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Ron Paul greeted by more than 2,000 screamin' supporters in Spokane!


Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul was greeted by more than 2000 screaming supporters at a rally Friday, Feb. 17 at the Spokane Convention Center.

some Outstanding photos posted by The Spokesman-Review

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Until we get rid of them God forsaken voting machines, nothing is going to be accomplished by going to the polls...No?

Spokane in force

My wife suggested a sign wave that day on the Spokane for Ron Paul facebook page. About a week and a half ago to counter Obama's Seattle visit.

The Page organizer then helped set it up and next thing we knew, Ron Paul would be there the same day.

Ironicaly we arrived late to the sign wave. Two kids and a pregnant wife can do that. =)

But she baked cookies and we walked the line passing them out. It was a great crowd and just packed full of positive energy.

I will be posting a mash up of the crowd I took. I was using a tiny camera so I did not bother recording the good doctor speak. I just wanted proof of the size of the crowd

Highs AND Lows...

I'm so frustrated when I hear what huge crowds come out to hear RP speak....AND WE STILL HAVE LOW VOTER TURN-OUT!! We all make the effort to go out and listen to the man speak...WE HAVE TO GO OUT AND VOTE TOO.. or this is all for nothing. RP is working his A** off for us, we have to do our part!

Or people need to change their registration to GOP

I keep hearing friends say if it comes down to Obama vs Paul, they'll vote for Paul. We all have to change parties now. If party affiliation means so much to you, then change it back after the election.

And of course a Ron Paul voter should stay behind after the vote to video the results before it gets collected and pooled with other precinct votes.

change parties for a month and be part of this!

I totally agree. About half the time I write people in or vote 3rd party for President. Most of the time I don't vote in primaries because I am non-partisan. But, I once registered as a Democrat to vote for Kucinich in a primary. Then the day after went down and changed back to non-partisan.

This time I will change to Republican and vote for Paul in the primary. It is the least I can do for freedom.

It is worth it. Just do it!

Changing parties...

People are so concerned about what their neighbors will think if they change parties. SO WHAT!! or they find it a hassle to do the paperwork...I have heard this first hand. PEOPLE...we are sinking here and fast. We have to do our part to get this country back on track. Don't worry about what others think...it is not an embarrassment to support RON PAUL!!..be proud of it!

Don't underestimate the power

Don't underestimate the power of vote rigging. This country is probably the worst case of undemocratic elections of the entire world.

You're kidding, right?

You think they don't show up to vote? You've never heard of election rigging and vote fraud? Why do you think the media reports the winner when only 3% of the votes are in?


Explain the turn-out today in Washington County Maine? When we knew how many votes we needed...still came up short!

Tell all these fans

They can actually show up to VOTE for Ron Paul too! It may not be as "exciting" as being in a raucous crowd, but they can mark the ballot, push the button, or pull the lever and then shout (in true William Wallace fashion), "FREEEEDOOMMMMMM!" if they like. JUST SHOW UP AND VOTE!

No they can't!

You can't mark a ballot pull a lever or push a button. It is a CAUCUS. It is just a meeting, you go you talk and then write down your preference for president and delegates.

Wow, really?

gonna nit-pick about HOW a vote is cast?

It's important to make this clear....

My daughter said she didn't want to go to the caucus, but she would certainly vote for him.

I told her there isn't a vote, unless he wins the nomination, which won't happen if we don't caucus.

It's good they know how to scream

Now do they know how to vote? I guess we'll find out.

"Know how to vote" ummmm

Don't you mean "know how to make sure their vote is counted" ?

How about

BOTH? :)

Ron Paul swept Spokane County 4 yrs ago!

We swept Spokane last time sending only Paul Delegates to the State Convention, where we also had half the delegates. So yes Eastern Washington WILL vote Ron Paul. If Seattle and the West side of the state get on board it could be a landslide.

take Washington

That is very good to hear. Paul could really use to win Washington especially because it is before Super Tuesday. If those Democrats in Seattle would actually switch parties and go caucus for him, it would be a done deal. I know they want to.

What's up with youtube?

What's up with youtube? Everytime I send more than three Ron Paul videos by email it blocks me and tells me I have sent too may, "please try again later." Yesterday it did the same thing and none got sent- a total of four.


LONGER Vids: Bring da Noise! Oh Yes, Dr. P be a RockStar!!!

More from Spokane, WA. A bit higher in resolution.

Will update as a complete set gets uploaded, but in the meantime, y'all can check in throughout the day here:


Off of Projection Screen:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHVnwmYxWnI - On Patriot Act

Off of Projection Screen, (what seems to be) in a separate room to accomidate the overflow crowd:


Most complete set, so far; LOUD, oh yes:


Ron Paul in Spokane 17 Feb 2012.AVI

Uploaded by JagdtygerII on Feb 18, 2012

Ron Paul speaking to a packed house in Spokane on 17 Feb 2012 on the Dangers of the Banking Cartels controling our Money and OUR lives, and the fact that Americans are waking up to their danger.

...talking about a Congressman's job, Citizen's Rights, NDAA, The Patriot Act and what we should do about it.

His lonely voice in the wilderness is not alone any longer, We have others on YouTube like DEMCAD, Yankeeprepper, Eastcoastprepper and others, all crying out about the dangers and the need to be prepared if we cannot stop the decline.

