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Robert's Rules of Order: Study Sheet, How to Make Motions/Challenge the Chair


I know many people have been asking about Robert's Rules of Order, how to make motions, and when/what to say.

So I created a little Study Sheet to bring with you to our delegate conventions.

Among other things, I have included: what to say, if you can interrupt the speaker/chair, if you need a sufficient second, what vote is needed, etc.

Please check it out, bump, vote up, comment, and share.


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We need to bring this back up.

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Am bringing up this old post

Am bringing up this old post as the cheat sheet is very useful to bring to a convention if you are not fully versed on Robert's rules..


Go in informed.

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Thank you!




Excellent job! I'm working on just such another sheet for

a similar project.

The only improvements I would suggest would be to go sparingly on the multi colors, and to separate them by privileged and regular motions. That breakdown might help people keep in mind which ones take precedence or not. I think even the RR latest edition has a precedence chart. (for those unaware, precedence means which motion can be dealt with while another is pending, or which motions can suspend or supersede other motions. If your motion doesn't have precedence, it WILL be ruled "out of order" because it is.)

samadamscw, here is a table based on

the 10th edition of RR. There is a printer-friendly link on the page.


Here is another table(PDF) put together by the Minnesota Campaign for Liberty as part of their video presentation titled "An Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure." I've recently added the videos to my Robert's Rules Video Library post.


Btw normltexas, thanks for the hard work you put into this!

Good stuff

Thanks for putting this together.

This is nice, but I think it needs more focus on quorum forming

And voting out the chair.

Otherwise they will quickly overrule you or just make up/break the rules and you will be in the dark.

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This is a good primer. What you are talking about is

more nuanced stuff and that requires delving deeper into the RR itself. There's no real substitute for buying the very cheap book (about $10-$15) and reading it.


Thank you SO much for doing this!

I looked on the google doc but couldn't find the comment that you referred to in the yellow spaces. Could you maybe post that here?

adam t

If you hover over the cell that indicates a comment

the comment will pop up.

If you want to print it with comments, save it as a PDF, then the comment cells will be numbered, and the numbered matching comments will appear after the table.

If you are using OpenOffice / LibreOffice, you can save in that format. Then open the document and choose Format > Page and select the Sheet tab. (last one) Then check the option labeled Comments under Print.

When you print the document, the comments will follow at the end and are referenced by row and column labels as in the spreadsheet. (e.g. A1)

Great Post,

Thank You!!!

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Thank you for this!!

This is awesome!

Thank you!

Ditto! Love this..was hoping

Ditto! Love this..was hoping to see something like this..KUDOS!


And bring an expert friend. You can actually hire experts on Robert's Rules. I guess I don't know if they can come into the convention with you, but you can phone a friend.

Robert's is actually a great system for ensuring fairness, but as with all systems, knowing how it works gives one an edge.

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I really do need to study....

and this looks like an excellent reference. I've bookmarked for future use!

Thank you!

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You're Welcome!

Robert's Rules can be a bit tricky, but its those who know it that are the able to make sure a convention is conducted properly.

The Precinct Conventions are generally very informal (but still abide by Robert's Rules), but the Senatorial Conventions (the next level -- maybe called something else in your state) is where Robert's Rules are very very useful.

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Can't get it to print and downloaded the dreaded Goo chrome

So will try again tomorrow; it is, after all, another day.. And we'll have slept!

Susie 4 Liberty

Try saving it

If you can't print directly, save the document as something (excel, PDF, etc.) then print from there

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

Any tips for getting it to print on a single sheet?

I messed around with printer settings such as portrait, landscape, fit to page, shrink to page etc. but it always prints at least two pages - one with the chart and one with the notes.

Does the original need to be reduced in size or modified?

I could save it as an image and reduce it but would rather have full quality.

Maybe Try this

You could save as an html, and then print from that. On my screen, it shows it as on page in portrait (with comments below the chart).

Or simply save it as an excel and then you can manipulate the row sizes, etc. to have it print one on page.

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

I think the way it is made, comments will always print

on their own.

The way around that is to put the comments in cells below the chart. Then print it out to fit one page. (remove the comments themselves from the cells and/or unselect the option to print them when you do this.




Saving for future use.