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My First Letter To The Editor EVER!

Because of college time in the Middle East, just after the SIX DAYS WAR, there are things I understand that I've taken for granted...no big deal. Who would care about my experience. They've definitely influenced my connecting with Ron Paul's message. I've never really articulated them until today. This morning thoughts started falling into place. I realize they matter more than I ever thought. For the first time ever I had the motivation to send a letter to the editor of my two local papers. What kind of success are some of you having with your local papers?

Just one year after the Six Day Arab-Israeli War in 1967, I arrived at Middle East College. Overlooking Beirut, Lebanon; the Mediterranean Sea, and the most beautiful sunsets in the world, MEC was to awaken me with a stirring series of culture shocks to last a lifetime. What a different perspective they would provide me with on U.S relationships with the nations of the Middle East, and the world.

Middle East College was a real melting pot of nationalities, cultures, ethnicities, languages, and even a few regional antagonisms, mostly Middle Eastern of course. And here I was, this naive idealist, living in a dorm with Egyptians, Syrians, Jordanians, Turks, Arminians, AND IRANIANS.

One memory persists: how kind they were to me, deferring to me as an American. For many, the description "sweet", "childlike", and "ingratiatingly respectful" comes to mind. My Iranian roommate explained it to me as being the consequence of their patriarchal culture: "You respected male authority and deferred to their opinions. You weren't called on to make decisions until your seniors passed on and you became the patriarch." Were these adult kids war-like hate-mongers? They hardly seemed to have the capacity, yet a number of them had been conscripted participants in the Six Day War against Israel.

During Christmas break, I flew into Baghdad, and began an economy class ground and water tour of Iraq, Iran (via Bahrain), and Turkey; enjoying the hospitality of friend's families where invited. The warmest receptions were in Iran. In Shiraz, Isfahan, and Tehran I enjoyed bed, breakfast, and/or sightseeing, and even a church service courtesy of parents and friends.

Can I imagine the United States going to war with Iran? Cognitive dissonance strikes! What has brought us to this?!! I remember reading the farewell words of former President Eisenhower in 1961, where he warns Americans "against the acquisition of unwarranted influence...by the military-industrial complex."

Could we not be seeing that "unwarranted influence" leading us into wars that have more to do with empire building and keeping the war machine profitable, than national defense?

How complicit is corporate media's influence in winning the cooperation of Americans for "preemptive" assaults and a global military presence? The war drums are beating. Reminding me of Orwell's classic "1984", they always seem to be beating. Can we afford to continue our complacency as administration after administration postures for world dominance, setting us up for a fall? Who says we have to be the most dominant power to be the most respected power?

We cannot afford to compromise our national defense and integrity as "One nation under God" any longer. Instead we are being called on to inspire the world through our example of constitutionally limited government and the personal, family, and community empowerment of LIBERTY. It's for this and many other reasons, I will cast my vote for Dr. Ron Paul on Super Tuesday, March 6.