Once again, I post a Ron Paul video, to show that electing this man is one of the best investments that a Prepper can make. Far better to expend the effort to obtain an ounce of Prevention that he can bring to us, than to spend a ton of money to find a cure to our Nation's problems once things totally collapse or to defend what ever we have left once SHTF

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

10,000+ voters in 2 days

Twin Falls, Vancouver, King county, Tri-cities, U Idaho Moscow, Spokane...

And Boise and Kansas City still to come.

For perspective, 12,300 people caucused in Washington in 2008.

that's what I kept thinking in places like Maine:

Dr. Paul had more than 5,000 people show up in two days of visiting several places there. Now to be speculative to be sure, but even if we were to assume that 10% were on the fence and did not vote for him, that's still around 4,500 Ron Paul voters.

I simply have hard time believing that the most unlikeliest of 'Rockstars,' a 76yo talking Freedom and Econ, in which by NO standard historical measure should have any fan least of all really young ones, but DEFIES 'the norm' and does, which almost guarantees a specifically active base of support who will do whatever is needed; a man who can bring forth minimum of 1200 people out to see him WHEREVER he goes, at the drop of a hat, with 1day notice, has hard time attracting more than 1996 voters in Maine??

um, no F'ng way! is what I gotta say to that.

ONLY 1996 actual votes? That, simply cannot be, especially when Maine took a whole week to do so!

Now, say during his Maine visit, suppose some were just 'repeat' audience who decided to attend wherever he went, and furthermore, let's say that some 30% of whom attended didn't vote for him.

That STILL leaves us with 3,500 voters!

So what gives?

For 1996 voter number to be true, that would mean that MORE than 60%+ of whom ACTIVELY sought out to see a 76yo rockstar, simply didn't vote for him.

Really? SIXTY percent or more, who drove through snow, waited out in the cold to see a 76yo rockstar, didn't vote for him, after all that?

Yeah, and I'm a time traveler!

Fraud, or no fraud. Chucky Webster or no Webster, this is just too strange. No, simply IMPOSSIBLE.

And yes, so NV R3VOL said that even some "real hard core Ron Paul supporters I knew personally simply didn't come out to caucus." But, considering Maine was after NV, and Maine had a whole WEEK and now some more, this is simply statistically impossible!

Though, human variable being what it is, it's not improbable. But that improbability is pretty slim.

So one can only conclude some form of shenanigans being MUCH bigger factor than simply people 'not showing up.'

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

What do you know about campaigning?

How much time have you spent volunteering for the RP campaign? How many phone calls have you made?

I find these numbers completely believable based on the time I've spent on the ground. People are people and a lot of RP supporters are just as lazy as the rest. I spoke with tons who didn't have a clue when their caucus was, what a caucus is, already had "plans", etc.

The excuse that gets me the most comes from a conversation I had with a guy I play basketball with. He said he totally supports RP. I asked him if he caucused. He said "he doesn't do that".

Lol, that's what we're working with folks. Keep fighting. WE WILL be triumpant in the end!!!

people don't vote

While I do think fishy things are going on and really only believe the results that are counted publicly.... you are completely right that people don't vote! It isn't just Ron Paul supporters who don't go vote, it is everyone else too.

Generally Ron Paul supporters have a better turnout that the others but it is still dismal. All we can do is keep trying to get people to vote.

Even if you don't want to stay for the delegate part, get down there and stay long enough to write his name down... the straw poll is important as well especially in Washington as it is before Super Tuesday.

Listen up Washington---- go vote at the caucus Saturday March 3rd!!!


I just sent a brief message about this rally to the Drudge Report website. The main headline on Drudge is only showing Mitt and Rick. We need to keep sending reports to Drudge and the other media to overcome the media blackout.


I also emailed the Milwaukee radio station's manager to let them know that we didn't appreciate their afternoon neo-con talk show host Mark Belling, calling the good doctor... nutz, crazy, looney and traitor.

1130 AM station manager -- JerryBott@ClearChannel.com

Drudge loves your protest email

Because it means you keep checking the page and clicking his link and making him money. Stop reading his pages. We only do searches now for Ron Paul to get Ron Paul news. We are not going to support any news media who black list him.

It was absolutely awesome!

It was absolutely awesome! Loved it! I would say an easy 3,000 people... I'm 28, I would say the average age there was probably 45. Got me a had shake and a photo with the good dr! So amazing.

I wonder if having in excess

I wonder if having in excess of 2000 supporters will translate into “thin on the ground” and “sparse” to the major-media networks?

malo periculosam libertatem quam quietum servitium

I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality. - John Randolph of Roanoke

I was there too....

Noticed it wasn't as rowdy a crowd as some videos I've seen. Probably because there was not a predominance of youngsters.

I'm beginning to wonder about all this emphasis on "the young people". I saw many over age 70 there.

Interesting that I ran into someone I knew 15 years ago in the Air Force who was a fellow libertarian supporting Harry Browne. Who'd have thunk these ideas would ever get this big of a reception!

I bought a tractor last year, and noticed later it was the same model as Ron Paul's. So I figured after the speech, I'd mozy on up and talk tractors with him. But I soon realized that wouldn't happen considering the mob trying to get to him. About 10 layers deep and 30 yards across. I stood on a chair to try to even see him. That's a nice problem to have.

Here's a few photos of the mob:


I was there with my 77 year

I was there with my 77 year old Dad. It was absolutely standing room only and a very diverse group. High school kids, lots of college age people, and people in their 70's and even 80's. Ron Paul does have the most support of young people, but it isn't only young people! It was great to be there and be able to show Dr. Paul that what he's doing IS appreciated!