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Ron Paul Finally Getting the Cash He Deserves

Holy Shmoggies Yahoo! Be still my heart!

A wonderfully uplifting article...


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I am speechless. It's one thing to know we're going to win... but when you actually see it happening... wow...

Love to ALL :)

Problem is that

Newt and Rick have single backers that drop 10 million in one donation while the good Dr. Paul's donations come from tens of thousands supporters in small donations. But, Ron Paul has the ground support that money can't buy. This is why it's imperative we donate our time and dominate the ground game by going door to door and being committed delegates.

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Keep in mind

That the 10 million doesn't go to their campaign, but instead the SuperPACs. While it can certainly buy plenty of advertising, it won't pay for direct campaign costs.

I consider it free econonmic stimulus.

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Ponder this

If newt and rick have single backers that drop $10 mil in their laps. Why does Ron Paul still have more money? Apparently more voters are willing to donate to Ron Paul than either one of the above. So that is good news. One vote from a million dollar donor is still one vote! Seee:)

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I recall reading that Adelson

I recall reading that Adelson is no longer backing Gingrich.

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Yea I

I heard that twice by the MSM and online. But he just dumped money on his fat ass again. I guess he thinks Romney is loosing steam.

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

Yahoo has had some super good......

articles on Paul,although it's been a little slack lately.Yahoo has made a real effort to provide articles on all the candidates,and I've commended them several times for their Paul articles..How about some of you good writers submit Yahoo some articles.Anyone can submit articles to them;this one was from a contributer to the Yahoo Contributing Network,where you send your articles to.The sweet part is that it won't cost anything , and Dr.Paul gets exposure !! Go for it people,send them reports of Paul on the campaign trail,and pictures.Send them one on the Justin Machacek endorsement this week,and anything that helps the voter to know more about Ron Paul and his faith,and how it relates to his decision-making.We've got to get out the Christian vote,as it could turn the tide in the states ahead.


I didn't know we could submit articles to Yahoo and have it actually published! Awesome information there.

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A Very Positive Article About Ron Paul! Good that Yahoo allowed

the writer to publish this! And let's thank the writer S.L. Carroll under the article's comments! Yes, the momentum continues to build for Ron Paul!


I agree the momentum continues but..

I agree the momentum continues but it is sad that it should ever be necessary to say "Good that Yahoo ALLOWED the writer to publish this!" We have been beat up, censored and ignored since 2007 by unfair and biased companies for the expression of our first amendment. This is not something that any other candidate has had to deal with as far as I know. I am getting tired of thinking we should be grateful for something that comes with the drop of the hat for any other candidate.
I am really tired of us being singled out to be bullied !!!!
This only means one thing, we are on the right track. We are scaring and pissing off the right people that deserve it most. We have them on the run !!!! This is the point that we need to become very careful, focused and not make mistakes.