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Welcome to a Brave New World

In this world everything is for your own good. Because we are the brave ones and you are not. So this is how we will run it.

We will spy on you, for your own good.

We will tell you what to consume, for you own good.

We will tell how to use your money, for your own good.

We will tell you this is better than the animal farm (I know we said Co-operations are people, yes Co-operating legislators, lobbyist, special interest, big business), they are just more equal than you, for your own good.

We will be more secretive, and you will be more open to us, for your own good.

We will look at what you say, everywhere, what you do any time, for you own good.

We will not let you use your beliefs to run your life, for your own good.

A fight for freedom will not be tolerated, for your own good.

Yes you work for us, in the Brave New World, and we will tell you what to do. FOR YOUR OWN DAMN GOOD>

Wanna sign up? Vote for the Status quo, Wanna change our Brave New World, well you know what to do. But so you know, we won't go down without a fight. WE ARE THE STATUS QUO, sometime we come as Democrats and/or Republicans just vote for us anyway, Cause we are all the same.

BUT PLEASE NEVER LISTEN TO RON PAUL. He is such a danger to everyone. He want to GIVE YOU YOUR FREEDOM BACK (lmfao). Who needs it, if we can run your life. Freedom is overrated. Let us tell you what to do.

Otherwise, there is only one choice, that doctor PAUL who is too perfect for nothing. Imagine, he had one wife for 55yrs, HE is consistent (who needs that in a changing world?) HE sticks to the constitution (the forefathers were wrong on this, only us are right) He never use Medicare (C'mon now who hasn't taken a bride in their life time?) HE IS TOO PERFECT. I mean we tried to throw everything in his sink, from racist letters he never wrote (We knew he was helping even people of colour for free but we won't tell you that)

We mind controlled you with hollywood movies, lifestyles and such. So we know you like guys like Newt, married many times, supported our bail outs, guys like Rick (bail outs, more spending for us) and our best friend Mitt. Yes Mitt (a genius flip-flopper) is the Man,we made him. He is a good example of our system. HE is so genius that we don't even know if he will flip-flop on the flip-flop. That my friends is some talent.


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