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Real Tear Jerker: Vancouver Washington - Ron Paul Supporters overflowing

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Thanks Prospector Sam..It's NOT Impossible

....for all you and others did on such short notice. The video speaks volumes to so many of us. It tells us more about "who we are."

And, your story about Joe? Priceless. When next you see him, give him a big hug from Fonta and lots of others on this site.

And, I'm sending you a virtual hug as well. So many friends you didn't have time to call, so much more you could have done given more time...and yet, you picked up Joe because it was important to you and him and now us...and *the event* came off in such a way and was captured on video so powerfully (and without affectation/just real) that it is impacting so many of us. Even to the point where some are saying Madison Square Garden next!!! Why? Well, because like the song says and the people demonstrate..."It's NOT Impossible."

I'm loving Vancouver, Washington!


thanks, fonta

Vancouver RP is awesome -- again. :-)

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

I can't stop watching this

This video is so moving. A lot of us have been fighting for the cause of liberty for a long time now and to see the people coming out in droves to support peace and freedom just warms my heart and fills me with so much hope. I want to thank all of you for doing your part whether its big or small. Our children and grandchildren and their children will be forever thankful.


This is fabulous

I am so super proud of all of you!!

Now -- I need half of you to move to South Carolina ;)

Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

I thought, "Tear jerker? Really?"

I wasn't tearing up...but then @5:04, as his SUV pulled into the street and I hear RP's voice, "An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army, or any government" and then the lyrics swell, "It's not impossible!" and DARN IT! I'm at work! I can't start crying!!

you got me, I'm crying.

I didn't think I was going to cry. It was a COL, cry out loud. Awaken America. Thank you Washington! Thank you video guys! Please Lord let there be liberty.

It's Like This All Over the Country

I wish we had better video of the crowd in Tampa a few weeks ago. I've been to several events in Orlando that are like that too.

ahh the pipes

a revolution gotsta have bagpipes.

I love the sidewalk poets, troubadours, and costume character stuff. I'm a big festive atmosphere fan.

* warning the above video may contain generation x era music. And contrary to rumors, the guitar player in the ball cap is not a teenage Rand Paul. lol

Angus tears that shit up!!

Thanks for the trip down youtube memory lane. :)

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Inspiring. This is a moral and spiritual movement against corruption, lies and greed

With more money, the campaign can do even more of these events..

Very inspiring. Thank you.

good stuff. thanks for sharing.


Love the Presidential

Love the Presidential motorcade rolling out at the end. So this is what revolution looks like, huh?



Husband and I were there

and we were so moved by the support that showed up that we got teary eyed without this music, but seeing this now, what a perfect song to put to the feeling we had from attending.

I keep trying to come up with a different word to describe it, but it was simply "AWESOME!"

We got in early and were only 4 rows back from the podium. A young couple were sitting next to us when the guy got a call on his phone from a friend who was in line outside. He told us his friend said people were lined up 4 blocks back from the hotel all the way to the RR bridge. We were like "wow!"

This video is proof he wasn't lying!

I keep trying to come up with a different word

That word has always been overused and misapplied for the most mundane things but not in this case.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix


And such a beautiful use of the song - I liked this video better than their original video.

Really makes you feel so grateful to be able to support Ron Paul. I loved the "It's not impossible" line in this context.

Very exciting.

I wish I could go to any rally. Thanks for sharing.

The three young boys in their suits with their dad

is one of many images from this video that will stay with me. That they are being taught by their father to dress up out of respect for the man, the message and the importance of this event in history. Thank you, sir, whoever you are!

And the bagpipes...

Moving to Vancouver soon , Going to be a RP supporter Tycoon

Holly Cow ! Did the city of Vancouver turn out !
It looked like the Beatles returned from the dead.
Hats off to you folks. You lead the way !

My Soul is Singing!

YES!!! American Patriots are Alive and Standing up for Freedom, Prosperity, Peace and Ron Paul in Washington State! I so wish that I could be a part of this passion and dedication! Washington State, show the rest of the country How It's Done!!! Help this GO VIRAL!!

When's he coming back -Vancouver you rock!!

wow that was a tear jerker -how much longer can they keep ignoring the message of Liberty

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

What is awesome...

is that nobody even knew this event was happening until Valentines day, yet people somehow found time on short notice to make the drive (hours for some people) to Vancouver. What a great show of support!

If Fox and CSPAN have cameras

If Fox and CSPAN have cameras there why don't we see the footage on the MSM? No matter what you say or think about the MSM it is hard to get the word out without them controlling the masses.

Like the other reply said-

Like the other reply said- They have the cameras there, and they shoot the footage, but they don't use it.

The only scenario they will use the footage is if something that makes Ron Paul look bad happens at the event.. or, maybe someone says something off-color that they can take out of context. Then, you'll be seeing it all over the news.

Yeah, they send the cameras

but then don't use the footage. This is a decision made by the higher up producers. But many of the camera guys like Ron. When Dr. Paul's car drove up at one event I heard a photog turn to his audio tech guy and say "R-Peazy! It's R-Peazy!" They were obviously excited to see him too.

"Ron Paul's a superstar!"

I was talking to some news camera guys at one of Dr. Paul's events earlier this month and they told me they've been to all of the other candidates rallies and no one turns out the crowds like Dr. Paul. The guy from FOX said the only person he's seen do this is Obama. He literally said "Ron Paul's a superstar!"

A CSPAN crew told me they hate going to Romney events because they are so boring and security is crazy. One of their sound guys got shoved by Romney security for holding a boom mic too close to Romney and then they tried to confiscate the tape because they were worried something got captured that shouldn't have. The CSPAN guy said he tries to get assigned to the Ron Paul events because they are more fun.

I also noticed many camera and sound guys nodding yes during Dr. Paul's speeches. Seems like they can't help but respect him after attending a couple rallies. The national network reporters are a totally different story... but at least we've converted many of the ground forces who actually lug the cameras and film the events.

Ron Paul Superstar!

Sorry, but you can't just put

Sorry, but you can't just put random footage of Ron Paul over a sad song and call it a tearjerker.

So Sorry.....TelFiRE

Sorry, you just don't get it.

Live Free or Die

You are so right, this made

You are so right, this made me cry ;')