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Iran is going to get interesting

Of course no news outlet will post this...(CNN/CBS etc)
Letter from Jim Sinclair...
My Dear Friends,
Iran is to be dropped out of the Swift system in Belgium. That means Iran could neither send or receive bank money wires.
That would slam Iran’s economy.
This is economic war at the highest level of conflict. This could start a greater move of central banks with fears of the West to increase and retrieve their gold positions. It certainly puts cash reserves held by central banks (which are computer entries anyway) into serious question as to security.
This is as serious as it gets in nuclear and economic terms. The only weapon that can be effective against Iran’s nuclear industry is Western nuclear deep penetration bunker busters.
Hold tight to your insurance investment positions.
The article...

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Iran threatens pre-emptive strike

All bluster? Or are things getting really dicey?


I hope they are only

I hope they are only postering to try and intimidate Iran. If they attack Iran I hope the warmongers will be charged with crimes against humanity when the dust settles and made to pay the price. I am no military expert but I have no doubt Iran can close the Strait of Hormuz. Iran has Exocet missiles that can sink ships. They darn near sunk the USS Stark in the late 1980s. Two missiles struck the ship but only one exploded. Sinking oil tankers should be a piece of cake. They do not have to have military engagements with the US or Israel to destroy our economy. Blow back will be painful to say the least.

War is the most profitable endeavor for banks

sad sad world we live in. Or maybe I should say sadistic world.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

The thought of the US or

The thought of the US or Israel starting a war with Iran makes me sick. The blow back will likely cause a collapse of the world economy, including the US. Statistics show that 80 percent of the people killed in war are civilians. Who in their right mind would want to kill thousands of innocent civilians? God help us if we allow our leaders go down that road.

Well it looks like it could

Well it looks like it could be coming true.To go to war with Iran has been in their evil plans for a long time.

With Iran constantly being threatened, surrounded and harassed

you'd think the logical thing for them to do is build a few nukes

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

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BUT Libya agreed to give up its Nuclear Program

in exchange for being left ALONE - to function as a Sovereign Nation, with an Independent Bank (free from the cluthes of the Globalists), and to access THEIR natural resources - Oil, Metals, and their extraordinary AQUEDUCT which Libyan citizens built over ten(?) years!

And LOOK what it got them! Initially, a Country with the highest standard of living in Northern Africa.

And NOW - after our Humanitarian Intervention... breaks my heart.


Susie 4 Liberty

It broke my heart too

It was the most evil thing I have ever seen. It was only covered by the media as propaganda and is now completely airbrushed out of history as a "successful" campaign for Obama and Cameron and Sarkozy. I followed it closely in alternate media so I was able to see clearly how the controlled media lied from day one. It was also noticeable from the comments on articles that the people are waking up even here in the largely comatose UK.

In 2008 GW Bush had a telephone conversation with Qadhafi. Libya had provided $2.7 billion and the US had given $300 million to a special account that was used to compensate victims of Lockerbie, the Berlin disco bombing and Libyan victims of US attacks. Qadhafi always denied responsibility for these attacks but for the sake of his people and to have sanctions lifted he agreed to pay compensation to the victims. There is evidence that members of the US/Israeli intelligence community were involved in both atrocities. In any event Bush called Qadhafi and told him Libya was now a member of the international community and that he had nothing to fear from them.

Over the period from 2000 there had been a rapprochement between the globalists and Libya mainly through Qadhafi's son Saif. The Libyans worked with the CIA to root out Islamists of the Libya Islamic Fighting Group who were sending fighters to Iraq and Afghanistan to kill NATO troops there.

Qadhafi had always fought these Islamists because he practised a moderate form of Islam and had introduced many improvements with regard to the role of women in Libyan society who were given just as much freedom as men in education and business. This angered the Islamists who wanted to continue their traditional subjugation of women.

