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3,000 Turn Out in Seattle for Ron Paul!

An estimated 3000 people attended Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Paul's rally in SeaTac this evening. The rally had an atmosphere more like a rock concert than a Republican rally. Unlike most Republican events, most of the people attending were under 35. It somewhat reminded one of an Obama event in 2008 except the chants were things like "End the Fed!"


Incredible night!

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Ron Paul in Seattle

I was there, it was amazing! I was up front stage right, should of been stage left lol, he spoke for 45 min, and it took us 2 hrs to get out of the parking lot! He is well worth it! Simply amazing!!

Bonnie Otis

There were a lot of people over 35 there too...

I was one of them. I saw a very diverse crowd. Yes, there were a lot of younger people, but there were also a lot of people that were clearly over 35.

Old people like us

do count, but isn't it invigorating to know so many of the young people are taking up the battle for Freedom. Thank you for letting them know the old voices are there too.

old people rock!!! =]

old people rock!!! =]

I saw a lot of my elders at this event

and I brought along a couple too!

Only 12,320 total votes cast in 2008

And Ron got 2740 of them. In King county (Seattle) he got 708 out of about 4260. 3000 in King would blow the field away.

Very winnable this year.

2008 results by county

Take a look at the delegates

Take a look at the delegates elected on the results page.
RP got 8% of the straw poll vote, yet still took 22% of the delegates.
If I'm reading this correctly, 1 out of every 81 John McCain voter became a delegate, while 1 out of every 14 Ron Paul voter became a delegate.


Every time Ron mentioned the importance of our votes, I said " and become a delegate, stay late! ".
Delegates, is how the GOP is returned to her roots, Tampa Bay baby!

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington

Actually Ron Paul got over 21% in the straw poll

You must be thinking of the primary we don't have one this year, plus keep in mind in 2008 many of our people were "uncommitted" on the sign in sheet they used as the results for the presidential straw poll.

We have a cacus...

That's what you need to show up for, that's where you can make your vote count. The caucus is March 3rd. If you sign up on www.waronpaul.com as a supporter they will send you info as to where the caucus for your area in WA is. You can go there to vote in the poll, but you need to stay till the absolute end because that is when the delegates are chosen. If there are more RP supporters at the caucuses there will be more Ron Paul delegates.

At least that is how I understand it. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I'd like to get it right this time around!

Love, Peace, and elbow grease! Ron Paul in 2012

It's important to note that delegates are selected by precinct

So you need to bring your neighbors to vote for you to be delegate. You also need to sign up with the campaign to be a precinct leader you'll need to fill out a non-disclosure agreement and they will give you access to information you can use to make sure your precinct is for Paul.

paulin the poeple

Video of the event:


If Ron Paul is serious about winning, he better stop the rock concerts and start talking to grandma. That's nice they know how to chant, but the under-35 crowd has shown time and again that they don't seem to know how to vote. If they did, we would have won Nevada.

I caucused for Paul in 2008 and became a delegate

I am 25 years old I will caucus and become a delegate many of my peers showed up in 2008 I know they will show in 2012 as well so your statement is ridiculous young people are the main reason we are doing so well.

Vote Fraud

There hasn't been a state so far that the GOP hasn't tried to fix. These turn-outs are what's REALLY happening in America and NOT what the MSM shows the masses.

This is the exponential growth following the tipping-point, and it's just getting started!


I couldn't agree more!! More

I couldn't agree more!! More and more people are listening to us, and to Dr. Paul...and turning OFF their tv's and putting DOWN their newspapers!!

This is momentous, and it CANNOT and WILL NOT be stopped!

We are off for DC tomorrow to join in the march on Monday!

Yawn? He inspires 3000

Yawn? He inspires 3000 people, mostly young, to care enough about freedom to gather at probably mosts first political rally of their lives? I understand we want the older vote. But this is truly an uplifting moment. We are winning. And we are the future.

Indeed, Ron and the ideals he espouses

Won hearts, hearts that shall serve their nation long after the jaded old people go to their rest. Yes we need to garner people from all age groups, but for liberty, freedom and the constitutional form of governance.
I'm older, my vote is for Ron, so is my time and my wealth.

