more light on the situation and make it completely obvious that voter fraud is happening.

Its crap like this and elections like this that piss people off and get them off the couch to do something about it.

How about simply INCLUDING the

How about simply INCLUDING the votes they ignored?

Are they recounting

all the votes including those entire counties as well as absentee ballots? Or just those that have been counted already. If it is the latter then this is simply an effort to confuse the issue. Allowing the GOP to say "see we recounted the votes, turns out Paul lost by 400 votes" . Putting the issue to bed and making Paul look bad as an added bonus.

We need to take control of this issue and get on the GOP fb pages and clarify that votes are still not being counted. The louder we are the less brazen they will be.

We can throw a wrench in their plan now.

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Recounting is bad

It just adds more suspicion like there isn't enough of it already.

Ok, my new suspicion is they'll tweak some counties to make sure it offsets the Ron Paul victory in the counties that didn't get to submit their totals...at least yet, thus keeping Romney the predetermined pre-caucus victor of Maine.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

You got that right.

This was the plan all along....another recount, another fix. Watch and see...They have been working on it all week i assure you...

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seems to be Florida all over

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They ought to have each chair

They ought to have each chair post their vote total publicly!

Not to be negative but I

Not to be negative but I don't like that he is releasing the recount tomorrow. I thought I read that Webster said Romney won by larger margine on the recount ( I don't believe this). I feel like he's going to stack up Romny votes so no matter what happens in Washington Co on Saturday it will look like Ron Paul lost.

Ben Swann.. Twitter

I don't have a link. (Will get it when I get home) On Ben Swanns Twitter he posted something about Maine recounting votes and NEW totals to be released tomorrow 2/17.

there are about 400 towns that won't vote

everyone of those towns can have their own caucus before march 1 and the DELEGATES WILL COUNT.

State law says where there is no caucus or political committee anybody can hold their own caucus.

You must put in the newspaper 7 days in advance of where the caucus will be, time date etc.

That would be alot of votes, even if 1 per town.

no caucus

In the article is this line, "An additional 40 or so small municipalities will not hold a caucus at all ..."

If I lived there, I would certainly be taking the delegate spot.

Charlie is trustworthy, isn't he?


Read this, and then tell me if you would believe a "recount" by this piece of shit!

Not to be a party pooper but

Not to be a party pooper but Watchthevote has less than half the votes actually cast so we may not actually have 41%. I'm not saying we didn't win or that there wasn't fraud but this definitely doesn't show the whole picture and I wanted you all to know that before throwing this around as 100% proof we won.

IF you are referring to the video

where it is said there is 41% it is not true.

I know the people doing it and was told the 41% is bogus.

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