Qadhafi also considered Libya an African nation and the eastern part of the country centred on Benghazi resented his openness to African migrant workers and his just treatment of black Libyans that the Arab Libyans in the east considered inferior to themselves. These were amongst the causes of the friction between Qadhafi and the eastern Arabs and the countries in the Arab League.

The globalists eventually persuaded Saif to convince his father to reconcile with the Islamists by releasing all the prisoners. These then became the core of the armed rebellion that was fostered by the globalists in eastern Libya. The CIA meanwhile had penetrated Libya's intelligence service and had co-opted the head of the service and many other senior figures in the Libyan government. In other words while they were pretending to be friends engaged in peacemaking they were preparing to betray Qadhafi and his country. This they did and the rest is history.

Of course there is a great deal more but that is a quick resume. My own country was involved in all these Machiavellian manoeuvres and I have no respect whatsoever for the leadership of this nation. They are all snakes and one day I trust they will face judgement.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

So true David, it grieved our family too to see what

what was done to Qadhafi and Libya. Yes, I agree with you....what the American Govt. and its allies did to Qadhafi and Libya was evil.

Today on ALJEEZRA, there is a heartwrenching story of Qadhafi's long-time servant/friend (in his inner circle) sharing what the last few days were like for Qadhafi before he was killed.

In this article the servant of Qadhafi explains how Qadhafi knew that he was going to be killed and had no fear, and all he wanted was to get back to his birthplace of Jeref...to die there.
His servant explained in the article that Qadhafi had no fear but did have anger...

"He wasn't afraid. Fear was never present. But he would get angry due to the lack of communication from his good friends in Europe, especially [Silvio] Berlusconi, [former Italian prime minster], [former British prime minister] Tony Blair and [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan in Turkey. He considered them personal friends. He was disappointed they didn't try to find a solution for him."

Here is the link...

Amazing to think that Qadhafi would continue to believe that his 'good friends' Berlusconi, Blair, and Erdogan would come through for him.....what a betrayal!....and not to mention the betrayal by the U.S. Gov't too.

Thanks for your very good analysis....

Peace to you.

Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM. http://www.hopebeyondhell.net

al Jazeera

is a propaganda outlet for the globalists headquartered in Qatar. Qatar sent troops, equipment and munitions to Libya to help the Islamist/monarchist rebels. They are part of the globalist military network that includes Saudi Arabia, all armed by their military industrial complex for a very tidy sum.

During the Libyan war there was a TV broadcast from al Jazeera picturing the rebels celebrating the fall of Tripoli in Tahrir Square. The reality was the entire episode took place on a movie set in Qatar. This is the kind of propaganda that was used during the war to confuse and undermine the Libyan people's morale.

The article you linked to is a very touching story but I do not believe a word of it. It is strewn with memes that further the globalist narrative and the journalist may well be a member of MI6. The scene in the "prison" and the one at the end of the video could have been filmed anywhere and the crowd in the final scene seemed less than jubilant to my way of thinking; they probably weren't being paid as much as during the war.

This may seem to be somewhat extreme but I have come to view all controlled media with this incredulity. What we are given in these reports is exactly the story the globalists want to tell us. A good example is the assassination of Osama bin Laden who is known to have died in December 2001 and always said he had nothing to do with 9/11. The FBI has never charged him with the crime nor had him on a wanted list. His assassination was pure Hollywood, literally.

In the video report Tony Birtley described Libya under Qadhafi as supporting terrorists. This is a lie. The people who are presently described by the West as terrorists, the Islamists known as al Qaeda, were Qadhafi's enemies and he fought against them. They were used by the West to overthrow him because they are in fact a creation of the globalists. They are clandestinely recruited, trained and armed by their intelligence services. Even they are not aware of how they are being manipulated. They die believing they are dying for Islam but they are dying for the Machiavellian schemes of the banking and corporate cartels who rule the world behind the scenes.

