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Maine Caucus Saturday - Open Thread

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I was curious, so I checked

I was curious, so I checked Google to see what they're reporting(or rather AP, I think that's who they link). Romney's % has gone down a tiny bit, but so did Paul's. How the hell does that work? I know that it's looking like the 'official' announcement will be we lost Maine, but it looked like the vote gap was closing, not broadening. With Paul getting 2-1 in many of these caucuses, shutting out Santorum and Gingrich(the only other place "%'s" could have gone), and besting Romney in most of the 'added' numbers since the 83%(it's 87% now). Adding more votes total AND closing the gap should make Paul be closer to Romney in %, not farther.

These folks have it down to 1 vote

http://occupytvstations.com/blog/with-ron-paul-down-by-137-o... Article has it down to 11 first comment brings it to 1 vote

What Conspiracy

Did anyone else catch Charlie Webster’s remark claiming all RP supporters are conspiracy theorists? When you hear that, you know we are on to something that is likely even bigger than it already appears. This has been used a lot in recent times and not just about the good Doctor. The word conspiracy has almost exactly the same meaning as crony collusion or just plain cronyism, which are words being thrown around a lot lately by both parties. The only difference is that the word conspiracy has collected a lot of baggage due to some clever marketing. This word gets used a lot when the only ploy a guilty party has is to try to discredit the source of the accusations against them instead of allowing the actual issue to be on the table. I am sure this ploy has been around for at least several thousand years in the power game of money and politics. Keep up the pressure! A few more cracks in the ice and the cold water will start splashing on the faces of a few more million people, waking them up.


Summary of Yesterday's action

Location RP +/-
--------- ---
East Machias Super Caucus (Washington Co.) +83
Danforth Caucus (Washington Co.) -2
District 5 Caucuses (Hancock Co.) +25
District 6 Caucuses (Hancock Co.) +12
Clinton Caucus (Kennebec Co.) +2

Overall effect of events on 2/18/12: Ron Paul gains 120 votes.

Now....Webster put out these "revisions" three days ago saying we were down ANOTHER 45 VOTES (239) from the 194 previously announced coming into yesterday's actions, BUT there are many questions about not only these new revisions, but about possible manipulations prior to these newer manipulations that will have to be sorted. But, if you choose to believe him, we are losing Maine by 119 votes.

If you choose to ignore those revisions, and go with WTV2012.com's best numbers, we are down 75 votes.

Castine caucuses on 3/3, and any town that didn't yet choose to send anyone to a super caucus, wasn't invited to a super caucus, hasn't held a caucus... (i.e. any town with all zeroes on this spreadsheet:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AuY6j4GH8THydHN... )

...can still caucus.

There are rumors that the towns in Penobscott (like Winn, Staceyville, Springfield, etc.) may rise up and now caucus.

So...basically, it ain't over until the fat lady sings, and Charlie Webster ain't the fat lady.

P.S. Also, we believe we have a 5-vote error in our favor in the Town of China (Kennebec County) that might be affidavit-worthy as reported to me by Paulie and Mike Heath. (Mike Heath was the Iowas State Campaign Director for Ron Paul, but is now back in ME.)

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

And don't forget Belfast

Paul 8 votes Mitt's 5 , but recorded as Paul 2 Mitt's 9 that's take 4 away from mitt and give Paul 6 quit a swing . 75 vote difference that' a difference of 65. We still have election fraud! Remember we still have all those zero's out there.

Already updated by the Maine GOP

Belfast has been right for some time.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Only after the second GOP Rigging ,

I don't recognize that as factual I am going off the original rigged count.

Thanks Steve

for any information you can provide..:)

Working to free the hemp seed - Thanks to Congressman Paul's efforts HR 1831. Peace

The newest numbers on the GOP spreadsheet

do not include Danforth (where we lost by 2 votes) and Rome (Kennebec) where we won by two votes, so the net effect is nothing.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

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My understanding...

Hey guys, my first post here on the Daily Paul. I'm from Montreal, Canada. HUGE fan of Ron Paul, his message and all of YOU who work hard and smart to fight this fight that in my opinion is SO important.

My understanding from all I've been reading is that "apparently", in recounting and tabulating the rest of the state, Mitt Romney actually increased his lead from 194 votes to a little over 240 votes. Now, Ron Paul seems to have won Washington (163 vs 80) and Hancock (60 vs 23) counties handily.

I believe the important question is:

How do we know the rest of the state reporting and tallies are not falsified as they were previously or even more so?

It seems like a lot of smokes and mirrors games again -> "Look we're counting Washington county so all is well!"
Meanwhile they are boosting the numbers for Romney in the rest of the state to still keep Romney the "winner"...

Is there an actual way to keep track or try to minimize the count (in the case count reporting) fraud that seems to be clearly going on?

I mean, Matt McDonald called in to report the numbers and the woman on the phone said "they already had the numbers and that Romney had won" meanwhile the count was done live as per McDonald and RP has clearly won. Indicating at the very least intent to falsify the numbers, which they then "corrected" by just putting zeros everywhere instead of false numbers.

Bottom Line:

The beauty pageant as they call it is not the most important thing, fine. But would it help in a big way? Yes it would. Would it finally start to represent the true voice of the people? Yes it would. Would it build momentum for RP? Yes it would. If it wasn't that important, the Romney people wouldn't work so hard at stealing the win...