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington

I am 1-3000 that attended, it was my very first time

I am 1-3000 that attended, it was my very first time to listen to Ron in person. It was also this 52 year olds very first political rally as well. Might as well go see the best first, so I did!
I can easily believe there were 2999 other fine, wise, smart, good looking, intelligent, suave, intuitive people in attendance besides myself ( lol ).
Ron spoke for 35-40 minutes, highlighting his small government, sound fiscal policys ( end the fed echoed several times ), liberty and individualism platform issues.
I thoroughly enjoyed my evening. I'm NOT one to be swayed by catchy slogans and I normal won't participate in crowd based emotional displays as I'm not easily manipulated by this or any means. What I did is listen, I listened to hear consistency, Ron was consistent. I listened to hear liberty, freedom and small government, Ron spoke on all these. I listened for the strong echo of truth, light and integrity within the words, Rons words rang with strong resonance like the tonal quality one hears when striking leaded crystal made in Waterford, pure, long lasting, clear.
I watched from the back of the grand ballroom on the left side facing Ron, at times I couldn't see Ron at all, I have many pictures of the backs of others heads, lots of diverse heads. Having these pictures isn't sad at all to me, rather they symbolize something far greater than both the heads and Rons voice.
What these pictures represent is a clarrion call of America awakening, not just to a man, but to the ideal held within our founding documents the constitution and the bill of Rights. For in a stronghold of
progressive liberalism that Seattle is, that 3000 of us would jam pack to overflowing a bodilyheated ballroom for the opportunity to listen too, and support one small, skinny, older statesman standing firm on ideals juxtaposed to progressivism is R3vol.ution is it's finest form.
Something quite funny happened on the way there, I mistook the regular Hilton for the doubleTree, so I had to ask a lady out in front of the " other " Hilton how to get to the DoubleTree Hilton. Well after she propositioned me she must have been very disappointed when I rejected her offer so I could spend the night listening to a 76 year old man speak! Some things are much to important, like liberty, honor, and respecting the sanctity of my marriage. Saving my nation by returning America to it's foundation is paramount in importance to me, second only to my relationship with my Creator.
I came away from my evening with a renewed sense of vigor for the fight, for a fight is what it is. Only one in Americas past have forces aligned to make freedom so difficult to achieve! Our forefathers did so then, we must not fail to do so today.
Thank you Ron Paul and the DP ( met a few of you there! ) for being in the " fight" together.

Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington

That's Great

IF they show up to vote.

The Pic

The pic right below the headline is funny. The very attractive young woman in the picture is most definitely stoned. Look at her eyes.

I know her

Very well. She is a mother of 4 who homeschools them all. The father is the man in the photo. They are most assuredly sober as they were there for a full 4 hours before RP arrived. Thanks though.

I want to be there.. bad..

Go Seattle! Go America! Go Ron Paul!

This isn't just a big deal. It's a turning point, everything that has happened last one, two weeks has been as far as I'm concerned.
Ron Paul is singlehandedly reshaping the race.

WOW 3000!!!!

In 2008 the state was won with just 3,228 votes.

Also, noticed that over 2000 showed up in Vancouver Washington yesterday.


So over 5,000 people showed up for Paul yesterday in Washington.

many from Oregon

The Vancouver rally had many voters from Oregon. So they won't be voting in this coming caucus. Another 1200 showed up in Richland WA today though, and he is talking in Spokane right now I think. I expect a huge showing in Spokane.

Since Vancouver is just across the river from

Portland, OR it doesn't surprise me that many from Oregon came. Let's hope that Ron has lots of supporters in Oregon too!

Minnesota Mary

It was also striking that

It was also striking that Republican Paul could draw this enthusiastic crowd in King County. The crowd was chanting his name in support. The contrast with the Santorum rally in Tacoma earlier in the week was strong. Santorum's crowd was considerably smaller and the Occupy crowd was disrupting his speech with chants.

Continue reading on Examiner.com 3000 at Ron Paul rally in SeaTac - Tacoma Political Buzz | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/political-buzz-in-tacoma/3000-at-ron...

Big deal

If they don't turn out to vote, who cares how many come to the rally?? It sure hasn't turned in to votes.

Who invited debbie downer???

It's like winning a straw poll its a show of support. The establishment can rig the straw polls to give certain candidates momentum, and they can censor RP right out of the news... BUT they cannot keep 3000 people from showing up to support the Good Doctor, and THAT is a big deal. Whether it translates into votes (remember though, its rigged) or not remains to be seen. But the other half of the battle is changing hearts and minds... so... WINNING!!!