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1,000 in Attendance, 800 Turned Away in Vancouver, WA - What other GOP candidate can draw #'s like these?

Way to go Seattle - my home town! Born and raised, lived there for my first 35 revolutions around the sun. After 1919 and 1999, I know you've still got it in you.

Check the time. Time to step into your power America.

Thanks to AnCapMercenary's Updates:

Here's LibertyIke's FULL 54min version of the Vancouver, WA speech, including intro by local reps & WA R3VOL activists (More videos below):


Here's an alternate recording by LBouche, a 2-part 45min version of the Vancouver, WA speech:

Part 1:


Part 2:



MOXnews.com's proprietor Michael was personally at the event and taped the following FULL version of the Doc's speech at the Double Tree Hilton, Seattle, WA:

Part 1 of 3:


Part 2 of 3:


Part 3 of 3:


Thanks for updating!


Full speech: Part 1 Part 2

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Got Video of FULL SPEECH!

with accompanying article:


Part 1: http://www.katu.com/politics/video/Ron-Paul-speech-part-1-13...

Part 2: http://www.katu.com/politics/video/Ron-Paul-speech-part-2-13...

update please!


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Rally for freedom

I went to the Vancouver rally it was an awsome event the crowd was big,met a nice campaign volunteer and helped him set up a sign that was on a full sheet of plywood,he gave me two yard signs and two bumper stickers,Ron Paul suporters are great.I got some good pics of the Ron Paul and the crowd.

Seattle crowd was huge. There

Seattle crowd was huge. There was standing room only in the room and then there were probably a 1000 more people crammed into the lobby outside the ballroom.The hotel was even threatening to kick everyone out because it was just to much for them to handle.
The crowd got so large and big afterward that security pretty much had to take Paul out. People were litterly shoving books, napkins, pens whatever trying to get him to sign it. It was amazing. I was a little disappointed as I was a volunteer who was stuck out in the lobby and didn't get to hear his speech. But it was great sign that so many people turned out. Great night!

too many for Paul

They kept saying we were violating the fire codes for the hotel and kept trying to clear us out of every area. I guess they had no anticipation of the turnout. If the campaign would stop putting limits on attendees, the crowd would be endless. C'mon - better planning next time, PLLEEEEAASSSE ?

I hope someone has the full speech.

I would really love to see the people pledging allegiance to the Constitution, among other things. :)

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Just got back home from the Seattle rally

Scored a seat in the second row. He was so energized by the crowd. He gave a 35-40 minute talk to a crowd that was on it's feet the entire time. Easily 5x the number that showed up at the same venue in 2009. Mostly younger crowd with a smattering of old duffers like me. Awesome experience for everybody.

Seattle rocked it for Ron Paul

I was in the back, had to keep movin to see but I had a wonderful time listening to Ron and feeling the energy in the room!

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington

The other candidates have no

The other candidates have no support, they have PR and "organizations" who are mobilizing people to vote or get sometimes to the rallies, something like Kim Jong Ill was doing to fill up stadiums...that's how Obama got half million people in the street.

Most people are voting because they are brainwashed in believing they have to support the candidate their party is choosing, they always vote pushed by the fear of "oh no, the crazy Obama can win again" and the Democrats are thinking "no, not a Republican in the WH". I talked to a lot of Democrats and Republican, they despise the other party and candidates, they don't use any other news sources except the ones promoting their believes,the MassMedia is picking the candidates for them and they vote.


So ~4,000 people combined came to see Ron Paul in Seattle and Vancouver today. That is more votes than John McCain got in the entire state in the 2008 caucus. Folks, we can WIN Washington state!

NEW UPDATE From Ben Swann

This guy rules: http://bit.ly/wC2ery

He needs his own National Show yesterday.

That's terrific!

That's terrific!

The one candidate who packs

The one candidate who packs the house everywhere he goes, but he hasn't won a primary?

People love Ron, and no one likes Romney, Santorum and Gingrich, yet they get the votes? I'm not buying it. I think the Republican Party and our media are rotten and these primaries are rigged, and the media is complicit.

"I ain't the dying type."

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Sorry for those who didnt get in,this video is great it shows just how intouch Dr Ron Paul is with the pepole.Thanks for posting it

SeaTac, WA rally

Arrived early. Had trouble finding the location since it was publicized nowhere! No parking available anywhere. Ended up parking down the street and following droves of supporters running for the hotel. Got there early but there was no chance of getting anywhere close to the "Grand Ballroom" where he was scheduled to speak. We asked hotel staff for a PA or speaker so we could hear his speaking but they would not accomodate. Hundreds, shoulder to shoulder waiting outside the room, unable to see or hear any of his speech. Some drove for hours to get there but couldn't see or hear anything. Strollers, kids on shoulders, elderly, moms, dads, kids, teens, hippies - you name it were there. Very disappointed that he couldn't have rented a stadium so we could really attend. He is SO LOVED in Washington State!!!!

I parked in the Wally park across the street

And just made it inside the ballroom about ten minutes before the hotel said " no more" , I was way in the back, but for my FIRST ever Ron rally ( or any political rally ) it was fantastic !
Sorry you couldn't get in, I would have thought they'd have piped it out to the overflow, at least two hundred outside that I could see !
Man, I'm tired goodnight DP!

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington

Same here. I parked in the

Same here. I parked in the hotel parking lot. Had to take a ticket but it ended up being free as I left early because we couldn't see or hear anything. Really wish they had planned better, there were SO many people...I'm really disappointed. =\ Hopefully he comes back after the caucuses & they now know to rent somewhere much larger.


