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Charlie Webster SPAM email BS - Results were CALLED IN!

Up vote to raise awareness of this blatant lie.

It is obvious - at least to me, that every chair who was not part of the FRAUD or completely negligent would have confirmed the results were recorded correctly - by calling in and getting them recorded in REAL TIME not to mention by getting online to check the official tally.

All these zeros - Where there were active caucuses last cycle - how stupid does this tool think we are? You wouldn't question a NON-REPORT - and CALL that CAUCUS CHAIR if you were the state chairman and NOT a FRAUDSTER like CW? Did he not have their CONTACT INFO? Paaaleeessseee....

If the Chairman from Waldo County (now a personal hero) can weigh in as to the required procedure I'm sure we'd all appreciate it. I know he called his results in.

What was the REQUIRED procedure? Was calling optional? It makes no sense to me that calling the votes in was not required procedure.

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In this radio interview

He says it was a clerical error that the results were all over his desk:

Every article which mentions

Caucus chairs, states in them that the caucus chairs claimed to have phoned in the results, I do seem to recall that.

I would forward that to Ben Swann.

Charlie Webster caught in a lie.

Forward also the fact that Webster has previoulsy..

been accused of manipulating an election against a self-described constitutionalist who he branded a fringe candidate and sore loser:



Philip Merletti's address is on this page:
There looks to be his phone number here:

Maybe he would like to weigh in on this fiasco.

I think you should

Revise what you are saying.

You've made a truth claim from no evidence and have then placed the onus on the rest of Paul supporters to find how much truth there is to your claim by either (a) doing our own research or (b) calling the Chairman from Belfast and find out.

I suggest because this is your post, you should be the one doing the fact checking and making the calls to the Belfast Chairman. And once you have the facts, then post them and make your claim. Don't put out something as true if you have no idea whether it is.

So i think you should either remove your post, not call Webster a liar over something he might not have lied about, or fact check your claim.

I'm sorry to be harsh, but conspiracies are flying out left, right and centre because of Maine and now we are calling fraud and rigging on every caucus and primary.


Very interesting - When you go here:


and click on Waldo Cty Chair Ray St.Onge, you get a file not found page. - I think I found his email in the status of that link though... emailing now.

Calling fraud and rigging because its true

EVIDENCE? come on unless someone is blind and deaf they can see and understand that the elections from top to bottom are a complete fraud and have been forever. MSM uses scewed polls to make bogus claims. Fifteen percent of a state not voted yet but the GOP state chair A ROMNEY fan declares Romney winner? Need I go on and on. For anyone not to have enough evidence they have to have their head in the sand.


There is no evidence on this particular claim

I also believe there is something fishy about Maine for all the reasons you listed and more. But the evidence i'm asking for pertains to the truth claim made by the poster. None has been provided.

I don't have a problem with anything what the poster posted - if it was true. But we can't just make stuff up and correct it after the fact. That's not how honest people work.

Here's a link...

Title: Charlie Webster Blaming "Spam" Folder for Maine Caucus Debacle - Al Sharpton (MSNBC)


You will love this quote from Charlie Webster! (from The Howie Carr Show)

"If some little town next week caucuses, do we want to add that number to the total? At this point what difference does it make what the total is?"

If you want to know how much of a crook he is, see my posts

on this scoundrel on www.healthfreedom2012.com/HFblog

Those were orginally posted exclusively on the Daily Paul.

More will be posted as soon as possible.


I would include this in the post but I looking for the smoking gun - I'd like someone in the know to provide evidence of how the results were supposed to be reported - and if calling was optional.


better get his jail panties on

Not necessarily

they are also emailed in.

Ron Paul is My President


Yes can we get a link to this information?

Is this AND - or OR?

Were they supposed to do BOTH?

You want this post to be upvoted

You provide the information. Is this your opinion? What do you base this on?

I want confirmation

The Chairman in Belfast called his votes in.

So what was the required procedure?

Even if calling was optional, it makes no sense to me that Chairmen wouldn't confirm their votes were counted by checking the official tally and also calling them in.

That any Chair would trust something this critical to email alone that wasn't in on the FRAUD is beyond me.

If we get an official response from one of the chairs I'll update the post.


chaaaarlies goin ta jaaaail.

chaaaarlies goin ta jaaaail.



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