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Income Tax : The Root of All Evil & More a Top Ten Reading List

1.Income Tax : The Root of All Evil -by Frank Chodorov
2. Economics in One Lesson -Henry Hazlitt
3. The Revolution- Ron Paul
4. The Anti Capitalist Mentality- Ludvig Von Mises
5. The Law Frederic Bastiat
6. Anatomy of the State- Murray Rothbard
7. End the Fed - Ron Paul
8. Austrian Economics - A Primer-Dr. Eamonn Butler
9. The Road to Serfdom- Frederic Hayek
10. Hamilton's Curse- Thomas DeLorenzo

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great lists

thanks for this

Gold and Silver information

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http://www.goldsilver.com - Mike Maloney's site
Http://www.goldmoney - James Turk site
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More recommendations-Modern Austrians

Crash Proof- Peter Schiff
Rollback - Thomas Woods
Nullification - Thomas Woods
How Capitalism Saved America - Thomas DeLorenzo
Meltdown -Thomas Woods
How and Economy Grows and Why it Crashes - Peter Schiff

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More recommendations-for those with more time

For those with more time on their hands:

Man Economy and State- Murray Rothbard
Human Action - Ludvig Von Mises
American's Great Depression - Murray Rothbard
Democracy in America - Tocqueville

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