Everyone kept saying he should've rented the Key Arena. That's a 20,000 people stadium. Here in Washington, it would've been a sold out show. so sad to see all the little ones under 5 that had come to see Dr. Paul but enlightening to see them yelling, "president Paul!!! " We want Paul!!!" without any encouragement from the daddies, whose shoulders they were sitting on. Saw FOX news show a clip from the rally and I was very pissed off at the publicity. I'll get a real pic posted very soon of what it REALLY looked like. What they showed you on FOX news was not a real clip of what was going on there. Not at all. They're still playing it down. The media.

Pump the speeches...

OUTSIDE. Don't turn people away!!!

Maybe 1,400...

FWIW, the Hilton employees told us they were letting in 1,400. The filled the foyer outside the meeting room too. There were probably over 2,000 there including the folks who didn't get to go inside.


It was so packed, we had to watch [a speech made by a genteel septuagenarian TX country Doc with fiery ideas] from a news van!


Frothy? Grinch? Wrongney? could they ever garner this type of support? Not unless they offered someone a Billion pre-1913 dollars!

um, basically: NEVER!

loves my peeps!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Back from Seattle(King County) Rally!

Just got back! The Grand Ballroom and all overflows packed to capacity(I think the capacity is 2500! Standing room only, and STILL there were another 500 of us in the hotel foyer outside the ballroom that couldn't get in due to fire codes! It was quite awesome, despite the initial disappointment of not being able to get in, or even get a visual of Dr. Paul, but it was exciting to see so much support! The "we want Ron!" chants would start in the ballroom (which is all we could hear) and we'd continue the chant out in the hotel foyer, filling the lobby, restaurants, bars and halls! Let's do this Washington! Caucus March 3rd! Let's get RP the win!

I love the part where the

I love the part where the chants followed in the hotel's foyer after hearing them in the main ballroom.... LoL

Wasn't funny to us in the

Wasn't funny to us in the lobby standing there for an hour unable to hear or see a thing. Not too many people left since they were hoping Dr. Paul would make an appearance but this was bad planning by the staff. Several people I talked to had driven hours to be there.

It's a great problem to have but maybe they should consider setting up mobile loudspeakers and televisions for the people who can't be in the main room.

LoL ... I can just imagine

LoL ... I can just imagine several hundred people in the foyer chanting .... Of course, you couldn't hear the proceedings in the main ballroom as you were OUTSIDE. ;) Courtesy really isn't an issue here. The real issue is the insufficient accommodations for the venue at the Hilton. There should have been additional capacity RESERVED for the potential crowd. Sure, it's unfortunate to drive a long distance and then be unable to see or hear Ron in person, but you should have expected the possibility before leaving. Once you got there and were unable to enter the main ballroom, you should have just enjoyed the moment along with the rest of the crowd in the foyer without regard to expecting to see or hear Ron in the main ballroom. The original poster had the right attitude IMO. You were fortunate to be there at all, I think. ;)


I appreciate that.
Look, to the 'bummed out' I agree it was a bummer to not get in. Last go around ('08) at the very same hotel the ballroom was half the size, and though there was standing room only everyone got in. There were maybe a thousand people that were there then. Looking at stats across the country RP has doubled his support so it seemed to the organizers that doubling the space from last time would be sufficient. I agree they should have been prepared with a speaker system or monitor for the foyer after what happened earlier in the day in Vancouver, but at the same time I refuse to play the victim here. I knew it was going to be packed, and it was MY stupid decision to show up right when the event started. The responsibility was MINE to show up EARLY. I didn't, and I lost out. And honestly, I've seen so many youtube RP speeches and in person twice that I knew what he was going to say anyway. Be happy and excited about the crowds and the fervor and save your pennies for either the inauguration party or the next Rally for the Republic!

Wow, really? If you think we

Wow, really? If you think we should have been happy with the situation, you're wrong. Hopefully this, and Vancouver, serve as a learning moment for the campaign. It's not the end of the world but with caucuses being decided by slim margins, we can't afford these mistakes nor your attitude regarding them.

A few speakers for the large crowd outside the ballroom would have really improved things - especially for the people I brought.

THEY don't feel fortunate in having their time wasted. Had I known there was not going to be enough room I would have stayed home and made some calls, participated in Tom Woods' chat, or given the gas and parking money to the Moneybomb.

That is a shame

However, that is also an astounding WOW. I am not sure that any campaign would have thought to have 3000 people attending a political rally. I feel like everyone of them is a friend that I have never met.

When Obama campaigned in 2008

When Obama campaigned in 2008 in the WA area, he was going to stadiums. One of the times it was just Biden, & he alone filled up a stadium. With so much grass roots support for Ron Paul, I think they should know by now that he can definitely fill up a place.

PS. Why the heck is there a "Washington Support Newt" ad on this page??

Come on...

Keep in mind that Seattle is 89% Democrat and Obama by that time had a war chest well over 200 million. You know how much it costs to rent Qwest(er, I mean CenturyLink) Field? With a two-day notice? He wouldn't have filled it anyway. The numbers just aren't there in Seattle, as depressing as that is.

P.S. The Daily Paul needs to make money. If Newt wants to waste his time and a billionaire's money on paying for ad space here, I've got no issues with that.(I mean honestly, are ANY of us clicking on these links?)