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1,000 in Attendance, 800 Turned Away in Vancouver, WA - What other GOP candidate can draw #'s like these?

Way to go Seattle - my home town! Born and raised, lived there for my first 35 revolutions around the sun. After 1919 and 1999, I know you've still got it in you.

Check the time. Time to step into your power America.

Thanks to AnCapMercenary's Updates:

Here's LibertyIke's FULL 54min version of the Vancouver, WA speech, including intro by local reps & WA R3VOL activists (More videos below):


Here's an alternate recording by LBouche, a 2-part 45min version of the Vancouver, WA speech:

Part 1:


Part 2:



MOXnews.com's proprietor Michael was personally at the event and taped the following FULL version of the Doc's speech at the Double Tree Hilton, Seattle, WA:

Part 1 of 3:


Part 2 of 3:


Part 3 of 3:


Thanks for updating!


Full speech: Part 1 Part 2

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Not talking about anything as

Not talking about anything as big as Qwest Field. That's ridiculous. Joe Biden rented out Cheney Stadium in Tacoma... Don't know the cost of that, but certainly not as costly as Qwest Field.

Great Idea!

Lets Make A Flag with the Constitution as the Jack. Yes, it would say we are patriotic to the standards are founding fathers gave us. Not this emblem that has come to stand for blindly following the American Way. lets just pledge to the constitution from now on!


{ that's a good problem to have }

You're gonna need a bigger boat

There a big shark out there in the NW and his name is Ron "Jaws' Paul

Hubby and I were there

only 4 rows back to the right of the podium. It was awesome! First time we've ever went to see a presidential candidate, and best part was it was for Ron Paul!

I just spent 20 minutes typing out what transpired and the post didn't take... grrr! So a quick one now to just let you all know it was almost surreal to see Dr. Paul in person instead of on TV or videos.

Got some good pictures hope to share later!

By the way, there wasn't a majority of any demographic there as the reporter tried to lead you to believe. It was ALL AGES and a good balance of it represented!

Thank you to the people that put this together! And thank you to the Hilton for being so accommodating!

Thumbs up to Vancouver!

It is just that Northwesterners look...

so young!

The 'Couv rocks!

way to represent the great state of Washington!

Alert: March 8 Internet Blackout

Pay attention to the paragraph that talks about how this is planned to happen AFTER super Tuesday:


This is Sorcha Faal disinformation

Don't take the article seriously.

Snip its.

You still get little snip its of ignorance from reporters. In a joking and light hearted tone "There were also some legalize marijuana folks here today. They certainly like his stance on that."
Even though Dr. Pauls stance is not to "legalize" but rather federal decriminalization(leaving to the states their own laws), they can't stand to let a segment go by that has the possiblity of mentioning "legalization" of marijuana without using it in correct terms.
Over all it was a good piece, and I hate pointing out little things like that but thats what needs to be done.

"Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive".
Ron Paul 2012 and Liberty from then on.

thank you

So good to see this stuff... And it appears to be a long time before tha dawn.

Amazing how

Fast the sun rises once you see the first light.

I got turned away but a local

I got turned away but a local news reporter let me sit in his news van and watch a live stream, so I got the consolation prize. Also Paul got out of his car for about 5 minutes on the way out and gave a short speech out of a megaphone for those who missed the main event

I was there!!!

I was there!!!

Phillip John Freedom


I hope him or the warm-up speaker encouraged people to actually get out and vote. While pep rallies are fun and can energize people, we need people to show up beyond the pep rally.



King County Rally

Dr. Paul's rally just ended here...standing room only and lots of people could not get in!!!

Pledge to the US Constitution

Classic. The American flag should be forgotten in more cases, I think. Sure, some folks will roar in disapproval, but they're still suffering from indoctrination. When the people finally understand the truly decentralized nature of our republic where the states hold the majority of power, they'll roar in approval, not disapproval, for pledging to the US Constitution. Personally, I'd rather pledge to nothing at all and simply try to obey the US Constitution, but if one MUST pledge, pledge to uphold the US Constitution. Great! :)

"pledge to uphold the US

"pledge to uphold the US Constitution."

Good idea. Sounds like an "oath of office" every elected official takes. Let's force them to uphold their oath.

which it stands

..and to the republic for which it stands!

Classic indeed :)

"Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive".
Ron Paul 2012 and Liberty from then on.

Which It Created;

I Pledge Allegiance to the CONSTITUTION for the
United States
and to the Republic Which It Created;


Pledge to the Constitution :-) Lotta stuff to like in this news story.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Just got back from driving 2

Just got back from driving 2 hrs from Oregon. Got there a half hour early and the last seats were being taken. The media emphasized young people but I didn't see any demographic standing out. He rocked the house! Best speech I've ever heard from the Dr., and I've heard dozens. I think we need to plan for the growing numbers at these things as I had the thought that the die-hards get there early and get the seats. The undecideds get left on the sidewalk by the fire marshal. (Glad it wasn't me, though!)

I remember going to the Rally

I remember going to the Rally for the Republic in 2008... There was around 12,000 people in there... It was awesome.

Can you guys imagine how just how HUGE a Rally for the Republic will be this summer?


Hahah I am amazed

Hahah I am amazed at these local reporters. Great Job. And that pledging to the constitution WOW...I want to see that part of the speech! If anyone can put it up here, I would appreciate it.

Wow, great report. I think

Wow, great report.

I think Paul can win Washington.

You think Ron can win the

You think Ron can win the beauty contest or get all the delegates?

Please, you ralliers,

Get to the caucuses and vote, then stay and work on becoming a delegate. The rallies won't get him elected if we don't follow through.


Cudos to Seattle's Q13 Fox Reporter!

What a great, positive, enthusiastic report! BRAVO! And BRAVO to Dr. Paul and all the great supporters in Seattle! My daughter just moved there - she's a Paulite - have to get her hooked into the movement there!

Great report! Shames all the MSM's or it should. Love the bald guy!



Notice only came out Tuesday that he was coming!

It filled up quick. If people had known with more time to get off work and get the word out they would have had to turn away a lot more people!

There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want because you think it would be good for him. – Robert Heinlein