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Some small but positive news!

I just got back from my county divisional meeting. This is the meeting after the caucuses where the precinct chairs vote and rank eligible and interested individuals into vacant delegate and alternate positions, VERY IMPORTANT! Any vacancies not filled at these meetings are then voted on at the county GOP conventions from what I understand. There are three precincts in my division, and only three people showed up including myself. The others were the two precinct chairs from my precinct, so there was no representation from the other precincts, we had all the power, and we are all Ron Paul supporters. Only the precinct chairs have the power to vote, but I went anyway on the campaign's advice to increase the chances that I get voted into any vacant slots. One of the precinct chairs was also eligible to fill vacant positions, the other was not due to various party rules.

In the end the two chairs voted me and the eligible chair into two vacant state delegate slots and two vacant congressional district delegate slots. We were both already county delegates. This is great news because in Colorado there are seven congressional districts, and three NATIONAL delegates are chosen from each one, the rest are selected at the state convention. So Ron Paul just picked up two more state delegates and two more congressional district delegates, which translates into four more votes for Ron Paul national delegates. And all that it took was showing up, and literally walking into the positions. I hope this is repeating itself all over the state :) And to everyone else, please take the time to be informed!

I consider myself an intelligent person, and I have found it confusing, opaque, and labyrinthine. But it is possible to educate yourself and the campaign has done a fantastic job of getting out the info. If you ever have questions please contact your local campaign and ask, it is soooo important! Even though it's a headache to understand, this story shows it is so worth it. The vast majority of people do not care enough to learn or show up, this is our advantage, this is how we win!

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For people wanting to become delegates...

....there is a great facebook page for Ron Paul delegates where you can find specific information for your state plus connect up with other delegates.

Just search "Ron Paul Delegates" in the facebook search box.

IN addition, almost every state has at least one facebook page as well, some have more if your state is big (it's then broken down into regions).

Just search "Ron Paul in ________" or "____________ for Ron Paul" (put your state name in the blank).

It is key for those becoming delegates to connect up with one another in your home states!

Every meeting I've

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Knight Rider

"One man can make a difference, Michael"

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Don't you understand that Romneyites and Grinchies and Santorumers have caught on to this strategy and are emulating us, so we're only treading water at best?!?

I know this because I saw it on,, and

Cat's out of the bag

It has been for awhile.

Even Doug Wead says it's no secret.

I know, I was being sarcastic

Is there even such a thing as, etc.?


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Good news

keep it up!

One of the best posts I've read all week

Outstanding! The good news keeps on coming!

News like this is not really small news.

News like this over and over = WINNING!

Caucus/Primary knowledge

We appreciate your hard work in gaining and understanding of your State's nomination system and your attendance.

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How do I become a delegate? Can just anyone walk in and fill an empty seat? Do I contact the Republican party in my county or is there a place that would be better suited. I am new to all this delegate and caucus stuff and I am soooo confused to be honest. I live in Northern California, so if there is anyone that can point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.

Join a Ron Paul meetup group

I do not live in northern california. But you could start by, search for a Ron Paul group in the closest city of your residence. They would organize the grassroot activities there. I am sure they can direct you on how to become a Ron Paul delegate.

I just attended Mass Precinct Meeting in Georgia myself today.

California is a primary state

Not a caucus state like Colorado, so things are a little different. From what I can tell, there are 53 congressional districts in CA, and each district sends 3 national delegates for a total of 159 of the 172 national delegates that CA has. The rest of the delegates are 10 at large and 3 GOP big wigs that automatically get to be delegates. The 3 delegates from each district are bound to the candidate that wins in that district, and will be chosen by the candidate who wins that district. This may sounds discouraging, but it is still EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that as many Ron Paul supporters as possible become delegates, even it you must be bound to Romney, Santorum, etc. That is because if we get a brokered convention you may be released to vote for who you want. In CA you will be bound through 2 rounds of voting, unless your candidate gets less then 10% of the initial vote or the delegates vote to change the rules BEFORE the voting commences. As for how to actually become a delegate, I would say contacting your local GOP is the best first step. Do not indicate you are a Ron Paul supporter. Just act like a concerned GOP citizen who wants to oust Obama and become more involved in the process. Be persistent. If the person you talk to doesn't have the info, find out who does. Contact the national campaign if you have to. I hope this helps and that others have better info.



That's the way to do it!!!!!


it is happening

I went to my meeting for Forsyth county GA. Newt spoke there so there were a lot of newt supporters. However a lot of the precincts didn't have enough people. Luckily the Ron Paul supporters were organized and had a list of Ron Paul delegates that had not shown. So the slots were filled. Good news for Paul in the Newt territory.

I went to the Houston County

I went to the Houston County GA Mass Precinct Meeting this morning and it was packed with Ron Paul people. News from around the state is very positive. I didn't hook up with my county Ron Paul group until reading about the success in Colorado in Minnesota. Their success inspired me and I hope ours can inspire others. On the surface (in the media) we aren't doing so well, but once you dig down a little you learn that by just showing up there is little they can do to stop us. They are leaving all their defenses down at the local levels and we can literally walk right in and take over.

It's a Heartbreaker

It's a heart-breaker every time I hear of empty delegate slots. Every one should be filled. Sure, it's a bit of work, but we can't leave it to the statists.

What do you think?



It is the "Power Vote"

You will pay a price in blood, sweat and tears, but it is the first real vote you will ever have cast.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Good news. Glad to hear of your success.

Still, you say, "the campaign has done a fantastic job of getting out the info. If you ever have questions please contact your local campaign and ask, it is soooo important!"

Sorry to say, so far in Nevada, I haven't found the Ron Paul organization to be of much help.

The campaign here has two phone numbers. One in Las Vegas and one in Reno. I have called the Reno number, where I get a voice mail. I have requested a return phone call 3 times in three weeks to no avail. No call back in 3 weeks.

If you call the Las Vegas number no one answers. It just rings there is not even a voice mail. It's really no wonder that Paul didn't do any better here in 2012 by way of votes than he did in 2008. I will, however, continue to work and contribute money toward Ron Paul's election, but from what I've seen of the campaign organization in this state, I'm really not that impressed.

AuLil, I'm in Reno. I

AuLil, I'm in Reno. I stopped by campaign office on terminal at 2pm yesterday looking for information. Nobody was there and the door was locked. I am going to email and ask him about possibly volunteering to staff the office one day a week

Call HQ and let them get on

Call HQ and let them get on it, they're usually really quick to address such issues.

Sorry to hear that.

I guess I should amend that to say the COLORADO campaign has done a great job of getting the info out. I can't really speak for other states. But I would sincerely hope they would be on top of something so important. If you are having trouble getting info from the campaign, your fellow Daily Paulers can be a great resource.

But, thank you, SwanMaiden

I didn't mean to cloud up the good news about Colorado. I'm inspired by it and will stay focused.

Daily Paulers

Daily Paul is great. You guys rock.


I wouldn't underestimate the NV delegation. If you are having a hard time getting into that club then just make sure you go to the conventions and all republican meetings and you will start to see how you can participate with their strategy. They are very secretive because of the way the GOP treated them the last election.

No Problem with the delegates

I am a delegate.

The problem is that the paid campaign staff isn't answering the phone in Las Vegas and isn't returning calls in Reno.

have you tried to contact another state

have you tried to contact another state campaign office? I was a volunteer in CO I know those guys would answer any question you might have or possibly get you in contact with someone in your state, and I live in western south dakota where there is no organization here ive had to pretty much do it myself ( with the help of a few good people)here.

truth through knowledge