There was a time that Qadhafi did support organisations like the ANC fighting the European colonisers because Libya suffered greatly under Italian occupation and he sympathised with their causes. He supported Mandela in South Africa but this is rarely mentioned because Mandela is now a hero. All of this assistance was eventually ended after the fall of the Soviet Union and in the 2000's as I have said Qadhafi was brought in from the cold by the "international community" and all the old scores were, he thought, settled.

This is where the betrayal comes in. First he was befriended then betrayed by those he considered friends. Do not believe anything you read in the controlled media, not even the weather forecast. It is all lies.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Once again...thank you for the astute analysis.

Yes, I do agree with you about AlJeerza....there was a thread here on the DP asking everyone where they get their *news* from...and I shared my list stating that AlJeerza is really nothing more than a puppet for the U.K.

I totally agree with you that one has to use discernment when 'listening/watching' the news.

I actually did not watch the video on AlJeerza, I only read the article. You made some very good points about the video...(I will have to go back and watch the video now)...yes, I would not be surprised if what you stated is true about the filming of the jubilant scenes being done on a movie set....Israel does this kind of thing all the time too.

Thanks for all the background info on Qadhafi...I did not know about his support for Mandela...wow, how sad that Qadhafi was not rewarded/known for being a support to Mandela,....

When it comes to this 'earthly plane' the *news of this world* is all rooted in DEATH...it is all LIES for it comes from the carnal mind...and is temporal.

There is only one reality....and it is eternal...and is Christ Jesus himself...and that is the only place I want to be found.
From other postings of yours....I sense that is where you abide even now....IN HIM.

Peace to you, brother.

Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM. http://www.hopebeyondhell.net

Yes indeed

and my belief is the same as your signature line. if you click my name you will find a short personal description.

God bless you.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

So What You Mean Is The Closer Ron Paul Gets To The Nomination

the greater the chance we will go to war with Iran?
If that is what you mean, I totally agree..

A false flag attack by Iran

A false flag attack by Iran on the US would be a major blow to Ron Pauls campaign.

Not everyone

is beating the war drum. Found this on MSNBC this morning.


Sounds like a little sanity is trying to creep in.

Ah yes, I posted on that thread yesterday the following:


What will happen if Iran gets the bomb?


Same as when those crazy Muslim Pakistani radicals got the bomb - nothing

Same as when those N. Koreans under Kim Jong Il got the bomb - nothing

Same as when the "commie" red Chinese Maoists got the bomb - nothing

A nuke is a self-defense weapon. A nuke is not an offensive weapon, it's a deterrent.

There is a greater chance of nuclear holocaust if Iran is attacked, then there is if Iran gets the bomb.

Iran IS a signatory of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, of which the United States is also a signatory. After what happened to Iraq and Libya when they gave up their nuclear ambitions, it wouldn't surprise me if Iran figures it needs the deterrent.

Obviously, Iran would need a nuclear deterrent if they felt another country was planning violate their sovereignty, ie. 'attack them'. Which ironically, may just be the case. And so we travel full circle in the fog of war.

If Iran has the bomb, there will be no war between Iran and America. There won't even be a war between the Israelis and Iran. Even a hawk like Netanyahu will have to throw in the towel.

If Iran doesn't have the bomb and we invade, a lot of people are going to die especially since the Russians and Chinese have guaranteed Iranian sovereignty.

If we end up with a nuclear holocaust over a disagreement over one nuclear weapon, it will be quite an ironic end to the human race.

Thanks for voting!

#1.17 - Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:41 AM EST

Always look deeper than what you're being told via the news.

This is all so complicated and manipulated, and it is very difficult to know exactly what's going on and what the master plan is, but you can bet your life there is one. More and more I do believe that the 'End Game' is total global debt slavery of every possible nation. Whether or not they ( the super elites, international mega banks, Bilderberg group or whatever you want to call them ) accomplish this with one world government & with one currency, or they accomplish it they way it's happening now is to be seen. But, there are precursors to that scenario, and that is the interest of our American Empire and how to maintain it FOR NOW.

