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Ron Paul's Technical Difficulties Video Compilation

So, I have been active on another RP site for a while now, and visited DP for articles and news, but wasn't aware of how active the forums here were.
The video below is a compilation of media clips with "technical" difficulties when it comes to RP:

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I think this is the one...

I had seen it a long time ago, but it is no longer on youtube apparently.

At the end

of the video they should add a screen shot showing youtube's previous censorship of the video with the face icon ":/".

"This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated."


Amazing video,the censorship is so blatant it is almost as if they don't care if anyone notices.


where did it go? give us another link...

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I was wondering that myself

I was wondering that myself, I thought maybe someone would know what happened to it.

oh the irony

or could be intended....either way....


video gone, more difficulties.

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deleted :(

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Anyone know

Anyone know what happened to this video?

it's just techincal difficulity in ND

nothing to see here folks.

That is one hell of a video.

That was great stuff and awesome transitions.

Point well made.


I really hope the Operation Mockingbird clips can help "shock" people awake some, if the blatant "errors" don't do that for them.
Many zombies out there, not sure if they can even be cured of their zombiness, but I will try...

Wow. Well done.

Wow. Well done.

This is really well put together

Two thumbs up!

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It happened just this past

It happened just this past Saturday on Fox News when he was giving his speech after the Maine caucus results. When CNN was covering the speech a guy in the crowd was holding up a sign blocking Ron Paul from the CNN cameras, so I switched the channel to Fox News to see if they had a better shot of his speech and within about 20 seconds they stopped covering it because of technical difficulties, causing me to switch back over to CNN.

I remember hearing people

sorry...double posted somehow

I remember hearing people

I remember hearing people complaining about both CNN and Fox News either "losing" or "cutting" the feed from RP's speech after Maine, but I haven't seen a video for it yet.
If it shows up and is good quality, I'll try to use it somehow.

When Dr. Paul gives his acceptance speech

When Dr. Paul gives his acceptance speech in Tampa, Florida.
I can visualize it now...just as he begins to speak, there goes the feed...due to technical difficulties...The GOP Convention will not be covered at this time...
Please Stand BY.
Anyone here remembers the old "Please Stand By" emblems?
Well, nowadays they will likely cut to "Meghan" or some other bubble-head bleach blonde in the studio.

Forest fire

I'm sure there will be an important issue to cover, like a forest fire, NFL player praying, or something along those lines.


NO SIR, We do not have any people paid by the cia working in television networks, WE OWN THE DAMN MEDIA. This is why we are black-balling your candidate "DR. RON PAUL" because he said he would close down CIA.
Dr. Paul knows that the CIA is the most UN-AMERICAN organization sponging off taxpayers money.
Look at what BUSH did when he was under Reagan. Those people are the most vile and corrupt people walking on the face of the Earth.
CIA and the FED both work together and this is what President Eisenhower tried to warn us all about in his departure speach in 1958.
When the Soviet Union collapsed, CIA spies grabbed all the
psych-op manuals they could find and have been practicing all these techniques on the American People.
This is why our political system is so F**KED UP today.
Great Video...Outstanding Job.
You are essential worker and have very good future, DA?


i know that delegates are elected in the caucus states, but are they elected in the primary states too?

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I emailed this to THE FIVE

on Fox

the FIVE

they don't give a fuck lol


How about the debate where as Dr Paul was about to speak and they over attenuated his microphone and it has severe feedback and then as if on cue, Rick Sanatorium made that lame crack imply that Ron was not telling the truth!

But we all know that Rick is a corrupt piece of...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Devil's Advocate, Here

What if this is simply a case of overstreched resources, with all the top crews covering the "top tier" and the novices covering the "can't win" candidate?

These mysteries will require first hand knowledge, and for most of us are merely motivation to donate more money!

What do you think?

No there is

something to it.

I watched almost every republican debate from the '07/08 election, and every single debate from this one. I can recall numerous times when Dr. Paul has had some distraction happen when he speaks. Sometimes it's a weird high pitched noise. Very often it's a moderator "absentmindedly" coughing or clearing the throat, giggling at an off camera comment, etc.

I can't recall that ever happening with any other candidate, except for two instances. Once when stage lighting seemed to have trouble while on Herman Cain. The other time when Guiliani was speaking and was saying something of religious nature and a real weird noise happened twice. He joked that for someone of Catholic upbringing he was spooked by it. Those were probably real technical difficulties. Only two instances out of maybe 100 debates versus probably a 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 chance of something happening when the focus was on Dr. Paul.


Can you say "Coincidence"?

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!


This is EXCELLENT~~please forward this to the CAMPAIGN.

It's a great ANTI-MEDIA ad and a great WAKE-UP THE PEOPLE....AD.

Yes, submit to Campaign...

I'm sure they can find (or already know of) at least 2-3 times the amount of 'technical difficulties' shown here... I know I can think of a few more.

Now, the 'journalistic difficulties' pertaining to Ron Paul coverage could easily comprise something the size and length of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy...