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3,000 Turn Out in Seattle for Ron Paul!

An estimated 3000 people attended Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Paul's rally in SeaTac this evening. The rally had an atmosphere more like a rock concert than a Republican rally. Unlike most Republican events, most of the people attending were under 35. It somewhat reminded one of an Obama event in 2008 except the chants were things like "End the Fed!"


Incredible night!

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I volunteered

We had at least 20 volunteers canvassing the lobby and the line before and during the event. Everyone who attended was told of the March 3rd caucus and when it started. Everyone was asked to sign in at least a dozen times according to some I spoke to.

The crowd was amazing, no one minded the barrage of well meaning volunteers. Old, young, children and all eager, it was amazing! Props to Matt for the cool scan vid.

Moxy traveled there personally, and since I like him, I'll link it!


WA state delegates needed

Your vote will have more influence than the average voter if you become a Precinct Committee Officer! Just send a request to your County Republican Party:

Island County: http://www.islandcountygop.org/
Kitsap County: http://www.kitsaprepublicans.com/
Lewis County: http://www.lewiscountyrepublicans.org/
Mason County: http://www.masoncountyrepublicans.org/
Pierce County: http://piercegop.org/homepage/
Snohomish County: http://www.snocogop.com/
Thurston County: http://www.thurstonrepublicans.com/

If you live in KING COUNTY, the instructions are different: you must ask your Legislative District Republican Party. Find their contact information here: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/Default.aspx

Why no video -just clips?

Love to watch every speech but many do not get posted. Anybody know a site that has all the Paul vids?

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

I was wondering the same thing

but just found it. I got to sit within 25 feet of him and it was electric. I say sit, but in reality as soon as he came to the stage, the entire crowd stood for the entirety of the speech. He stayed on point throughout and even paused to chuckle at 36:50 when the overflow crowd in the foyer who could neither see nor hear him made their voices heard with chants of "We Want Ron, We Want Ron!!!"



They all better vote or it means nothing

In 2008 Ron Paul received 2740 votes in the Washington caucuses out of a total of 12,320 votes.

If everyone who took the time to go to all of these rallies in Washington actually gets out and caucuses, Ron Paul should get 80% of the vote.

I just hope that the turnout in Washington is better than Nevada. Rallies are gretat but the votes and the delegates are the only thing that matter.

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If "Yes we can!" in reverse

If "Yes we can!" in reverse is "Thank you Satan!";

Then I wonder what "End the Fed!" sounds like in reverse.

Maybe "Thank you Jesus!"?

Someone....get on this right away.


End the Fed backwards sounds like "eff uhh nee" to me. :)

If you have a smart phone, you can try it yourself with Ultra Voice Changer.

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-C. S. Lewis

My favorite quote from the night

Not quite verbatim but pretty close: "People say I would have been a good president in the 1800's...People think I'm old school and want to go back to the dark ages, well I think tyranny is old, it's been around for thousands of years and thats what I'm trying to get rid of"

I was there!

It was a great evening.One thing I did notice is that
Lori Sotelo,the chairman of the Republican party was there.
She didn't smile or clap,just kept scanning the crowd with
her video camera.She had 2 others with her doing the same thing.They didn't seem interested in Ron Paul,just the crowd.
It makes me wonder what they were up to.They left halfway
through.I guess they got enough of our faces on film!
What do you guys think?

they will not select those filmed

No delegates from this group they are filming you for you mug shots for the Gop. Denied, lets all start wearing mustaches and masks

Yes! Time for our V for Vendetta masks!


Or any other mask!


V for for Vendetta masks on the rise

this is old news but not that old



Unsurprisingly, sales of the mask in recent years have rocketed, with Amazon reporting a 179 per cent increase over the past year. The mask’s producers, meanwhile, now claim that they sell more than 100,000 of the things a year, making it more popular than Batman, Harry Potter or Darth Vader. That’s fantastic news for mega-entertainment corporation Time Warner, which own the rights to the mask.

pretty good read if you can sit through sickening attacks

Ron Paul will have to start

Ron Paul will have to start reserving arenas!

but guys

Ron Paul is "unelectable" remember?

Amazing night

I sat next to a lady who was on the fence about RP, and had come to better decide who to vote for. I was watching her as the rally progressed and I think I saw someone in disbelief. There was so much energy and camaraderie in the room, unlike any political event in recent times in the Seattle area. I hope she comes around.

I also gave the guy at the Subway across the street a $50 gas card cuz we all went in there and he was the only one working all night.

Thank you for doing that for

Thank you for doing that for the Subway guy!

Do they know the campaign needs to raise $5 million

and that there is a money bomb?

back to calling Phone for Ron Paul


I saw myself twice

They seemed to be very organized. The volunteers got everyone's name and info, and asked them if they were going to the caucus.

The people that came to this rally seem to be very motivated, because you do not go the the Seattle airport area at 7:30 at night and pay for parking, if you can find parking, just because you have nothing else to do. These people are almost all Ron Paul supporters.

I mean, it took me almost two hours just to get OUT of the parking lot. This was a big event.

There was no space at all when Ron came out

It was packed full in the center. I am in that video @ 1min 29 sec on the left standing up with my fiance behind me. We went to the front right after this guy finished his video. Hundreds of people were stuck outside due to fire code.

Could not believe it when you

Could not believe it when you said you were only halfway through the room. AMAZING! Thanks for that..wow..


not sure I understand...


it just keeps going and going, thanks for posting!!

Ron Paul stole my <3 hehe, love it!

At the Moscow rally

a couple of women students had a big big yellow sign that said "Capitalism is sexy and so is Ron Paul".

I hope they vote.

I hope they vote.

Of course

they're gonna vote... doesn't mean all their votes will be counted.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

That's what we've found out

That's what we've found out after the early races. Our people are out there voting, the establishment is just trying to rig the vote at the top. Well, they won't get away with it. Not anymore.

I was there last night it was incredible

The ballroom was filled to capacity and hundreds of people could not get in, during Ron Paul's speech they began chanting "We Want Paul, We Want Paul..." so loud Ron had to pause. The room was electric everyone was standing the whole time he gave his speech cheering and chanting; luckily I was in front because Ron was mobbed after his speech my fiance and were barely able to get our books signed before he had to leave to do an interview.