One of the greatest powers of America is our dollar. The loss of such power would make our nation very weak, for this is the media of exchange between nations. Having global trade priced in dollars makes the demand for dollars as reserves much higher, and so their value is much higher, than it would be otherwise. This power of the dollar began when the US dollar became the only currency used to buy and sell crude oil, and from that monopoly on the all-important oil trade the US dollar slowly but surely became the reserve currency for global trades in most commodities and goods. If that trade shifts to a different currency, countries around the world won't need all their US money. If euros, yen, renminbi, rubles, or for that matter straight gold, were generally accepted for oil, the US dollar would quickly become weakend. Now when nations like Iraq, Iran, Libya etc... try to implement changing that status and want to price oil in something other than the US dollar, thus threatening our western hegemony, you see our response ( Iraq war, Killing of Libya's Gadhafi, war propaganda with Iran etc...).

Nations have figured out the unfairness of our unlimited printing press ( Federal Reserve ) and these nations attempt at new policies against the the dollar and Euro are not welcomed by the power elites who control the central banks. I do think that the bankers plan for each nation that is not currently part of the central bank is to get them on board, implement a massive line of credit and run up insurmountable debt.

In the meantime, I believe there are several smaller games going on within the master plan. Things like perpetual war so the military contractors can make billions, and the oil companies can sell billions in oil to the US all while putting the US in massive debt.

This is pretty much what started World War II.

If I were Iran, I'd be sending agents to "reach out and and touch" the international bankers.

No war

Imo there will be no such war. This is only a distraction from the real economic issues around the vorld and a reason to spike oil and food prices to gain further political control

A war will most likely come but is too early. The money printing business is still too profitable. Only Greece is on the verge of being discarded.

Ie. Greeks will remain with their donkeys, if that. They will not be getting mules or horses for sometime to come. Back to flocks Socrates and take your lunch with you....some olives and bread wrapped in a napkin. Poor donkey, they will have it the worst.


So when does the genocide..

So when does the genocide.. er, I mean, invasion of Iran begin?

No, it's called

Operation Iranian Freedom.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Freedom? Only OWUL could

Freedom? Only OWUL could accomplish that! At this point, I'm hoping the United Statesians attack Iran. It's soon time to sweep yet another dysfunctional empire into the dustbin of history's failed social experiments.

If we could only follow the money

The banks that are funding Iran's nuclear program and terrorist organizations are probably linked to banks who would profit from a US war with Iran. A little investment with huge returns.

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry


did a story on the evening news about SWIFT on the same day this was posted.



Of course it has nothing to do with the nuke

Whether or not Iran is building a nuke doesn't matter.

Iran will do the same thing with a nuke that North Korea has done with their nuke. Absolutely nothing.

cautious optimism

still having the notion that the population is getting too old and too tired to do anything. everyone just thinks about how to get by the next day. no one is going to care about all the waste fraud and abuse.


I am sorry but there is NOTHING "interesting" about this situation. We can all see this ending very badly and not just further inciting the middle east but pushing China, Russia and India into WWIII.

GET US OUT OF THE UN! End NATO!!!! I have HAD IT! I cannot take this ANY MORE!!

This is disgusting and wrong. You had better believe they were forced to drop Iran from the system because THEY DON'T WANT THE WORTHLESS DOLLARS FOR OIL PAYMENTS and everybody knows once the dollar loses reserve currency it's a total all out collapse in confidence around the world.

Are we the only ones who "get" it? What the F is wrong with people that they are SO checked out that they'd continue these endless wars and want to entice the next global conflict? I apologize but I'm fed up with these idiots executing our futures into hell. The world is counting on us to MAKE THIS STOP NOW.

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Hope this is wrong

Woke up two days ago and this kept ringing in my ears. Presidents Day is a Monday.

