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Name That Bus!

Today, I came across yet another photo of Obama's tour bus which, in case you haven't seen it, is a monstrous, black, very imposing figure against the background of blue sky. I thought we should give it a proper name so I've picked out a few I thought were appropriate to get us started. I can't wait to see what you brilliant people come up with in the way of names and I look forward to reading your comments.

The Throw America Under the Bus Tour, brought to you by Obama and sponsored by Goldman-Sachs

The Blunder Bus

No Accountability Tour

Obama's Mobile Death Squad

Rolling Plunder

The Black Plague

Darth Evader


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How about...

Bush's Fault


Watermellon One?

suck you bus

seduces you and sucks the life (and tax dollars) from you.


Well played!

Tyrant Dispatch

Tyrant Dispatch
Lies, Leeches & the pretense of Hope
Intellectual Impediment

"Give me Liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry


I like them all. All are fitting. Would be hard to pick a favorite! lol

Oh wait!! I got one...

"The Magical Mystery Tour (is coming to take you away, with the NDAA)"



I had forgotten...

I forgot to comment on this post after you made it. Very funny. I can't top any of those names so I won't bother. But thanks for the humor.