It just seems another demonstration of how messed up the current attempt at democracy is...

That's probably why the RP people are not putting a huge amount of concern to this (although he can count on all of US to be concerned with it! :)). Maybe Ron Paul has a strong plan for all of it and the momentum will continue to grow regardless.

In any case, we just have to stay extremely diligent to make sure we elect and grab as many delegates as possible and protect as many of the votes as possible for this and the rest of the states.

Demand that live counts be done and record as much evidence as possible that's for sure as we continue to move forward.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

My best totals so far

I'm curious about finding the best totals myself (although I'm an Obama supporter who doesn't live in Maine but does admire Ron Paul's opposition to the USA Patriot Act and re-invading Iraq). The best I can do is to put together this board's total for Rome (Kennebec County) last Thursday [Romney 1, Paul 3, Santorum 2, Paul 1], the AP story in The Portland Press Herald to calculate the difference attributable to Danforth, in far northern Washington County, which held a separate caucus Saturday 18 Feb. from the one held in East Machias for the rest of the county's uncounted towns, the MaineGOP.com site, and The Bangor Daily News' spreadsheet, which seems otherwise to be the best available. Also remember that Castine, in Hancock County, will not hold her caucus for two weeks, until Saturday 3 March (although with too few adults to swing the statewide GOP result). By comparing the East Machias totals and those for Washington County as a whole, I calculate the difference attributable to Danforth's caucus as Romney 6, Paul 4, Santorum 2 and Gingrich 1.

The Bangor Daily News calculates a new Romney–Paul margin of +117. Adding Danforth (6–4 = +2) and Rome (1–3 = –2) leaves the same margin of +117. By comparison, earlier news stories on the Web have variously calculated Romney – Paul margins of +194, +196, +239 and +133, and as much as three to four percent of the total.

2,381 - 38.0% - Gov. Romney
2,264 - 36.1% - Dr. Paul
1,138 - 18.2% - Sen. Santorum
_,406 - _6.5% - Speaker Gingrich
_,_61 - _1.0% - undecided
_,_13 - _0.2% - others

6,263 -100.0% - Total

Final vote count for Maine?

I have been looking around and can't find the final numbers anywhere. Does anyone have a link or just a compilation of the vote counts that we know about? I am interested to know if he overtook Romney.

Here's the best one I've seen

Here's the best one I've seen all day. It shows a 117 vote gap between Romney and Paul.



Still a lot of zeros showing.

More votes to come?

It only shows one in red not counted

Hancock, Castine.



I'm a delegate for Ron Paul!!

I went to the Washington County caucus with my girlfriend today, and it was Paul central! We won with 163 votes(Romney only got 80), and my girlfriend, my friend, and I were the three elected delegates for my town! Going to to the state convention in May, hoping to go all the way to Florida!

Thank you guys!

Thanks for all the kind words everybody. It is a pleasure to be able to represent for the good doctor :)


That is so exciting - good job!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Highlight these success stories

It would be nice if we could highlight these success stories, like Devon's above. This is really exciting news and I would love to see it highlighted on Dr. Paul's official site or elsewhere...so it doesn't just get buried in this thread.

There was another great post from someone in Idaho who was all pumped up after getting elected as a delegate...These are huge wins! Let's keep them front and center to keep up all motivated.

What's the best way to do that?

BTW, way to go Devon!

That's great news. I saw the video clip when Dr. Paul was announced the winner and the whole place erupted. The enthusiasm was tremendous!

I'm the guy in the brown hat

I'm the guy in the brown hat and leather jacket clapping like crazy when they announce Paul the winner ;D

You are WRONG~~I spoke in person to the LIBERTARIAN HDQTRS

and, that was several months ago. They only had a couple states left to get on ballot, and she said that was not going to be a problem at all!

I'm assuming it is completely done by now!!

It is the ONLY WAY~~~to give the American people a way to express themselves!

Best misplaced

comment ever.

Defend Liberty!

cepivon, I think you misplaced this comment from where you

intended it to be.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

I Love You Guys...You Made Ron Paul Proud..You're All American

"Never let It Be Said That We Did Nothing, That No One Cared" ~ Ron Paul

The rEVOLution will not be televised...

Do You Win?

Listen and learn:


Peace, Love, and Liberty

Needed that


only at thumb war with my

only at thumb war with my girlfriend

Fight back now please!!!

If our Campaign doesn't take some action against the fraud that has been going on in Maine and probably elsewhere then like a poster said below we will be ignored, and after Super Tuesday it will be worse. yes I know we are doing very well when it comes to delegates, but If we don't prepare to take legal action the crooked leaders of the GOP will block our delegates from even getting to the National Convention. They will cheat or simply change the rules at the last second at the State Conventions and then what do we do just slink away? C'mon RP Campaign hold a press conference or something and challenge these traitors head on!!! If we don't do something now I fear that all of this amazing enthusiasm we are seeing at RP campaign stops will be lost and our donations will dry up. As for the instant down-voters of any post concerning a third party bid, stop it! I am for going all the way to the Tampa(if they don't screw us first which is highly likely)but if we don't make it or don't succeed in a brokered convention then are we just going to give up? Ron Paul is going all the way no matter what anyone thinks, that's why he isn't running for re-election in his congressional district. Let's fight and win this thing head on! I would be the first to donate to a legal challenge fund.