This post below was quickly written as a warning light to shine on the possibility of more govt sponsored False Flag Event terrorism. (For fun, Google: Israel False Flag)

The demonizing of the American Patriot and association with anything of an Iranian Muslim nature is the plot of darkness that is but Light to some. What the babylonians that keep playing from the same evil play book aren't getting is, EVERYONE KNOWS what the game plan is. They do not not realize the LIGHT of Awareness is getting brighter like the Sun is and there are fewer and fewer dark shadows left to hide in.

Share this info below and please prepare, for prudence is nine-tenths of the law of survival. So is possession of the material things you and yours will need in the case of a total country-wide lock down, which they have been preparing for years.

Again, God bless you all and thank you for your Great Light in this Universe.

Presidents Day Alert!!

Dear Friends and good neighbors,

Today we want to shine some light on the open windows for another babalonian isreal sponsored False Flag Event to take place soon for the justification to go to war with Iran as EVERYBODY KNOWS.

Watch out at large gatherings and be extra vigilant for anything that looks out of place. We are praying for all the Veterans that will gather at the white house this coming Monday.


The babylonians want to keep an eye on everything and everyone so they find the mistakes in the attack plans before any of the real people of the info-networking that is in place world wide can. Give thanks for the truth that flows through all of you that are doing what you can to save the country and world from these evil war-mongers.

As we approach these next months, shine and be very vigilant all over the country.

Only YOU can prevent govt sponsored false flag terrorism!

The Signs:

Open window for the period of 20-23 of February and March 20-23.

Past history of Monday morning attacks to milk the headlines all week on the media propaganda channels.

Presidents day.

New Moon.

Missing nukes.


More open windows:

These comments were posted here on another thread and they are frighteningly right on target. The more LIGHT we shine on these evil things that war for the profiteers and eugenicists, the better.


02/15/2012 - 23:13
"The Feast of Moloch (Apr. 19-20) comes with a new moon this year.  Illuminati occultists believe their false flags bring them extra power if they sacrifice children by fire during the Feast of Moloch.  For example, see Waco and Oklahoma City. I bet we will start bombing Iranian children shortly after Israel wastes the USS Enterprise with a nuclear torpedo.”



“Too bad it's not fundamentally about nukes. It's about the petrodollar. As with Iraq and Libya. And that fragment of the Chosen currently occupying Palestine demands absolute security, which means pre-emptive war against Iran. Add the two, Dennis Ross notwithstanding, and you get an Isramerican attack on Iran several months BEFORE the election. c. August, probably false-flagged by a Zionist attack on an American warship.”

And another thing. Has anyone seen the latest Simpson’s episode? A quinkie-dink here?? Notice when in the beginning, they show some oil rig getting blown up by shooting a deaths head (S&B) at it, and the possible date of 4-5 on the pumps, the prices of gas going way up, and then the scatter plot, or fallout map? And an attitude of “booya“ don‘t know don’t care. Sound familiar? Probably just another coincidence. Watch at min 2:30.:



Also, in relation to last weeks note around the usage of mind control on the digital drug TV, if dogs can be entrained to follow the pied piper of the Propaganda digital TV, so can YOU! Are you smarter than a dog??

Our four-legged friends with square eyes: How dogs are becoming addicted to digital TV



"This ain't no party...and this ain't no disco...this ain't no foolin around...."


Have you noticed the last sentence?

Have you noticed the last sentence of the article the OP linked?

SWIFT's general counsel is slated to visit Washington next week to meet with lawmakers who have proposed new sanctions targeting its services.

Call me crazy, but to me this reads SWIFT has done what they did because Washington threatened them. Which, if you think about it, doesn't seem incoherent: they said they'd punish anyone doing business with the iranian banks -- and in a way, that's what SWIFT is doing, isn't?

Still, adds quite some spice to the story. I wonder why Reuters didn't mention it explicitly... (sarcasm)