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A big endorsement in homeschooling circles!

Mary Pride is a well respected pioneer of the Christian homeschooling movement in America. She has written several books and publishes a fantastic magazine. It makes me so happy when other smart people "get it!"


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I homeschooled my kids 18 years ago

and now my grandkids are homeschooled. And Ron Paul gave the commencement speech at my younger son's graduation. What a special day!


How awesome is that! How in the world did you arrange that?!


he was my doctor. Second, he is my representative and third I knew he was special!!! I voted for him in '88 and have always thought highly of him. I contacted his office and invited him to speak for the 7 graduating homeschoolers, class of '96. I have the video of his speech and would love to see it used somehow. Just don't know how to make that happen.

Put it on Youtube darlin!!

Believe me, it will go to good use!!! It's very simple to do... you would just need to bring it to a video transfer business and get it formatted to digital file, which could then be uploaded.

Wow, that would knock some people's socks off.

since the last election

I have thought about how I could get that video out. I will have to work on that.

I would love to see that

How cool! Homeschoolers would love it! It would be a great ad for Dr Paul as promoting homeschooling.

Your grandkids!

I bet one of them knows how to upload to youtube. You could get it digitized at Costco or another place may do it as well. I don't think it's that expensive. and then come post it here!

I predict...

...in thirty years time, most great political leaders will have been home schooled. I've stated before that almost every home schooled person I've met, was a total 'braniac' compared to their peers. If you have very small children, the best thing you can do is teach them to read at age four.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

My kids know the issues...

...better than most adults. Oh, they are ages 11, 9, 8, and 1. Ok, maybe not the one year old- YET!!!

So did Charlotte Iserbyt

who wrote "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America".

Thank you!

Thanks for this info! I was not familiar with her, but am already excited about what I've found so far. Here is an interesting video:

Her Father was

a Skull and Bones member and you can find Youtubes of her talking about that as well. Ms Iserbyts book has documentation of the deliberate dumbing down, I believe it is available online. It's a big book.She also had a recent Youitube (I think I saw it on Lewrockwell.com) about the Maine election fraud, she lives in Maine.

Homeschooler for Paul here

It's a natural base of support. Unfortunately many homeschooling parents seem to favor politicians who wear religion on their sleeve rather than those like Paul who respect their God-given right to educate their children however they want - even if it has nothing to do with religion.

Yes, that is the frustrating thing.

They often don't look beyond what's portrayed by the campaign or the media. However, the homeschoolers I know do seem to be more willing to look at the true info when provided and to disregard the media when things are brought to light.

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Great news! There are a few homeschoolers

in my area who had been hinting at leaning toward Santorum.

Yes, especially regarding the pro life issue

...and strangely the whole Israel thing as well. Lots of re-educating needed. Luckily we are experienced educators! ;-)

We have a lot of secular homeschoolers here in CA as well, so lots of room for growing support. And getting invovlved in the political process counts as "school" and it's fun too!

Her book convinced me to home school...

I am so glad to read about Mary Pride's endorsement. I am going let other home schoolers know!

When the American spirit was in its youth, the language of America was different: Liberty, sir, was the primary object. - Patrick Henry

I Wish It Were So...

...but not a big deal.

2 million plus homeschoolers...

...In the US and growing every year as dissatisfaction with public schools mounts and you say "no big deal?" Thanks for bursting my little bubble. Not. :-)

Homeschooling is growing...

...there is no doubt. I've been an advocate for decades. The no big deal is about the person, not the movement. Homeschooling is alive and well despite certain people...and I am grateful for the sake of many children because of it.

I see...

But to those of us who do homeschool, Mary Pride is a big deal. So was Voddie Baucham's endorsement. These are the people we look up to. We buy their books, go see them at conventions, etc.

Many homeschoolers appear to be leaning Santorum's way. If you read (or re-read) the article, she makes some very good points FOR Paul, but more imoprtantly right now, AGAINST Santorum; points that I have not seen elsewhere.

Thank you for your support of homeschoolers. It always means a lot when people stand up for the rights of families to educate how they see fit. :-)

Please read so you'll understand...

...some homeschooling history. (This goes back about 15 + years..) http://www.homeedmag.com/seelhoffvs.welch/truth.html

I know this was awhile ago, but...

...I did read the info in your link. A very sad situation. I am disappointed, but hope in the many years that have passed there has been growth and some form of reconciliation. Thank you for informing me- i always want to know all sides of a story.

I think it's important

I was homeschooled for two years. What is more American than homeschooling, a form of independence that the liberty movement encourages? I for one think this is important. Isn't the campaign supposed to be about winning and bringing the ideas of liberty to the attention of the people?

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Yes, that is major; she is respected

by the homeschooling community beyond Christian h.s.rs.