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Maine Caucus Saturday - Open Thread

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pretty sure that's the final vote for Washington County

I think there are a few more caucus coming up though, no?

Comments at caucus

Adam Nollmeyer So 94 COULD go to others ( fake example - 90 for romney 4 for Santy...) then 213 for PAUL
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Laurie Drum I'm hearing CHINA, Kennebec Co: Gingrich 1, Paul 13, Romney 3, Santorum 1, Other 0, do that would mean Paul needs 210 out of WA...
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Chris Reyes ‎203?
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Laurie Drum I'm sorry. My math is sucking right now. 203 for Paul from WA, not 210.
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Laurie Drum But not 203 total. 203 MORE than Romney.
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Chris Reyes where are you getting your numbers from? i want to follow as well.
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Laurie Drum This is based on the revised Maine GOP numbers, which gave Romney a 239 lead, then subtracting the net gain Paul got at other caucuses today.
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Bev Kistenmacher watching in SD .. Go Ron Paul!!
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Chris Reyes how many caucuses are going today?
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Dawn Marie Clark pins and needles
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Robert Aguirre Rooting for you guys and gals in montana
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What's the turnout?

The Portland Press Herald http://www.pressherald.com/Washington-County-caucus-has-begu... is reporting 306 voters for Washington county today. Could this be possible with all the press coverage this has gotten?


Don't know about you ...

... but I'm really sweating this one. And I bet, with 306 voters, the counting will go V-E-R-Y S-L-O-W-L-Y!

How many locations

Anybody know how many locations are actually holding caucuses today?

Today...I believe just 4...

District #5 (10AM) in Hancock Co.
District #6 (1PM) in Hancock Co.
East Machias Super Caucus for Washington Co.
Danforth town, in Washington Co.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Also Clinton in Kennebec

+2 for Ron

Actually, Castine (Hancock) caucuses on 3/3

in Castine....Home of Maine Maritime Academy and not much else.

We could get a GOTV going for Maine residents of this 4-year college that is the alma mater of my son who just graduated there last Spring.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


I read in bangor daily news that RP won Hancock 41-16. That cuts it down another 25 votes.

Pray For Justice for Ron Paul...

We need justice..He has worked his butt off for us and America

We owe it to him to come through with these badly need votes..

Let us pray..Prayer does work

We must retore our republic!

I love Ron Paul and the entire Ron Paul nation....Amen

let freedom ring with liberty

let freedom ring

with liberty and justice for paul lol

Maine facebook page has live updates

Sam Canders Survey is closed. Counting the tally sheets. Verified by 1 Washington County Rep, and one from each candidate. That's going on now. Caucus will resume for each town...
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do you have a link?

I can't find it.

"quoting from Bangor..."

"There are 306 registered voters here"

Rut Roh...

We need about 70% of the vote there...

Not gonna happen, but we should close in on Romney.

hang in there Scoobie

If our folks are there in numbers being reported by one print reporter who is present, we have somewhat more than a chance.


Ben Swann just tweeted

"Photo from 1 caucus today in Washingto County...am told 60-70% are Paul supporters." [wish he'd given location!]


"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

that's from the big caucus site

it's a pic from the large caucus

voting now underway


counting now.

Bill Nemitz:
"Washington County voting over. Let the counting begin ..."

If I were in Maine

I would head strait for York City - zero is a nice, round number to work with !!

Dave Mann



Live updates in comment section from Maines facebook page - good info. 307 eligible to vote - although some Samturom fans.

Limington (York City)

If Limington is now reported as zero rather than 20 - then all we need to do is locate one voter there who will come forward - to de-legitimize the whole recount. Also, entirely too many errors and revisions - what, they can´t write down and add up two diget numbers ? Clerical errors. Where´d they find these clerks ??

Dave Mann

It's a tiny place - 6 votes in 2008 and 6 votes in 2012

The correction is probably legit, but one would like to know why 20 was reported for Ron in the first place.

Yea...that is VERY ODD.

I almost want to know who put in the bogus 20 to begin with as much as I'd like to believe there were 20 legit RP votes there. Somebody should lose a job over this one! Can you spell W-E-B-S-T-E-R??...LOL...

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Paul Madore called....

...He says they will insist on a open count and announcement at the Washington Academy (East Machias) Super Caucus, that our speaker just went and was thunderously applauded, that there are 400+ in the room with just over 300 voters, and that we "may have 2/3 of that 300."

Just an update for ya...he'll call later with the actual numbers.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


many here are nailbiting....

thanks for the update!

I guess the caucus site is not "online"...thank you for the update.

You're very welcome.

I know we are all on pins and needles, and judging a crowd can be tough. I'll be thrilled if we have 55% at East Machias, which would not be enough to win, but would make the final tally SO close, there would be calls for a re-re-count probably, and calls for Webster's head on a platter.

Aroostook County (my home area) was the best %age for Ron Paul (59) this year, and the only county to go RP four years ago. If Washington County tops us, I will celebrate (of course) our record falling, but I will still be shocked given Kevin Raye's power down there (the Romney supporter, and Maine Senate Prez who I BELIEVE was in connivance with Webster to stop Washington Coutny from voting last Saturday--though he denies it.)

NEW UPDATE: 306 confirmed voters on hand there.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."